Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Silence is not golden

A letter to Malaysiakini by Chin Chai Ho on 08 Apr 2008


I refer to the Malaysiakini report
Defections: Why Pakatan should wait.

Anwar Ibrahim promised the people through press conferences, ceramah and public statements when campaigning in the recent general election that he will eradicate all form of corruption when he comes into power.


In 1994, when he was the Deputy PM to Tun Mahatir’s Government, Anwar was known to have orchestrated the cross-over by Sabah’s PBS newly elected MPs and state assembly persons to BN. He thought he was smart, although many others thought otherwise simply because this was unfair to the electorate in Sabah.

In the past weeks Anwar again revealed his true-self when he admitted that he was indeed negotiating with BN newly elected MP’s with the obvious subject of ‘cross-over’ to his camp.

In his manifesto for the recent election, he proclaimed to all and sundry that when he comes into power, his top priority is to eradicate corruption but even before the new parliament is convened he was already up to his old self – offering BN MPs material gain for them to cross-over to his camp.

Of course, he denied that there discussions on any ‘trading’ in his talks on the cross-overs but surely they cannot be talking and negotiating the price of Dayak or Iban hats – please Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim don’t belittle our intelligence.

The fact that he has admitted negotiating with the newly elected MPs to cross-over itself shows he would not hesitate to betray the electorate to serve his selfish ends. Such a corrupt practice is the highest form of corruption and stinks to the highest heaven.

It would be interesting for Anwar Ibrahim to explain that despite his promise of clean government, he is now resorting to unethical and immoral ways to get the very people he condemned and accused of corruption to join him.

For goodness sake give us a break. Surely the people can see his true intention. All he wants is the prime minister-ship and the power that goes with it.

Why are all the leaders of the BN component parties (except for the prime minister) suddenly so quiet to such a happening? Have all of them been so badly beaten that they have lost their voice even over such a serious matter?

To quote Martin Luther King Jr: ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. Speak up and tell the people! Your country expects all of you to do your duty.


kaytee has done his wee bit!


  1. Wah, how many post already on this subject? But I agree lah. I have also written to PKR advisor.


  2. people are not happy with the racist stand of the BN.

    Now with the internal fighting btwn UMNO and component parties, more poeple will be cheesed off.

    UMNO call for Badawi's resignation, MCA calling for Ong brothers resignation and MIC calling for Samy's resignation.

    Principled BN MP may not be too happy and decide to switch. Besides UMNO doesnt seem to have learnt any lesson from their debacle. Heard about how they have banned priests and temple musicians from India from working here ? Heard how they are planning to sabotage tourism in opposition controlled states just because UMNO fellows cant make money in the name of tourism ?

    So shud we wait till 2012 to correct the system ?



  4. Not everyone who writes to Malaysiakini using PR names and purports to talk on behalf of the people is a PR member or smypathiser just like you can't teach anyone a point in morality. UMNO members write up to buy more time as they strategise and make their moves.


    “Dear SYXL, jangan cakap besar sangat lah. Baru menang 5 negeri dah nak cakap besar. Do you know all the states have no money and Umno can kill the opposition easily like it did Terengganu in 2000 which resulted in the state going back to Umno? When everything grinds to a halt let us see if the voters still want the present government or they go back to BN. Even if investors want to go to the states they still need federal government approval. Cut out your arrogance, all of you. The states are living on borrowed time, as is the entire country. Sure, semangat tinggi. But when the pockets are empty the semangat disappears very fast. Economy not important, you say. Not from 100% of the Chinese I have spoken to. Economy is everything, they tell me. If the opposition fails to develop the states then the Chinese will swing back to BN.

    Wah, kalau dengar mereka cakap bukan main gagah lagi. Come back in
    five years and let's see whether you still gagah after being out of work and have no home or car.

    What's wrong with humility, even more so if we imagine we have won? But we really never won you know. We are still an opposition. And if you think the voters will stick with us never mind what happens to them, then you all have a lot of growing up to do.

    Let me explain our problem in three simple words. Money, money,
    money. And that is exactly what we don't have. Chinese are the most capitalistic people in this world. I have absolutely zero confidence that the Chinese will stick with the opposition when the pockets run dry.”
    “Phew....okay, you all win. I admit defeat. I abandon the idea of a unity government and delete the concept of make peace with the vanquished. Anyway, just for your information, if the GE were to be held again, today, the 82 Parliament seats would drop to about half that, and the five states would be reduced to two at the most.

    You see, many who voted for the opposition, in particular the Umno Malays, just wanted to cast protest votes to send a message to Umno-BN. They really did not think that the result would be the loss of the two-thirds majority in Parliament plus five states (in particular Penang, Perak and Selangor).

    Now they regret doing so. They just wanted to give Umno-BN a slap, not lob the head off the shoulders. Imagine their shock when they discovered they overdid things and instead of just a slap they ended up cracking the skull.

    But now that it has been done, it can't be undone until the next election. But if they find that voting for the opposition was not so bad after all, then they might say, what the hell, and do it again. But if they feel threatened, then rest assured they will swing back to Umno-BN.

    We have to be very careful what we do from hereon. Yes, WE, and I mean WE the opposition supporters, voted opposition because of the Umno-BN arrogance. The Umno Malays however did not vote opposition for that same reason. But if we display arrogance as well, then we shall frighten the shit out of the protest voters who did not really want to kill Umno but just teach it a lesson.

    Vengeance should be the last thing on our agenda. We are not that strong yet to afford the luxury of being arrogant. Punishing corrupt officials of the past regime is another thing though. Even Umno people would support that. But screaming about an agenda of killing off Umno would undo all that we have gained on 8 March 2008.

    No, I do not believe that the opposition will do better the next election, at least going by today's sentiments. My worry is that the opposition would not even be able to maintain what it has won thus far and will instead see a slide. And whether we see it slide, maintained, or increased, will all depend on how we conduct ourselves. Our performance, and only that, will decide where the opposition goes from here. “

    - Comments by YM RPK in his article, “Like Siamese Twins”

    As most readers of MT would know by now, the gist of YM RPK's article was that he proposed, in essence, that Pakatan form a Unity Government alongside with UMNO. Judging from the many reactions in the comments section, I can wholeheartedly say most, if not all of the MT readers (who also happen to be concerned voters themselves) REJECT and ABHOR such a concept. Moi included.

    But, unfortunately, as YM RPK adroitly pointed out (or implied), many of us are still in Cloud Nine and not realizing that control of Federal Government funding apparatus and, more importantly, PETRONAS, still lies in the hands of UMNO.

    As we have seen in the recent days, steps are now being taken by the UMNO Federal Government to channel as much as possible money that is DUE TO THE PAKATAN STATE GOVERNMENTS via other dubious means, Do not be fooled by Pak Lah's Mr. Nice Guy exterior. He is as every bit the Crocodile Dr. M was, and knows that if Saudara Anwar takes over as PM, his S-I-L will end up in a zoo.

    Now that we know the Mongolian Yak who has been designated King-In-Waiting, it is ever more urgent for Pakatan Rakyat to persuade MPs from East Malaysia to team-up with them to form the next government. Let us DENY the Yak the pleasure of a PM pension and his face from gracing the pages of our history books, yes? It will also keep his grubby hands from PETRONAS money, which would most likely, in any events, end up with Messrs. Alfred Dunhill or Messrs. Louis Vuitton.

    So, to the Readers of MT and supporters of Pakatan. Keep your feet on the ground. Make no mistakes. This is all about WHO GET WHAT, WHEN, AND WHERE. YM RPK has repeatedly pointed out this fact, but very few seem to have taken it to heart. And right now, the strangulation of Pakatan State Governments has just begun. No Money, No Talk. And when you can Walk the Talk, you are going to get VOTED OUT.

    As we have also seen, Pakatan's coalition is also on slightly shaky grounds. DAP, who harbour nonsensical dreams of being KINGS, fail to realise that demographics are against them, and that being KINGMAKERS is more rewarding. Finance Minister, anyone?

    PAS, who also dream a strange dream of Islamic State (whatever that is), knows that upholding Justice and eradicating Corruption is called for in Islam. If that is not an Islamic State in action, I don't know what is. Nobody loses, right?

    PKR, who dreams a wet dream of forming the Federal Government, may or may not be boasting when they claim to have 30 BN defectors at hand. A beautiful wet dream, for sure, but are you wooing the Right Brides and can you actually consummate the marriage in time?

    Remember, allies are vulnerable when joined at the flanks during the heat of combat. Alliances can be undone by petty issues and grievances. DO NOT TAKE matters raised by Utusan Dayus or TV3 Suku as Truth itself. Clarify first, fire later. 8 March 2008 is your D-DAY as was on 6 June 1944 in the beaches of France. The question is: will it end up as a VJ DAY Parade OR a humiliating Dunkirk?

    Finally, a message for Saudara Anwar. Please do not wait six months for a by-election in order to contest for a Parliament seat. You have 82 wise guys (and gals) in Parliament. If your boast of 30 BN defectors is true, why wait for six more torturous months? Datin Seri Azizah makes a fine PM. Remember Sonia Gandhi? Everyone in Congress wanted her to be India's PM, but she declined in favour of Manmohan Singh. Yet, many visiting Head of Governments pay her a courtesy call when visiting India.


    DO YOU TRULY WANT TO SEE MBs NIZAR, LGE, and KHALED be a model of a fair and transparent governance for all to see?

    Then, please, Saudara Anwar, CARPE DIEM! Remember, you can always take your time to contest after the fact and assume the mantle of leadership. BUT NOT BEFORE, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.

    Return PETRONAS back to the hand of the Rakyat (and from the hands of UMNO) and go down in history books as Malaysia's most outstanding and dedicated Statesman.

    And PLEASE, make Dr. M look like a schoolyard bully in comparison.

    By Robin Goodfellow


  6. In your desperate attempt to smear someone for your nefarious and infantile project, you try to copy and paste the works of anyone who may be at least close to what you would have said. Have you ever asked yourself, how many people disagree with that? If someone is against defecting, how many want that to happen and how many write about it? You are cheap and sleazy. Burying your head in the sand. No wonder your dignity is non-exsistent. I thought pigs have that tendencies of...

  7. "So shud we wait till 2012 to correct the system?”
    BN won with definite majority and Pak Lah maybe weak and need to be replaced, but that doesn’t mean that the whole UMNO machinery lack of leaders. They are few reasonable leaders. Let’s see what happen in UMNO AGM. PR must prove that they are able to run the country. So, start with the five states. Rakyat will patiently wait and observe their merits (or demerits).

    UMNO is known devil, and been around since. Their damage is predictable but our new 'heroes' are yet to be seen. And our brethrens from PKR only have bad records to show in the past and yet to demonstrate anything real and beyond opportunistic politics.

  8. For many silent malaysia, a vote for PR is actually a protest vote for BN. People want BN to be reformed. And the best way of conveying this is through the general election.

    But matter seems to take a life of its own. So, PKR stop frog hunting

  9. We have never seen, heard of an UMNO or BN MP bought, saying he wa sbought, was to be bought or was ready to cross over. But we have Pakatan MPs and ADUNs from Selangor to Perak offered billions, one says he was to be given 65 million. If Kaytee has any decency which his myobic ilk can't posses at any given moment, he should tell us about that. Even if the man you hate for your own reasons were an evil man, many would support him if he were to be criticised by you because they know what drives you. So never imagine that your vomit will be lauded by anyone if they don't agree with Anwar or his party.

    (Bernama) IPOH, April 8 -- The Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) and police have commenced investigations into allegations by the DAP that one of its elected representatives was offered between RM10 million and RM65 million to join the Barisan Nasional (BN).

    DAP vice chairman M. Kulasegaran said he had given a statement to the ACA regarding the matter Monday.

    "ACA officers came to question me after they were informed by the police about the case. I gave them my full cooperation," he told a press conference at the Perak DAP's office here Tuesday.

    Kulasegaran said police also recorded a statement from Tronoh Assemblyman V. Sivakumar yesterday and that he (Sivakumar) would be interviewed by the ACA today.

    Sivakumar lodged a police report at the Ipoh police headquarters regarding the alleged buy-over attempts yesterday.

    According to him, the offer was made through telephone calls and the short-messaging-service (SMS) after the BN lost the state in the March 8 election.

    When the offers became to frequent, he was stressed by it and lodged the police report.

    An ACA spokesman, when contacted, declined to comment on the matter.

    Another Perak DAP assemblyman, A. Sivasubramaniam (Buntong) is also due to make a police report about alleged attempts to buy him over.

    "I have been receiving offer after offer through telephone calls and SMS to join the BN. I am being offered up to RM80 million to jump ship," he said.

    Sivasubramaniam said he would be making the police report at the Buntong police station Wednesday.

  10. If someone has evidence however little that any BN MP or ADUN was bought, engaged to be bought, why can't that person proceed the ACA and lodge a complaint? If you are about integrity, honesty and accountability, you need to know that it doesn't come through prejudice, unnuendos, selective editing, selective memory and selective choice. Pakatan has challenged BN to produce evidence of anyone bought, what else do we need? If you accuse someone, then show us the evidence. Or you think you are talking to feeble minds here? Oh, I never imagined that feeble minds believe that everyone is like them. That's legendary by the way. A blind man thinks everyone is the same. Enjoy life as the world moves on....


  11. "What will Anwar do after April 14? Que sera sera, the man says!"

    The Malaysian Insider) JAKARTA, April 8 — De facto Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was coy about his plans after April 14 - when he is eligible to take part in politics - repeating that his interest is in ensuring a cohesive Pakatan Rakyat and improving the economic and social conditions in the five states under his coalition.

    "What do I do next on the 14th, Que Sera Sera," Anwar told reporters in Jakarta after giving a keynote lecture in conjunction with the 100th birthday of Indonesian ulama and novelist Hamka.

    Under Malaysian law, convicts cannot take part in politics for five years after their sentence ends. Anwar was sentenced to six years' jail for corruption on April 14, 1999 but served two-third due to good behaviour with the sentence ending April 14 2003. He was released from jail September 2, 2004 after he won an appeal against a sodomy conviction.

    "But of course I look forward to... after all it is a decision by a corrupt court, a compliant court under the instructions of Mahathir. I don't give a damn what they say," he said.

    He also disclosed that the pact had not decided whether to propose a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when Parliament convenes on April 28, 2008.

    "We have made no decision on whether we want to propose a special resolution or motion of no confidence. We are more interested in governing the five states in a fair and transparent manner for all races."

    However, he cast doubts that Abdullah can last long as a prime minister.

    "Now what Abdullah said that he is the prime minister and Anwar is the prime minister-in-waiting, that is his view. I hope he can still be prime minister for some time," said Anwar, who was clad in a suit with a red checked tie.

    He dismissed Abdullah's remarks over the weekend that deputy prime minister Najib Abdul Razak would succeed as prime minister.

    "He has been the anointed successor long before the Mongolian case and other controversies, it is of no consequence to us," Anwar added.

    The Opposition leader returns to Kuala Lumpur this evening from Jakarta.

  12. No, KayTee, Silence is not Golden but then, neither is mere selective ranting and venting.

  13. I think i agree with the robin goodfellow article, in another 5 years, the PR will lose. Which makes it more imperative that PR get control of the govt now and not in 2012,...

    In a David vs Goliath fight, no one faults David for using every means at his disposal to win.

  14. Penang to set up inter-faith goodwill council. Hadi Awang: We may take over in few months, less than 6 months.

    The Sun) PENANG (April 8, 2008): Penang will set up an inter-religious goodwill council to enhance religious tolerance, understanding and respect among people of different races and religions, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said today.

    The council will comprise government officials and religious experts, he said after receiving a delegation led by PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

    Among those present were PAS vice-president Mohamad Sabu, Penang deputy chief ministers Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin and Prof Dr P. Ramasamy, and state executive councillors.

    Lim said the decision was reached after a discussion among the DAP, PAS and PKR leaders.

    "We discussed how we could create better tolerance and understanding in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and multi-racial society and I proposed the setting up of this council. We hope that via this council, we can ensure religious and racial issues are not exploited by certain groups," he said.

    Hadi said the setting up of the council is in line with PAS's approach in promoting fairness among all races and creed.

    "This is the only way to go, as it is only via understanding each other and focussing on our strengths that we can move forward. As for Pakatan Rakyat (PR), the people have given us the mandate to work together and we will bank on our similarities to uphold justice for all Malaysians," he said.

    Asked to comment on talk that PR will take over the federal government in six months, Hadi said it may be sooner, but "we can only plan but it is God who decides ultimately".

    He said they are hopeful that Barisan Nasional (BN) representatives will join PR but "it will not be via corruption or buying them over".

    On whether PAS supported the move by the Penang government to introduce local government elections since Kelantan under PAS for 18 years has never done so, Hadi said this would need further studies.

    Lim said there were legal impediments to have local elections. "Even the local government elections will be carried out by the Election Commission (EC)," he said.

    On the Finance Ministry's statement that there was no reduction in financial allocation for Penang in 2007, Lim said there was a letter from the Economic Planning Unit in the Prime Minister's Department to that effect.

    "The letter, dated Nov 15, 2007, said the allocation for basic infrastructure project for existing estates under the Ninth Malaysia Plan will be reduced from RM128 million to RM61.6 million, a reduction of RM66.2 million (or 51%).

    "This is a fact and we will be grateful if it is returned to Penang. Maybe the ministry did not get the facts and we will forward our request to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and also raise this matter in Parliament."

    "Please give us what has been promised, we are not asking for more."

    Why give BN time to recuperate? Why give BN time when they slash budgetary funding? Why give BN time when they turn our money into UMNO Wang Ehsan? Hoi...tell me something else...(I'm tired of your brain collapse).

  15. You know what, the federal govt is already running the PR states through Wang Ehsan cheat and outrightly ignoring the new MBs. So why wait? How should they prove themselves when they are undermined like that? How can they succeed through such belittling, manipulation and rejection?

    Read this:

    PTAC keeps Penang govt in the dark

    (The Sun) PENANG (April 8, 2008): The state government has been kept in the dark over major tourism events in the state organised by the Penang Tourism Action Council (PTAC), state Tourism Committee chairman Law Heng Kiang said today.

    Law said he did not even know that PTAC had launched the upcoming Penang World Music Festival and had started selling tickets to the event.

    "They are selling the tickets now but the state was not informed to publicise and promote the event. They only do their own promotion by putting up buntings," he said in a press conference in his office in Komtar.

    Law said he had approached PTAC over the Tourism Ministry's instructions that PTAC will no longer be under the state exco but PTAC told him that they had yet to receive a formal directive from the ministry.

    "Since they do not have any formal directive, no black and white, they should still continue to report to the state government on tourism events," he said, adding that it is only right for PTAC to keep the state government informed, so that the events go smoothly.

    "Many events need the state government's publicity so PTAC should fully cooperate with us to make these events a success," he added.

    Law said the lack of coordination between PTAC and the state government may affect the state's tourism industy in the short term and the country's tourism industry in the long term.

    "Since PTAC is directly under the Tourism Ministry's purview, I do not have the authority to order them to come to meet me and discuss about tourism events, but they should come to meet me on their own initiative," he added.

    Law said there are many tourism activities in the state which need state fundings and only three major events lined up for this year, namely Penang World Music Festival, Penang International Dragon Boat Festival and Penang Island Jazz Festival, are funded by the ministry.

    "We just want PTAC to keep us informed on any events that they organise," he added.

    In KUALA LUMPUR, Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said today it was unfair of the Penang and Selangor state governments to accuse the ministry of being discriminatory for terminating the Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with all opposition-led states.

    "The statements by both Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim are unfair because I believe they do not seem to understand the procedure, a special requirement from the government, for opposition-led states.

    "I would like to inform Lim and Khalid that the Barisan Nasional (BN) government does not discriminate as existing programmes will go on," she told a press conference today.

    Azalina said the federal decision was the same applied to Kelantan since the state government was under PAS control, "and it is not something new, as we are practising what we have been practising."

    "The only difference is the termination of MoU as we will exercise our prerogative by creating a new agreement to appoint new members to sit in the state tourism action council (TAC)," she said.

    Last week, Azalina had announced the termination of the MoUs with the Penang, Selangor, Perak and Kedah, which was won by the opposition coalition in the March 8 general election.

    Lim was quoted as saying the move was contradictory to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s assurance that all federal programmes would continue as planned in all states.

    He also said it was not fair of Azalina to take it out on tourists simply because she was unhappy with the recent general election results.

    Meanwhile, Khalid said a federal minister cannot discriminate in such a manner because certain states have different political leaderships.

    “The most important part is the need to distinguish between money for political activity and money through the consolidated funds of the federal government for the benefit of all states,” he said.

    Asked whether the ministry will accept tourism proposals from these states, Azalina said the ministry is very open and will accept any proposal that is good in the people's interest "but of course, if they (the opposition-led states) decide to become BN government that will be much better".

    She also said with new mechanism in place, the opposition state government will no longer be managing the annual RM1 million federal allocation.

    "Now the federal government will sign the cheques (for the opposition state goverments to run their tourism activities) and there is no bid deal ... They (opposition state governments) will have to negotiate (with the TAC for the allocation)," she said.

    To a question, Tourism Ministry's secretary-general Datuk Dr Victor Wee explained that all state tourism action councils will continue to operate but councils in the opposition states will no longer be chaired by the state executive councillor.

    "The new council chairman will continue to bring together the stakeholders in the state to plan and execute tourism activities for the states.

    "Tourism is far too important for us to put a damper on the non-BN states. I think there is some misunderstanding and it is just a technical procedure that we need to go through," he said.

    Meanwhile, Azalina also said the government will spend RM8 million to celebrate the 10th Colours and Flavours of Malaysia 2008, which has been running in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year.

    She said the event this time will further give greater emphasis to "destination-based events" which will be a paramount objective in all Tourism Malaysia's future tourism-related undertakings.

    The national level celebrations will be held in Dataran Putrajaya and will be officiated by the King and Queen of Malaysia on May 24.

  16. Penang, April 8 (Bernama)

    PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang Tuesday admitted that the Pakatan Rakyat (People’s Alliance) was trying to persuade Barisan Nasional (BN) Members of Parlaiment (MPs) to join the alliance so that it can form the federal government but wanted the effort to be free of money politics.

    “We hope the BN MPs will join on their own free will,” he told reporters after paying a visit to Penang Chief Minister Lim Guang Eng at the latter’s office here. The alliance, consisting of Parki Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP and PAS won 82 of the 222 seats in the March 8 general election. They need a minimum of 30 BN MPs to cross over to have simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat. The BN won 140 seats.

    Asked when the alliance is expected to realize the goal, Hadi said he could not say for sure. “It may be earlier than 6 months, may be longer. Man proposes but God disposes,” he said when asked to comment on remarks by Penang Deputy Chief Minister I, Mohammad Fairus Kahiruddin that the alliance would oust the BN government in the next five or six months.

    ONE thing is clear. That the PKR led coalition is dead set to take over the government. Another thing is clear: that DAP and PAS are behind the move and they want that to happen as soon as possible. However, one needs to notice a small observation. Only PAS and PKR leaders talk of taking over the government while DAP keeps quiet. The reason: the day DAP talks about taking over the government is the day UMNO will gain strength and Malay nationalism be exhibited to the end by all and sundry. So there is an understanding between the 3 parties. Let the Malay led parties (PAS and PKR) talk about taking over the federal government. Let them talk about NEP while DAP keeps quiet on these two issues for million reasons we know. Husam Musa said 25 days ago that they are working hard to get that number to take over the federal government. Hadi Awang repeated that message for quite a number of times. PKR Penang Deputy MB talked about it. PKR veep Azmin Ali talked about it. But not DAP. For DAP, they were instructed to keep quite and just wait for the job to be done lest they cause havoc if they talk about the move for both historical, perceptional and political reasons.

    NB: Kaytee, your reversion of for your own reasons shouldn't make you think that people can't see and analyse what's going on. I think your case is simply different. I'm happy that all see it that way. What a failed project.

  17. KT said: "Party hopping is a despicable betrayal of the voters, a deliberate subversion of the ballot box."

    KT, please repeat that a thousand times, and I would salute you a thousand times each.

    Leaders are without principles... their followers WORSE STILL.

    Oh, those who approve party hopping are true scum, and enemy of traitors of the rakyat's trust.

    We shall MARK such scum and cast them into the pit at th next GE.

  18. "Party hopping is a despicable betrayal of the voters, a deliberate subversion of the ballot box."

    The honorable thing for a MP who is contemplating to hop to any party is to resign and stand for by-election under the party he wish to serve the constituents.

    Party hopping is BETRAYAL at best, and COWARDICE DISHONESTY at worst.

    Let all such men and women perish from the political scene once for all.

  19. If PR can maintain their status quo as "gov't-in-waiting" until next GE, well, that GOOD! If PR can persuade those BN MPs to cross over, thats even BETTER! If PR can form the Federal Government of the day, hell, thats the BEST! Guys, guys, hey-- NO BODY GUARANTEES PR WILL EMERGE AS VICTORIOUS AGAIN NEXT GE! NO BODY EVEN KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW, NEXT WEEK, NEXT MONTH, NEXT YEAR! ONLY GOD KNOWS - sounds familiar? Take what is destined to us. Our hope and only chance now - PAKATAN RAKYAT!

  20. errr.... guys...
    why am i starting to find more n more "blogs within blog" here??

    aiyaa... kaytee ahh... you so generous one leh, let people tumpang your channel?

  21. You can always tell when somebody is speaking from the heart instead of the head. This letter, purportedly from one "Chin Chai Ho" had a very fishy smell to it. Maybe the BN cybertrooper who posted it should have signed off as "Chin Char Lok" instead? :-) Always thought Ktemoc was a closet Umno member... why else would the idea of Anwar as PM scare you shitless?

  22. Those who are saying an MP should resign from his/her seat and then try to stand at the same constituency after causing a by-election don't know the constitution. An MP can't resign from his/her seat and then stand at the same time to contest the same seat. So, here is the catch. Therefore if someone needs to take part in Pakatan govt, he/she is welcome. If you are working for a company and there is a better company that increases your salary, chances of moving up, income, working conditions, holidays, etc, what do you do? You quit and apply for a job in the new company. As simple as that.

    UMNO Class F contractors and their Ali Babas like this distraught element can't make it bigger for anyone however loud they talk.

  23. dear ktemoc,
    i know this is lame of me but can you please consider reading my post in http://jebatmustdie.wordpress.com/2008/04/09/the-one-man-independent-panel-review/

    and see whether it's near to the mark or not...


  24. I love frogs....:-)
    Penang Hokkien folks call them "Chooi Keh" I think...very tasty

  25. Ktemoc -
    "Why are all the leaders of the BN component parties (except for the prime minister) suddenly so quiet to such a happening?"

    Because BN is carrying out even more massive "negotiations" to win back Perak and Selangor.

    This was well reported in Malaysiakini and even the Star.

    Oh, I nearly forgot, Kaytee only sees certain colours....

  26. nonymous wrote : "So shud we wait till 2012 to correct the system?”

    Ar you aware that according to the Mayan calendar, December 2012 is the end of the world?