Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Political snippets - 02 April 2008

News from Malaysiakini, Utusan Malaysia and Star Online:

(1) Dr Mahathir has stopped his vocal support of Najib as the next PM. I personally doubt Dr M will transfer his support to Ku Li. I guess Johorean Muhyiddin Yassin might be on the ascendancy. This is going to bugger the UMNO Da Vinci code ;-)

(2) Khir Toyo bravely predicted that SIL won't be contesting UMNO Youth No 1. Looks like 08 March 2008 changed a lot of things.

(3) Our amazing police may call up Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng over a statement he made on the New Economic Policy. This is in contrast to police inaction over the racist incitement to violence by a former Malacca CM, who commented on the Hindraf rally by stating: “The Malays have never taken the street so do not force us to do so as we will draw our parang (machete) to defend the Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) in this country.”

(4) Ezam Mohamed Noor advised us to be suspicious of the very conservative Jerusalem Post talking about Anwar Ibrahim as a future PM. He said "Sejak kebelakangan ini, sudah terlalu banyak percaturan politik yang menggadaikan maruah negara. Saya juga ada alasan untuk bimbang mengenai perkara ini."

" ... itu merupakan satu lagi usaha pemimpin seperti Anwar mengejar cita-cita dalam dunia politik."

(5) Selangor exco members will submit their assets details to the mentri besar every six months but only 'general information' of their declarations would be made public (whatever that means).

We used to criticise BN ministers for submitting their asset details only to the PM as not good enough. Well ..... ?

Looks like the acorn doesn't fall far from the oak tree.


  1. 2 neutral commentaries on UMNO
    1 critical commentary on the police (and because it involves Lim Guan Eng)
    1 trashy commentary on the "Anwar is a Jewish agent" theme
    1 critical commentary on PKR Selangor

    Poor Ktemoc, still trying to sell last week's newspaper

  2. If you would have been recruited by anyone to be his mouthpiece, I'm sure he would have smashed your head the next day. Because your buffoonery is dizzy high.

    You survive now because your boss is more buffoon than you. Anything new?

  3. You people why are you angry at Ktemoc always? Just give him enough peace pliz. Must you criticise every entry he makes? Yes, he has said he has nightmarish nights of Anwar and that he feels scared of all that's related to Anwar be they human beings or animals, but that doesn't call for feeding him to the dogs. He is simply disturbed and you need to take him in. I think if a person needs animal therepy knowing that he has failed to live with fellow humans, you assist him in joining the animals and have an eye on him rather than laughing at him. Kaytee repeatedly said he has no grudge against Anwar only that he is scared of him for personal reason and the only way he can find solace and inner peace is to look for the "therepy", (i.e calling Anwar's name). I think you need to symathise with him rather than antagonizing him and laughing at him incessantly. Pliz appreciate him even for once.

  4. UMNO code? Hmmm

    what about Nuhyiddin?

  5. If this guy feels strong of someone and can only afford to remember his name while awake or asleep, I would say it only shows the pain (ecstasy) he feels of that person. So, there is no need for a duel or disturb him more. Because you can see how disturbed he is the 1st place. Therefore, no one should hit him. He has proven himself vis-a-vis his...) So why you should enquire more? I would have said only understanding is needed.

  6. You lied when you targetted Tan Sri Khalid simply because of his Party and the man who has conquered your feeble spirit.

    Khalid said he will submit to the "ACA and all govt departments concerned so that they can lodge a report if they need."

    On other hand, Perak MB said he will submit to the "State Assembly."

    While Kedah MB said he announce it to "The state Secretary and State Assembly."

    If you need to get a supporter, you need to show why. Because people are not dumb. They read between the lines. You should ask why can't you win over a single lad. This is because you are naked but you don't see. Or you think lies laced with animosity can sway people? No wonder other bloggers said your buffoonery is dizzy high."

  7. Kaytee, I just read in the Star and Malaysiatoday. I think you twised a bit.


    (STAR) SHAH ALAM: Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim and members of his Exco will declare their personal assets as well as those under the names of their spouses and children below the age of 21.

    He and the Exco members would also be making fresh declarations of current assets and holdings related to their personal interest every six months.

    However, he added, only information related to the value of the assets would be made available to the public.

    “But the Government and Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) can have the details of the assets. These will be made available to them,” he told a press conference after chairing the weekly Exco meeting.

    Data pertaining to the assets would be kept at the state secretariat building, he added.

    On former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo’s statement that he was clean, Khalid said that if one felt that his one's actions were right, one would say they were right; and if he one felt that one's actions were wrong one would say they were wrong.

    Dr Mohd Khir had said that his conscience was clean, as he had discharged his duties as Mentri Besar without engaging in any dubious dealings that disadvantaged the state.

    He was commenting on an SMS alleging that during his tenure as Mentri Besar he had bought a piece of temporary occupancy licence (TOL) land in Kajang for RM2 per sq feet and made the State Development Corporation buy it back at RM22 per sq feet, hence pocketing RM59mil.

    On another matter, Khalid said approval would no longer be given for hillside development projects involving Class 3 and Class 4 slopes. (Class 3 slopes are those with an angle of 25° and Class 4 slopes with an angle above 35°

    “But we have to look at 141 existing hillside projects which have been approved and are currently under construction,” said Khalid.

    He added that he had also directed the Exco member in charge of local government Ronnie Liu to call a meeting of the relevant municipal and district council representatives as well as residents protesting against hillside projects to discuss the problems and issues at hand.

  8. Ha ha ha! Life is sweet. I swear. It is full of drama. Chandara who i now toning down his caustic words against Anwar due to the apparent change in Putrajaya left PKR when he fought with Ezam on who should control the party. Later, Ezam will leave after Anwar fails to kickout Azmin Ali. He gets angry and quits. So he has been praising and praying for Anwar for 20 years till 2007. Today you say Anwar is for Jews. Ha ha ha! Well, it is shameful to behave as such because it makes people laugh at you and ask themselves many questions. But that's not my story. Here is Ezam's story. Follow it to the end and pliz don't fall from your chairs when he calls Mahatir unprintable names and says Anwar is an angel and the best son of Malaysia and that the Zionism concoction is Mahatir's desperate survival tactic. Here Ezam says Anwar had to meet Western leaders to "soften" the dictatorial image of Mahatir.

    You wait till the 7th min. and from there on follow Ezam; then you will know the kind of scumbag I'm talking about.

  9. From the way the rakyat had voted, it is denitely saying it wants to see a different Malaysia., one where all receive equal treatment and enjoy equal opportunities in education, job allocation and in business.

    Politicians, from the past and present, contributed to the polarisation in this country. The rakyat, has to share equal blame for passively allowing the politicians to do their destructive acts.

    Now that the rakyat has decided to reverse this trend, the politicians must cooperate. They must now stop saying things and acting in manners that stir racial sentiments and drive schism into the different communities.

    The rakyat, must through their acts and statements, set examples for the politicians to follow. They must be prepared to demand change from them, be bold enough to correct, reprimand and chastise them through all channels available.

    MM takes things too personal when she says "some people reacted as if ethnic cleansing had just taken place". It's surprising such remark came from her. The rakyat is just reacting happily to the outcome of the election, happy to see the birth of a 2-party system of government. It's just a normal human expression of exuberance. If, a modern and educated, and, supposedly 'open-minded' individual, can react like this , there isn't much hope of the nation seeing itself as truly one!

  10. Ezam the Gertak guy still parroting Mahathir innuendoes ?

    He's done piss all in the last 2 years, except gertak here and there. He might as well join UMNO, there's still money to be made there, for the moment...

    My, my Kaytee, you really are dredging the bottom now...