Wednesday, April 09, 2008

MCA - Born loser

The MCA has always been a loser. Sneered by the late Tun Dr Ismail as a party that "hidup segan, mati pun ta’mahu” it owes its unenviable position mainly to UMNO regularly pulling the rug from under its feet, and partly to its greed.

Greed for its ministerial positions in government and various perks of office have encouraged it to be servile.

As I blogged in MCA or DAP - the Chinese dilemma:

Each time UMNO has internal problems, it would resort to its usual formula of kicking Chinese Malaysians about like a punching bag, including and especially its so-called partner MCA. They followed Joseph Goebbels dictum that "propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred." […]

Chinese Malaysians are not only convenient but natural 'targets' for UMNO leaders because they have already indoctrinated their members to be suspicious of those greedy rapacious Chinese, whom only UMNO leaders could keep in check!

And every time UMNO bashed Chinese Malaysians for its own interest, the DAP would benefit at the MCA’s expense. UMNO didn't and wouldn't gave a damn about pulling the rug from under the feet of its so-called ally! Besides, it'd teach those MCA blokes to know their place if a few of them were to lose their seats.

In the above post, I was incorrect on one count, that Penangites won’t vote out the BN State government. To be truthful, I expected the DAP to win only a few extra seats, but the total annihilation of MCA and Gerakan with DAP assuming rule of Penang was a dream come true, which I dared not even dream of prior to the election.

Also see Stung by hornet, mute as only MCA can be.

Well in Malaysiakini today, Foong Wai Fong wrote in Facing up to an inconvenient truth that:

The MCA is being forced to face a most inconvenient truth - that its relevance as a party serving Chinese interest is now open to question. It won only 15 of the 40 parliamentary seats and 31 of the 90 state seats that its candidates contested.

Calls are being heard for MCA to examine its raison d’etre. Former vice-president Dr Chua Soi Lek has asked: “What is the meaning of MCA’s continued existence?” I feel the question would be more appropriately phrased as: ‘What is the value of MCA’s continued existence?’

Foong brought out many issues, but one I would like to reiterate has been the ‘servant’ mentality of MCA towards UMNO. Even UMNO Youth leaders showed very little or no respect at all to either the MCA or Gerakan top leaders. The so-called Chinese Malaysian leaders were treated no better than PPP’s Kayveas.

Fong said: “If you think like a servant, you act like one. Your responses are conditioned to cues from your master, and you surrender independence and sovereignty. MCA leaders have put themselves in this regrettable position, and hence have been perceived as ineffective in the eyes of the Chinese community. Perception is everything in politics."

One of the MCA’s (and Gerakan’s) servilities towards UMNO, that had annoyed me deeply, has been the submission of MCA’s list of election candidates for the approval of the BN chairman, who is essentially the UMNO president.

The BN is a ‘coalition’, not a party in itself. I understand the word ‘coalition’ to mean a formal or informal alliance of equals. The dictionary even puts it as that especially of a temporary alliance between persons, factions, states, etc.

But UMNO has treated its component members as if they were intra-party subordinates, with both MCA and Gerakan becoming (disgustingly) willing captives to UMNO’s dominance.

A coalition works on the basis of equality though of course there is always the primus inter pares, namely UMNO. But a primus inter pares (or ‘first among equals’) doesn’t mean it’s the Boss of MCA or Gerakan.

The MCA shouldn’t have ever submitted its list of election candidates to UMNO for approval. The correct procedure should have been to agree on the distribution of seats among the members of BN, with each component party deciding itself which of its members should be nominated as the candidates.

Once you submit to Taiko as if his approval is mandatory, you lose what little equality you might have. You surrender your entire sovereignty to the Taiko. From there it becomes virtually impossible to do anything independent of Taiko other than to tag along Big Boss.

To be continued …

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  1. And some people are calling for the merging of all race-based parties into one single multi-racial BN or worse, under the banner of UMNO. Wouldn't this be a formal and final surrender to TAIKO given that TAIKO sees themselves as TUAN?

  2. On MCA,

    Sun Tzu said:

    If the army is beset with disorders
    and suspicious, the opposing forces
    will take advantage of the situation,
    thereby inviting defeat.


  3. So boring lah...move over to the next topic please!!
    What is the point of discussing about anyone who is called the "LIVING DEAD". Living Dead do not add any value...they have already abdicated their decision making role to UMNO years ago and because of this UMNO spits on them as and when it pleases UMNO.....

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  5. Mr Yapchongyee's non thread comment deleted - I would recommend to Mr Yap to conduct his feud with Justice what's her name on his own blog ;-)

  6. You should stick to PKR-bashing ... hahahahahahahaha

  7. If MCA finds it difficult to overcome this dilemma, there is an obvious solution right in its face: dissolve MCA and let all of them join DAP or PKR. Perhaps MIC can also do the same. Now that will make the opposition parties bigger and thus have greater clout.

  8. I believe that all remaining MCA members and supporters should get themselves circumcized to be eligible to join umno. That is to say, if umno would ever accept them

  9. I dont care if these blokes want to be cahoots or eunuch to another party so long as they dont say I Represent the Chinese - nah!!

    When there was a team a and team b crisis how do they sort it out? they run to the senang-lupa old man so that that old man can tell them who should be the MCA numero uno. - u represent the chinese? - nah!

    when Suqui make the 17 points election petition and was endorsed in principle by the cabinet but was subsequently shot down by the senang-lupa vindictive old man in the process calling the Suqui group communists and religious extremist - where is MCA and Gerakan?

    Their ball shrung hiding at one little corner...

    u represent chinese? NAH!

    I am a malaysian chinese and I dont need eunuch of the past era to represent me because I dont subscribe to racist theory.

  10. Don't waste our time with MCA. They were losers from Day 1 and they are. Nuff said. They are irrelevant.

    Their leadership - save Tan Koon Swan's - is akin to that of - so very correctly stated - eunuchs. No balls, no backbone, loser's mentality, dishonest, sycophantic, and self serving.

    Blot them out fro the pages of history. They are a disgrace.

  11. Agnos, "u represent chinese? NAH!"

    Agree. It never happened. But the immensity of the lie and odium rankles on and what's rather disappointing is that the MCA has not been completely demolished on March 9.