Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rise & fall ..... & rise of ethnocentric politics

Being Sunday I decided to take a peep at Wong Chun Wai’s On The Beat column in the Star Online, as he would be the voice of the MCA leaders, though right now which one, is a little unclear. I wanted to see what the MCA could be brewing ... and you can bet it won't be tea.

In his previous article titled The old ways must go Wong said the obvious, that UMNO keris waving and the sort of ethno-centric marginalizing public speech that Malaysiakini reported the Kelantanese Crown Prince as saying to a bunch of Malay NGOs, would now be passé in Malaysian politics.

Wong CW’s article has been quite fair and complimentary to the Pakatan Rakyat, though of course good ole Wong didn’t fail to niftily insert in a compliment for AAB.

Oh, of course there were subtle excuses for UMNO and MCA. We have to grant him this latitude as after all he is the Group Manager of the Star group ;-)

But I believe that the thrust of his article was the subliminal message for UMNO vis-à-vis its arrogant behaviour towards, and dismissive treatment of MCA, with extreme racist conduct increasingly out of control during the last four years under AAB ........ which is of course another way of making an indirect excuse for the MCA’s abysmal showing on 08 March 2008.

Some extracts of Wong’s article:

The new governments of Perak, Selangor and Penang, in particular, have also given power-sharing a new dimension among the major races.

The three parties of Pakatan Rakyat have come out with well-accepted line-ups, reflecting representation of the main ethnic groups. In one or two instances, the formula was more meaningful than under the previous Barisan state governments.

‘…the formula was more meaningful than under the previous Barisan state governments.’

Would Wong be basically saying to UMNO “Couldn’t you have done that for MCA? Bloody make sure you do that from now on.” ;-)

Then there was: Let’s give credit where credit is due. With a stroke of the pen, Perak Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has approved permanent land titles for new villages and planned villages. True, the villagers may not get their titles overnight because surveys have to be carried out to determine land size before the titles can be issued. But the point is the people will be more secure now that the new state government has made a decision about their homes, which they have lived in since 1948.

The populist move by the Pakatan Rakyat government will surely make the fight for the hearts and minds of Malaysians with Barisan Nasional more competitive.

The new Perak State government has done the correct thing in approving permanent titles to new villages, as in the general case, those poor farmers and others like rubber tappers, have been working their backs off on those land for the last 50 years or even more. An example of such farmers facing uncertainties because of their untitled land can be read in my 2-year old post Green Fingers, Green Acres & Green Malaysia.

While I can understand the MCA’s chagrin at how UMNO (and its pre-election Perak MB) had undermined the Chinese party in refusing to do what the current Pact State government has done for the new villages, as Wong CW had described it (perhaps with a bitter swipe at UMNO), “with a stroke of the pen”, I don’t quite like Wong’s use of the word ‘populist’ to describe the long overdue and just action.

The adjective ‘populist’ is derived from the noun ‘populism' which can mean “the political doctrine that supports the rights and powers of the common people in their struggle with the privileged elite”.

But in more contemporary usage it can also mean “appeasing the public or voters’ demand to gain political favour or popularity even at the expense of good economic management”.

An example of what was regarded by some as ‘populist’ policies had been Anwar Ibrahim's offer to give Sarawak and Sabah 20% of the oil and gas royalties, and even more so, his pre-election promise to reduce fuel prices. But this post is not about Anwar Ibrahim, though I must confess the unthinkable may occur, precisely because of my growing anger at the racist fire some UMNO leaders are playing with, that kaytee may eventually and unbelievably accept Anwar Ibrahim as halal.

Harrrumph ... back to topic, about Wong CW's use of the word 'populist' - When farmers have worked themselves to the bones productively on government land for generations, and there is no planned or foreseeable projects of national interests (eg. airports, highways, reservoirs, etc) conflicting with the location of these farmland, it is only just that those Malaysian farmers, citizens of this country, be awarded titles, so as to accord certainty for them, and where required, to invest in modern farming technology to cope with globalised market forces.

It has to take a long suffering opposition to come into power to do the rightful action for those equally long suffering farmers and residents of the new villages. It also shows that the MCA or the Gerakan could not look after the legitimate and fair interests of Chinese Malaysians they claimed to be looking after.

However, Wong CW’s has made a premature claim that ‘the days of fiery speeches – with politicians expounding their narrow communal stance and pushing the political temperature with subtle threats – are over’ because of what had happened yesterday, which I posted as Kelantan Crown Prince 'slapped' non-Malays in face!

In Utusan Malaysia, the headline was even more provocative, shouting out Ketuanan Melayu tercabar - Kaum lain lebih dominan dari segi politik, ekonomi - Tengku Faris.

“Ketuanan Melayu tercabar ..."!

"Kaum lain ..."

Nice touch, yang mulia!

The suspicion among many visitors to my post was that our young yang mulia could have been ‘encouraged’ by a certain relative to make those very hurtful and totally unacceptable pronouncement. Suspicions being suspicions, I would welcome more evidence to support the allegations.

Besides HRH is an adult and should be fully aware of how hurtful his remarks have been in demoting some of his subjects to second class status, “with a stroke of the pen” on his prepared speech, and that as a royal person, how unacceptable has been his political statement of “The election results have shown that the Malays are disunited and facing other ethnic groups who are more dominant politically and economically.”

HRH should decide whether he wants to participate directly in politics (as a politician, like his uncle) or remain above public reproach as the Crown Prince of his State, a royal symbol of unity for his subjects, but he can't be both in a democracy that is a constitutional monarchy.

I urge Pak Haji Nik Aziz, MB of Kelantan, to provide some urgently needed advice to HRH.

But obviously Wong’s advice to UMNO leaders to ‘reinvent itself and reinforce its leadership role in Barisan because the political equation has changed’ has been ignored, as party sharks have smelled the blood of a fatally wounded AAB and in circling him for the kill, have defaulted to their intra party SOP of campaigning.

Meanwhile, at MCA headquarters ......... (silence) (silence) (silence) ........ while today's Star Online headlines read Tycoons buying endangered animals as 'status symbols', and the MCA wonders why its election candidates were nearly decimated in the last election.

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based on a Star Online news article.


  1. The amazing long hours,thoughts & "research' you have put into your posts is highly commendable , assuming you are doing it for free.

    Though I do not necessarily agree with you 3/5 of the time ! and thats no fault of yours since you have relied almost singlehandedly on mostly doctored "spins" from the so-called official MSMs , plus only one other probably credible Malaysikini ( since shamefully there's no one else of note ).

    a local malaysian

  2. Thank you for your fair comment which I appreciate. I have always said there's very few impartial media throughout the globe, let alone in Malaysia - such is the nature of the beast. Mind you, I acknowledge our Malaysia critter is far more creatively atrocious, shamelessly changing, as an example, a crowd of 40,000 to a mere 4,000.

    But the onus (and in some ways, fun trying to decipher their bull) is on us to read between the lines, filter as required, cross-check with other sources and make qualified comments.

    Knowing, for example, that the Star is a MCA mouthpiece allows us to discern what's afoot in MCA and what messages its leaders are attempting to promote or to 'test the waters'.

  3. Today is Bodek Kaytee day...kekekekek..
    Its also Black 14 day..not anymore..

    There are very few really impartial media anywhere - and few pretend that they are.
    Anybody who ever published a newspaper has a message to say.
    "Free Press" is Not = "Neutral Press"

    There is always an editorial slant, all we can ask for is that they don't publish something doubtful or known to be untrue, and not deliberately suppress news just because it doesn't meet their "world view".

    The key to a free press is to allow a wide range of newspapers representing a broad spectrum of opinion to be freely expressed.

    That Bolehland does not have.

  4. Hallelujjah !!

    Brader KT has been turned around and he is now a transformed man, like his idol Anwar

  5. KT wrote: I must confess the unthinkable may occur, precisely because of my growing anger at the racist fire some UMNO leaders are playing with, that kaytee may eventually and unbelievably accept Anwar Ibrahim as halal.

    Yeah, you better accept that. Let's revisit those cliches: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. The end justifies the means.

    Yeah, I know -- that is terribly cynical. But, hey it works! And I'm sure you know, that Machiavellian Mamak Mahafiraun the Vicious seems to be a firm believer and practitioner of such cynical attitudes.

  6. aiyah, I merely said "may" and not "have", so get orgasmic yet ha ha ha!

  7. ooops, missed out one word - should be "don't get orgasmic yet" ke ke ke

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  9. Get orgasmic over politicians? Good grief! Ha ha ha.

    Nah ... I believe most of them have foul body odour and halitosis, and they tend to continuously release loud, noxious gases from both their top and bottom orifices.

  10. From the look of it, your readership is declining. Its your blog. Its for you and your select few chums only. So, we will do a quick outa-here.

    Why do I feel you are a little too in love with yourself that you've become a little too snootish and boorish to hoot?

    Doubt I will be visiting your blogs in future and posting messages. But it'd be interesting to see how interactive is your blog compared with other blogs. As I've said before, methinks your blog appears to be on the downhill. ;-)

    It is not necessary to publish this post. Just offering my personal opinion to you.