Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not every kaytee is kayteemoc

There's a blogger, also called 'kaytee', submitting one hell of a lot of posts (harvested from many blogs) to post on Malaysia Topics. He or she is virtually monopolizing the bloggers corner at Malaysiakini.

This 'kaytee' is not me ;-)

But when a visitor to my blog warned me of the rather strange coincidence in our names, PKR member and staunch Anwar Ibrahim supporter kittykat 46 leapt in with alacrity to defend that blogger using the name of 'kaytee'.


  1. Last year, I vigorously defended Susan Loone in pro-UMNO blogs when they spread malacious rumours of her of being a foreign stooge.

    Me, just defending another inocent blogger in yet another UMNO rag.

  2. WTF ktemoc ! leave this kaytee alone for you are Ktemoc. how stupid can you be ?

  3. One reasonable explanation, is kaytee's arguments (especially on Anwar& PKR)really stings. Despite disagreeing, they come back again and again to refute his claims (now seems to be tired). Atleast we know, the critics takes it seriously. Their sophistication don't seems to match Kaytee ;-)

    Now the critics(or propaganda unit of PKR?) out of their wits in Kaytee's case, finally resolved to the method of impersonating. By keep flooding with posting from other sites, it will eventually be a source of irritation for other readers. Good strategy but will soon fail bec of Kaytee persistence ;-0

  4. kk46 matey ;-) you have been graduating me from BN party to BN party ke ke ke, what next PPP or MIC? hahahahahahhahahahaaa

  5. Don't get too swell-headed, lah.

    Unlike super-Susan, you are really not worth the effort of cyber-troopers of whatever stripe.

    Me, just Pro-bono Publico

  6. `Despite disagreeing, they come back again and again to refute his claims (now seems to be tired).`

    Really? That`s making a mountain of a molehill. Chief Minister Malacca got much more on his blog.
    But at least KT got you as a fan.

  7. UMNO has been using its proxies in TV3, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia and Pro-UMNO blogs to stir up fear among Malays for the consequences of Malays "losing" political power due to Pakatan Rakyat's rise. Some of the statements used have been arguably Seditious. This is far more widespread and insidious than the foolish statements by the Kelantan Tengku Mahkota. Trying to lay the ground for another 1969 ?

    Why am I not surprised that Ktemoc
    has been ignoring this dangerous shit-stirring, while totally focused on dishing it out to Anwar, Azmin and PKR ?

    Beware folks, UMNO propaganda can be spread just as effectively or even more effectively by an Ah-Beng or Muthu. Just depends on the price of their a*us.

  8. "Chief Minister Malacca got much more on his blog"

    Wah! Kaytee, Not bad lah! Now you are compared with the Chief Minister. Whats next, the PM? You see, your detractors place you in higher pedestial than those who agree with your points.

    'Rear end boys' are more generous than their counterpart, '4th floor boys' ;-D

  9. Kekeke, 4th floor boys are not `rear end boys`?

  10. The AN WAR that keeps Pat Lah and BN guessing.....

    Below is a pretty accurate insider's assessment of the BN vs. Anwar situation.

    Its for real folks, but it won't happen yet.

    Anyway better let Pak Lah and Najib take the heat over the coming hyper-inflation and possible food riots.

  11. Haiyah. Don't be so paranoid-lah. It's just some guy trying to make a quick buck with a spam blog and you are the unfortunate target. Must be karma. I also kena but not so serious till listed on Malaysiakini. ;) It's part of cyberlife.

  12. 1/ bask in the pride that your name is worth impersonating. what a compliment that is.

    2/ kaytee and ktemoc? i, for one wouldn't mistaken kaytee for ktemoc. really uncalled for. you are giving kaytee too much credit. just ignore him.

  13. All around the Mulberry Bush,
    The monkey chased the weasel.
    The monkey stopped to pull up his sock,
    Pop! goes the weasel.

  14. i envy that kaytee! how come so new and yet so fast and easy can be listed in malaysiakini, while poor me been trying hard to get in but can't!

  15. Lucia,
    Hint...quote Malaysiakini or link to it often.

    Quid pro quo..
    This is Bolehland, remember ? Malaysiakini is also a product of the "system"

  16. Hai ya, Luci a! All the work of 'rear end boys'lah! Thats why '4th floor boys' always jealous with their twin brother, every where they have their testacles, sorry, I mean tentacles.

    You where can lah, Luci oooi...

  17. Relax... Kaytee ain't got the intellectual depth you have .. just as "super Susan" is a foreign stooge.

    I too have had my name pirated on Malaysiakini. You are not alone.

  18. kitty
    i already did... all the time, linked malaysiakini, yet i can't appeared there - only once i did when i blog about what the tengku said, and you know what? my blog traffic increased 3 times!!

  19. Disclaimer need expansion -

    KT is NOT Khir Toyo.

  20. The real KT is easily recognizable for his 3 famous Derangements and, as such, any prolonged diversion from them becomes a clear giveaway for a fake.

  21. Ktemoc,
    do be so hot lahh.. you don't own the mnemonic 'KT' afterall there are Kathy, Katie, Cathy, KT, K.T., Kay Tee, & then there is KayTee.

    No one wants to menyamar you lah.

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