Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Semua ada (1)

Tonight let’s have light and succulent rojak, a mixture of news from Malaysiakini and Star Online:

(1) Shahrir Abdul Samad, domestic trade and consumer affairs minister told AFP that with oil prices at US$117.26 per barrel, it will "put a strain on the budget."

kaytee recommends that he consults Anwar Ibrahim who knows the secret of lowering fuel prices. Anwar knows everything.

In fact my matey Antares wrote a letter to Malaysiakini saying that he regarded Anwar Ibrahim as the Master Plumber who will take on the unpleasant but absolute necessary task of fixing the flush mechanism jammed by UMNO.

I wonder who added to the UMNO cesspool?

(2) Lim GE appointed Lee Kah Choon as a capable bloke to head (please lah, Malaysiakini, not helm, helm, helm) InvestPenang. Najib didn’t like that, Lim KY didn’t like that but AAB yawnnn and even said maybe such a bipartisan appointment might be a start to BN-PR collaboration.

Good on you Lim GE and good on you too, AAB. Congrats Kah Choon.

(3) PAS spiritual leader Pak Haji Nik Aziz Nik said non-Muslims have the right to breed pigs, thus it would be OK for Selangor to develop the proposed high-tech pig farm so long as it does not contaminate the environment. But when asked about Kelantan having a similar hi-tech pig farm he said NIMBY.

(4) Meanwhile Star Metro asked sweetie Teresa Kok what’s her favourite food, to which Sweetie replied pork steamed with salted fish - hope this won't turn into another TK porky piggy controversy. But she lamented that nowadays she hardly have this very nice dish.

What's the matter with you Sir Galahads? Aiyah, you are all hopeless lah - here's a sweetie with a craving and no bold man has rushed forward gallantly; pity kaytee's not in KL to look after Teresa.

No worries dahleeeng, the hi-tech farm will ensure there’s plenty of mince pork.

(5) Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Dr Maximus Ongkili told reporters after the launch of the Creativity and Innovation Day 2008 celebrations at KL Tower yesterday that there’s zero gravity money for the angkasawan program.

But DPM Najib said the space training for Mejar Dr Faiz Khaleed will go on despite the country's space program coming to a virtual halt. I would strongly recommend Naiib to consult Anwar on how to do the impossible ;-) Anwar knows everything.

In the meantime, maybe bungee jumping for the Mejar? He would get a 1 second of zero gravity experience, and it doesn't cost anything ... unless the rubber band overstretches.

(6) Then Deputy PM Najib said he isn’t a coward in response to an insult by Dr M he lacked the balls to speak up about the real reasons behind the BN’s recent election disaster. My blogging matey Susan Loone also called him 'no balls' (shouldn't it be in the singular as in 'no ball', because 'no' or 'none' means less than one?)

Sometimes I do wonder whether a party which won 140 out of 222 seats should be considered as failing in an election? Personally I like odds like 114 to 108 ;-). During a crucial vote, no one dares go to the parliamentary toilet, and believe me, women are better at this ;-)

Of course 114 (or 140) is still the party with the majority. Maybe some UMNO people likes odds like 200 to 22?

(7) PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the de jure PKR president and de jure Opp Leader said AAB has been four years late in restructuring the Anti-Corruption Agency into an independent commission.

Aiyah Datin, nothing is ever too late so long as one is still alive.

(8) AAB said the Penang second bridge project will suffer a 9 month delay because of problems in land acquisition, design and rising cost. OK, I’ll still keep my origami sampan then.

(9) Indonesian Members of Parliament have proposed closer bilateral cooperation with Malaysia in matters of food and energy security. They suggested to Najib that Malaysia make use of the six million hectares of oil palm plantation in Indonesia to breed cattle.

Whoa whoa, Uncle told me we had a similar f*up scheme with our oil palm plantation some years ago where one 'brainy' bloke conjured up a multi-million ringgit scheme to keep goats on the plantation. The reason? So that the palm oil will be naturally fertilized by goat poo, while the goats could be harvested like palm oil. Needless to say, it became a financial disaster.

Let’s tell those Indons to keep the bullsh*t and their bloody annual smoke haze to themselves, the latter of which is about to start in a few months time.


  1. Aiyoyo KT , why are you always against Anwar Ibrahim ???

    Can't you just give him a chance to prove himself ???

  2. alamak, I am praising him lah - & he did promise to bring down the fuel prices too

  3. why u so stupid. he can only do something about fuel price if he's in fed govt.

  4. aiyah u oso, anwar can do lots of things lah ;-)

  5. Ktemoc,
    Answer 1
    Who added to the UMNO cesspool ?

    Dr. Mahathir, the Adonis fella,
    the "si monumentum requiris circumspice" fella (if you seek his memorial, look around you) fella.

    Answer 2,
    Lee Kah Choon. Doesn't he qualify as a "frog" ?
    Good on you, AAB ?
    "PM - Its against the spirit of BN"

    Answer 3,
    Kelantan pigs. Aiyah, Kelantan Chinese population is less than 4% lah. Pork is easily available at Kota Bharu market-lah
    Why create an issue where there is none.

    Answer 4.
    I love Char Siew Pau..
    I love Teresa....kekekekek

    Answer 5
    Not true there's no money for Angkasawan. Check the money flow.
    Hint....Defense deal..

    Answer 6.
    "Altantuya" Najib's balls are sitting in Bedol's closet

    Answer 7.
    Don't hold your breath.
    Where is the IPCMC ?

    Answer 8
    Penang Bridge 2 - adding to Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide pollution.
    I thought Ktemoc is supposed to be a greenie ?

  6. kk46,

    Ans 1 - your memory is too selective ;-)

    Ans 2 - how? he hasn't jumped the Gerakan ship; he has only taken up the directorship of 2 Penang GLCs. In western countries you see lots of this, where there is bipartisan appreciation of competent managers or professionals. We needn't be like anwaristas where the world is in black and white only, or George Bush's "either you're with us or against us".

    Where's the national interests? Oh, sorry, I forgot that it's said to be a party for one man's interests.

    Ans 3 - what issue? was writing exactly what appeared in news.

    Ans 4, 5, 6 - ;-)

    Ans 7 - I heard police ready to accept IPCMC

    Ans 8 - which is why I have an origami sampan ;-)

    WHAT - no comment on 9? ;-)

  7. Ans 2
    "Where's the national interests? Oh, sorry, I forgot that it's said to be a party for one man's interests"

    Its the PM and Gerakan who are against the idea-lah..

    Anwaristas ? PKR likes the idea..thinking of making similar offers....kekekekek....

    Ans 7
    "I heard police ready to accept IPCMC".
    They Only accepted the pretend-version, which has already been heavily criticised by civil society groups.

  8. Hi all bros & sis!!!

    Pls. visit http://disgruntedpolitics.blogspot.com/ for UNCENSORED & UNDELETED articles regarding the stupidity of UMNO, MCA, MIC & others.

    I repeat...NO CENSORSHIP!!! Fuck & taruh all you want!!!

    Cheers, mate!!!

  9. 1) Anwar sucks.

    2) "So that the palm oil will be naturally fertilized by goat poo, while the goats could be harvested like palm oil. Needless to say, it became a financial disaster."

    This basic idea is a feature of the permaculture model, and is a technique worthy of investigation. IINM it has been proven to work for the corn/chicken combination, although it has yet to be proven on a large scale.

    Perhaps they screwed up the implementation, or perhaps it really would never have worked in this particular situation, but the basic idea itself is not bad so I think it's not good to criticize it so flippantly.

  10. Ktemoc's IQ drops to about 50 whenever the subject of Anwar Ibrahim comes up.

  11. Gerakan issues show cause letter to Lee for accepting PDC, IP posts


    I don't like to quote NaSTy, but straight from the horse's mouth is sometimes better.

  12. He has resigned - sad that he has been pushed into this decision, but f* the BN anyway.

  13. On KC Lee's appointment by Guan Eng to InvestPenang, he's a (now ex-) Gerakan guy. Would this be a case of froggies?

    Because, had it been a KeADILan state govt that appointed a soon-to-be-former BN guy, I know you'd be talking about Anwar, crossovers, and "frogs".

  14. as i explained to kk46, Lee was still in the Gerakan when he took up the administrative/managerial post as chief executive of the GLCs, not parliament or the penang state assembly. additionally he announced his intention to remain in Gerakan. thus he wasn't and couldn't be called a frog.

    But he resigned from Gerakan only after he was issued a show cause letter. thus he is now a person who is not a member of any political party - still not a frog. even AAB had initially said it would be ok for him to man those two non-political posts. not sure why the PM changed his mind.

    frogs are MPs or ADUNs who after being elected on Party A's ticket walk across to Party B to become the other party's member in parliament or the state assembly, thus cheating the rakyat who had voted for him/her as a Party A candidate. ;-) this is bn-umno's speciality - oh, wasn't anwar previously an umno person? ha ha ha

  15. Goats go for the bushes, not just grass (that's what I'm told). They maybe should have introduced the goats only when the palms are nearly full grown. Not start them at the same time.

  16. Keng Yaik calls Lee Kah Choon a frog


    Don't mind me - I associate with frogs :-)

  17. wasn't Lim KY a MCA frog himself hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahah

  18. Karpal Singh calls Lee Kah Choon a frog


    Don't mind me - I associate with frogs :-)