Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tibet & the Beijing Games

From Malaysiakini - Malaysian hypocrisy over Tibet.

Leading Malaysian neocon Scott Thong Yu Yuen, a reincarnation of R Rajan ;-) screamed at our Malaysian leader’s hypocrisy in warning Malaysians against the holding of protests against the Beijing Olympics.

He provided scenarios to prove that Malaysia might have acted differently if our nation has been the victim that Tibet was. Unfortunately he didn’t take his ‘liberal’ views all the way to include the tragedy of the Palestinians, which indicated his lamentable but known political proclivity ke ke ke.

He concluded his letter to Malaysiakini Vox Populi by stating: Just don't act as if you yourself are completely just, righteous and fair-minded. Be honest and admit your highly political biases. I looked at my nation in the mirror, and saw only hypocrisy.

Hey Scott buddy, re last sentence, can you replace the phrase ‘nation’ with ‘self’ – ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anyway, on a more serious note, my matey, renown blogger Susan Loone was amazed at the passion of her visitors with her post Let the Olympic torch pass, but remember the violence against Tibetans.

One had even appealed to her 'honour' (I spell it here with a 'u' in defiance ha ha ha) to ... whatever. Was that honour associated with her being a Chinese? I sure hope not ;-) Don't you all forget we are Malaysians, except for overseas visitors who visited her post.

Why should the Olympic Games, or for that matter any Olympics Games be involved with politics or war? But then trust the Yanks to galvanise a political boycott of the Moscow Games which saw an inevitable tit for tat boycott of the Los Angelos Games.

Yes, maybe many have forgotten what the modern Games were for. In the late 19th Century, Baron Pierre de Coubertin of France sought a way to bring nations closer together, to have the youth of the world compete in sports, rather than fight in war.

I left a couple of comments at Susan's but didn’t have the patience to plough through the post’s 200+ comments. My last comment was:

Too much emotion here.

Tibet is a strategic region for China, and of course a concern for the Tibetans - two legitimate parties arguing over history, politics, legality etc, admittedly uneven handedly.

However, the USA wants Tibet free (independent, not just more autonomous) for its own strategy against China. In other words, big (US) politics is lending a self-interested and hence hypocritical hand (of support in many forms) to Tibetans in the same manner as it had in Afghanistan, initially to the Talibans, then subsequently to the other side, the Northern Alliance warlords.

One sees American interference of such nature all over the world even in former Eastern Europe (now in Georgia, Ukraine, Romania, Albania, Czech, Poland) and the Middle East, as it is now supporting Fatah against Hamas when it once attempted to suppress Fatah. India (and even Vietnam) is one of its newly embraced in its strategic containment of China. A rightwing Sakorzy government in France has also lent that nation’s support to the anti Games movement.

The Chinese have pissed poor PR and whilst the arguments may be that some Tibetans could have started the killings in downtown Lhasa (to kick start the Free-Tibet-anti-Beijing campaign?) with the Chinese authority clamping down in its usual ham-fisted way, Beijing now looks bad to the people of the Western world. By contrast the Dalai Lama is one smart politician who knows lots about PR in the West. He is exploiting that to the hilt.

The Tibetans (and perhaps even the Dalai Lama) are ensuring they get max publicity in this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, making China look so bad that even a few countries (hopefully more) may look towards boycotting the Games, or better force China to talk to the Dalai Lama, allowing him to put one foot in the door.

Whilst the Dalai Lama talks about Tibet being an intrinsic part of China and that he only ‘appeals’ for greater autonomy for Tibet, his supporters are screaming for full independence. The Tibetans know the Chinese will react badly so the more violent they behave, the better would be the PR outcome for them. Even harsh Nepalese police control of their violent protests has resulted in bad publicity, not for Nepal, but for Beijing.

Violence gets better publicity than calm peaceful protests - which has been why there has been complete inconsistency between the peaceful public image of the Dalai Lama and the extremely violent Tibetan protestors. He only needs to say one calming word to his protestors … alas …he has avoided that thus far in the interviews I have seen him in.

It’ll be a shame because nothing that the Tibetan do or nations boycotting the Games will change China, as in the ultimate national strategic consideration China would prefer to lose the Games (and reputation) rather than Tibet, so vital to its defence.

If the protests badly affect the Games, even to its eventual cancellation, I fear the subsequent outcome, the retribution of Beijing’s resentment on the Tibetans. The Dalai Lama can now kiss his hopes of even returning to Lhasa. The reality is … for China, regardless, Tibet is non-negotiable. The losers will be both China and Tibetans.

Indeed the passion has not been limited to Susan’s post as the two warring parties, Tibetans and Chinese nationals throughout the world, combat each other over the Games (physically, intellectually, historically, politically and emotionally). I won’t go into details other than to say there exist highly charged emotions and antagonisms between the two sides.

It’s worse than the tribalism exhibited shamefully by European supporters of a football match.


  1. Ktemoc diminishes himself when reduces himself to being an apologist for despotic regimes....sigh...whatever happened to the principled Ktemoc...

    I thought its only Capitalist right-wingers like me who indulge in the art of apologia...

  2. What do you expect from these fellas. Their morality and human rights value can go so much. and that does not include your or my rights man cos you're a bloody terroristic malay and muslims!!!these people are the enlightened ones!!!my ass!!!

  3. Kaytee,
    Most of the argumenst you have so eloquently written on behalf of the Palestinians also apply to Tibetans.

    They have been marginalised, discriminated against, brutalised.

    Yes, the protests turned violent, its a violence born of desperation, when people have nothing else to lose.

    Of course the Tibetans have harnessed World public opinion to the fullest of their ability.
    They have nothing else.

    The tanks, the armoured personnel carriers, the machine guns are all with the PRC regime.
    But China, the worlds 3rd largest economy, going to be the largest soon, is finding out that it is not possible to totally thumb your nose at the rest of the world.

  4. kk46, you’re incorrect in drawing parallels between the Palestinians and Tibetans.

    Firstly, Tibet as acknowledged by none other the Dalai Lama himself, is an intrinsic part of China. Palestine is not that of Israel. It will be a sovereign nation. Even Bush’s original roadmap (cunningly derailed by Israel) acknowledged and proposed to work towards that sovereign Palestinian Statehood.

    Secondly, Tibetans are supposedly, according to the Dalai Lama, demanding greater autonomy, not independence, notwithstanding the placards and slogans of the protestors. But Palestinians are fighting for their original/own homeland.

    Thirdly, most if not all members of the UN (I can’t be sure here but I wouldn’t be surprised if all), including the USA and Europe recognize Tibet as part of China. This is not so for Palestine and Israel. And the USA and Europe also recognise this.

  5. Lord Commander Bush! They dare mock me, your loyal and faithful crony till the end of time (when the Zionists rule the Earth)?!!

    I invoke the awesome power of the Elders of Zion, and call down controlled tower demolitions against the unbelievers!!!


  6. Do the monks in Tibet shoot rockets into schoolyards and daycare centers? Do the monks send suicide bombers to kill innocent women and children? Do the monks argue that China should not exist? Of course not, but those are the exact positions of the Palestinian militants. To compare monks peacefully seeking basic democratic freedoms to terrorists who kill innocent civilians does a disservice to the monks.

    In fact, the Palestinians should try harder to be like the monks of Tibet, are seeking to achieve independence and statehood through peaceful means. As long as Hamas wants to use the bullet instead of the ballot, they will continue to bear the brunt of their own violent actions.

  7. Yes, Kaytee, I call that the "Its OK to beat your wife" defense.

  8. In September 1949 the Communist Chinese invaded Eastern Tibet and captured the headquarters of the Governor of the province in Chamdo. Despite protests about the Chinese aggression to the UN the matter was postponed. In November 1950 the Delai Lama aged just 16 became head of state and spiritual leader of Tibet due to the deepening crisis.

    In 1951 a delegation from Tibet visiting Peking was coerced into signing a 17 point agreement on "Measures for the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet" under threat of more military action. This unfair treaty was violated utterly by the Chinese as they carried on their colonisation plans in Tibet, despite strong resistance by the Tibetan populace.

    In September 1951 the Chinese invaded the capital city Lhasa and imposed a regime of religious suppression and political denial on the people. Monastaries were systematically destroyed and thousands of arrests were carried out. Any resistance was met with terrible retribution and many innocent men, women and children were killed.

    An uprising by the Tibetan people followed in March 1959 and was swiftly met by the ruthless killing of thousands of the Tibetan population, with many more being jailed or deported. Temples and Monasteries were shelled and Monks and Nuns were targetted for special retribution by the invading forces.

    A week later the Delai Lama fled the country and sought sanctuary in India, he was followed by a massive exodus of Tibetan people forced to leave because of the terrible repression. There are estimated to be over 100,000 Tibetans in exile all over the world and it has now been 40 years since the occupation.

    The Tibetan culture still survives but the rest of the world has ignored its plight and just offered platitudes and empty gestures against this terrible injustice.

  9. Jimmy Peanut Cutter was the man responsible for bringing politics into the Olympics. He initiated the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics after Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and installed a puppet government. Konstatin Chernenko retialated by boycotting the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the world sporting extravangaza only returned back to normalcy at Seoul in 1988.

    Look what is Jimmy Cutter doing now. He was at Middle East having a jolly good time meeting Bashir Assad and Hamas. Neither Hillary nor Obama criticized him because he is one of the super delegate at the Democratic Convention. So much for Human Rights.

  10. Tibet is a plateau region in Central Asia and the home to the indigenous Tibetan people. With an average elevation of 4,900 metres (16,000 ft), it is the highest region on Earth and is commonly referred to as the "Roof of the World." Geographically, UNESCO and Encyclopædia Britannica[1] consider Tibet to be part of Central Asia, while several academic organizations consider it part of South Asia.

    Many parts of the region were united in the seventh century by King Songtsän Gampo. In the 13th century Tibet became a part of ethnic Mongol-ruled Chinese state. Four centuries later Tibet was further incorporated into China when the Emperor of the Qing dynasty established the Dalai Lama as both the spiritual leader and political leader of Tibet. [2] [3] Between the 17th century and 1951, the Dalai Lama and his regents were the predominant political power administering religious and administrative authority[4] over large parts of Tibet from the traditional capital Lhasa.

    From 1912 to 1950, Tibet gained de facto independence[5]. In 1912 the 13th Dalai Lama unilaterally declared separation from China but two years later signed a treaty accepting Chinese suzerainty[6]. In 1951 the People's Republic of China forced the Tibetan government to sign the Seventeen Point Agreement thus reintegrated Tibet. Currently every country that has a diplomatic relationship with China recognizes Tibet as a part of China.[7][8]. The Dalai Lama, the head of the Tibetan government in exile, believes that in order for it to modernize, Tibet must remain within the People's Republic of China.[9]

    Extract From:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tibet

    Tibet are forced to be integral part of China just like Timor-Leste.

    Hah, everytime, Ktemoc writes, I switched channels. Your biases against the US and the Zionist without acknowledging the downtrodden Tibetans and the East timorese under the Sugharto regime is a concurring reflective of your ideologies with Dr. Mahathir.

    What are you doing here Kittykat?
    I just dropped by upon the interedt of your posting in Malaysiakini's sidebar.

  11. "Hah, everytime, Ktemoc writes, I
    switched channels..."

    Everytime he writes, we see someone resembling Dhimmi Carter(at best).

    He'll never depart from spinning events and history to actually "prove" his outstanding bias for the 'wonderful' Baalestinians and his all consuming cheer leadering of the Ayrab cause.

  12. sports & politics shouldn't mix. what tibet (or rather the dalai lama) is doing is a low hit below the belt.

    i don't agree that china invade tibet but don't protest during the olympics

  13. Why no Anwar post for so long, ah ?

    You are not doing your job as the Internet's most important truthteller on Anwar.

    Too many Anwar fans online... somebody must tell the truth about him.

    I very much fear there's no stopping Anwar becoming the next Prime Minister...absolutely the worst that could happen to the country.

  14. Jimmy Peanut Cutter was the man responsible for bringing politics into the Olympics. He initiated the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics after Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan and installed a puppet government. Konstatin Chernenko retialated by boycotting the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics and the world sporting extravangaza only returned back to normalcy at Seoul in 1988.

    No-lah. First one is Nazis using the 1936 Berlin Olympics, then Arafat's Palestinians killing eleven Israeli sporters at the 1972 Munich massacre.

    Btw the second one was made into filem by Spielberg, where you can watch this fun quote:

    That old Pesach story. The angels are rejoicing because the Egyptians have just drowned in the Red Sea.

    And God said to the angels, “Why are you rejoicing? I just killed a multitude of my children.”

    The angels respond to God. They say, “God, we are celebrating because when the people hear what happened to The Egyptians, they’ll understand your point.”

    “Which was?”

    “Don’t f*ck with the Jews.”

  15. Aiyoh, stop the Tibet debate-lah. Debate until the tongue drops, Tibet is still part of China.Like it or not, this is a fact.

    Don't waste our time. Talk about Malaysia which we can change( reinvent?)thru ballot.Isn't it more realistic?

    Apa-lah lu olang....

  16. Don't be surprised that after the Olympiad, China starts to launch cruise missiles into the Dalai Lama's hideout in Kashmir. This was exactly what the Americans did to Osama and Saddam in 2001 and 2003 respectively. Saddam was eventually captured from an underground hole and hanged, while Osama is still hiding with his balls shivering with fright inside a cave. This should be the way we deal with terrorists, especially those from Hamas and Hizbullah.

  17. didn't I say he's the reincarnation of R Rajan ;-) I'll ask the Dalai Lama, the expert on reincarnation ke ke ke

  18. Yah, Buddhists take reincarnation seriously.
    Ktemoc may be reincarnated as a frog.....

  19. these selective moralists are sickening!!just shows how racist you people are. Go back to your brethrens and get out of my face!!!!

  20. If Tibet is "occupied", so does Taxas (US), Alaska (US),Hawaii (US), Corsica (France), Quebec (Canada), Falkland Islands (UK), Gibraltar (UK), Sikkim (India), Kashmir (India), and more more.

  21. For Western insights on recent "Tibet Uprising", see http://nikpeterson.blogspot.com

  22. Ktemoc is wrong. The dalai lama may have at one time been the defacto head of Tibet. However, like the Palestinian Authority it has lost most if not all of the moral authority which it claims to have over Tibetans. Tibetans have come to the realisation that they have to fight the Chinese wherever they can regardless of what the Dalai Lama say or do.

    The Palestinians you are so fond of are just a modern political construct. The area referred to as Palestine was ruled by invaders until very recently in history. Tibet on the other hand was never ruled by the Chinese until the PLA literally dismembered the monks who were running Tibet.

    For once put away your F....ing ego and accept you were callous in your treatment of the Tibetan cause. Moreover, I know that you are using the Palestinians to highlight the injustices suffered by Malaysians at the hands of Muslim/Malay extremist in this country. However, a little more objectivity over the plight of the Tibetans will stop people from calling you "pu bor" if you are really of that dialect in the first place.

  23. From Wikipedia :

    "In 821/822 AD Tibet and China signed a peace treaty. A bilingual account of this treaty including details of the borders between the two countries are inscribed on a stone pillar......"

  24. wah, anon of 12:37 AM, you have even dragged my mum into the debate, in a diagraceful obscene manner - tsk tsk, shame on you for using foul language! Looks like you lack the composure, competence and civility to conduct a discussion.

  25. Reincarnation?



  26. ;-) hey Scott buddy, what about those prosperous Germans vis-a-vis your goyim hypothesis?

  27. Oh yes,your mother indeed. Then what about the sufferings of Tibetan mothers.
    A person who belittles the suffering of others in favour of some egoistical Palestinian trip deserves no civility. Do you understand that "pu bor" and "hoa lian". Guess which dialect I am.

  28. you certainly lack more than civility ... but I won't continue any dialogue with such a person as you

  29. German goyim gold-diggers? Which hypothesis of mine applies to that?

  30. malaysians are idiot hypocrite. they hate the oppression done by malaysian government and at the same time they support the oppression done by chinese government to their people, paticularly tibet. bloody hypocrite.