Friday, April 25, 2008

Malaysiakini red-face over Rembau Recount

Yesterday I posted Anwar Ibrahim PM in 3 years where I speculated on why Anwar Ibrahim boasted he would be PM in 3 years.

It was not so much his claim to the premiership that caught my curiosity but the weird timeline of 3 years. I asked why not 5 years in line with the next scheduled general election, or why not now if he has been repetitively claiming he has the numbers with the support of BN frogs.

Normally I would have declared his boast of successfully enlisting frogs as in his dreams as I did in Why the froggie volte-face on reformasi. Then I had mentioned that whatever he could offer the party hoppers, the BN-UMNO could do just as well. Indeed, I bet they could even double up the motivational stake.

But the unusual '3 years' did catch my eye and I had to concede I thought there could well be an iota of plausibility this time in his boast. I speculated as to whether he could have done a deal with AAB, and concluded that "… the litmus test would be the earlier declared intention by Chegubad (PKR) to challenge the result of the Rembau parliamentary election vote count."

In other words if Chegubad decides not to challenge the results as he had earlier said he would, I would be very suspicious.

However, today Malaysiakini reported a letter from Khairy Jamaluddin that on the night of 08 March 2008 There was no recount for Rembau so WTF, why would/could there then be a challenge when he had won on first count with a majority of 5746 votes.

In pukka English as would be expected of an Oxford graduate, KJ lambasted Malaysiakini for being irresponsible and mischievous in reporting something that didn't occur, as well as attributing a statement to KJ when he didn’t say such a thing, both of which made him and the EC look bad.

Well, Malaysiakini had to eat crow and apologised. However, it claimed that on
election night, it was informed by PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin, yes Chegubad himself, that he (Chegubad) was told by an EC official there would be a recount. Malaysiakini reported thus.

Then, 3 days later on March 11 Chegubad repeated at a press conference that during the poll count, there was a recount (implying the first count had brought out a very slim majority).

Chegubad’s allegation of a dodgy recount was reported by not only Malaysiakini but also a number of other newspapers. Malaysiakini conceded that since then, it realised that there was no such recount.

Well, well, well. Who should then be shot for putting Malaysiakini into such an embarrassing backdown?

Chegubad or the Malaysiakini journalist or ……..?


  1. why don you look at this way, actually chegubard and malaysiakini are correct, of course they are a lot of witness at the counter/polling station. but because of our judiciary "reputation", plus AAB, if KJ to take legal pursue sure malaysiakini will be made bankrupt and close shop liao...... you know the judges are especially efficient when comes to AAB, KJ and 4th floor boys....

    anyway, KJ already wins, what ever the talkings now is useless

  2. Whatever opinions one may have on the Frogs, and there is a wide spectrum, most right thinking Malaysians would welcome the political competition which Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar Ibrahim are providing to Barisan Nasional.

    Already we can see quite positive behaviour modifications among UMNO leaders. I still have strong reservations as to how genuine this spring-time is, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

    These positive developments would never have occurred without the changed political landscape post-March 8.

    As I see it, its mainly either die-hard UMNO/BNistas or off-the-rocker irrational minds who persist in continuing the demonisation of Anwar Ibrahim.

  3. Chegubard could be the culprit as he also feeding others.I was first sighetd at Rocky's Bru on that faithful night. If I remember correctly, Rocky even declared Chegubard won before retracting. He attributed that to the recount.

  4. There is now an official election petition challenging the results of the Rembau election.

    Lets see how it comes out in court.

  5. At least, Malaysiakini apologised but NST, Bernama and the Star which too carried the story didn't. There was confusion at the centre as I heard and there had to be looking at ballot boxes and count their numbers, not the votes, so that's why the confusion has come in. But what has this got with the party? Or your Anwar's disease is driving nuts to try to link him to everything? If you don't trust Malaysiakini as well, you can switch Bernama, they have some news too.

  6. Friday, April 25, 2008

    ..'Ahli Parlimen Rembau' di Taman Jasmin Senawang... mungkin ini kerana juak - juaknya yang panik ..

    ......Malam itu dia dikejutkan dengan kehadiran lebih dari 3,000 orang menyaksikan Pentas Anak Muda anjuran keADILan Rembau...

    ...ada pula maklumat dan gambar yang merakam bagaimana dua peti akhir masuk ke Pusat Penjumlahan dengan di iringi kenderaan yang dinaiki Menteri Besar Negeri Sembilan...

    Hari ini pula di Malaysiakini dia sudah mula bercakap mengenai keputusan pilihanraya. Bagus dia sudah termakan pancing untuk kembali melompat...

    jam 3 petang nanti sekumpulan peguam yang diketuai oleh fima guaman Shearn Delamor & co. akan berada di Mahkamah Tinggi Seremban untuk memfailkan petisyen tersebut.

  7. Chegubad or the Malaysiakini journalist or ……..?

    Let me guess the answer for dot dot dot,
    ROCKY BRU ;-)

  8. There is a difference between a Recount and an Election Peition. Usually a Recount can be requested at the counting station, usually a candidate or his/her agent on election night. If an Election petition is presented, the Court considers all the matters put before it (e.g. candidate is not qualified to stand, is a simple example) and then decide the case or it can order a Recount if it wants to test any allegation that votes were incorrectly counted (e.g. polling officer in charge wrongly disallowed validly cast votes, is a simple example). What the SIL is doing -- if he is not an idiot (I won't discount that as the Japanese has an expression translated as "educated idiot" meaning someone without common sense even though holding a degree) -- is to mislead the public (especially UMNO Youth) os that he can cement his position. That's all. So if a Petitoon has been presented, there could be a Recount after all.