Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sabah UMNO's no to statue of Kuan Yin

I’ve posted Sabah's blessing in disguise by Kuan Yin? over at BolehTalk.

It’s a political tale of a Chinese minister in Sabah who wanted to build a statue of the Goddess of Mercy as a tourist attraction, presumably for visitors from the Far East (China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, where the Goddess Kuan Yin or Kannon is immensely popular), but whose proposal was predictably turned down by an UMNO CM.


  1. KT I wonder whether there is more to this episode. Is it only about a statue?


  2. think its more than a statute.
    He sounded so bitter and keeps on harping "principle..principle.."
    and the PM said its rest he needed and there's no loss. What a slap in the face for a true and true BN man.
    hmm..analysing the above for sure its more deep rooted than a statute. we can only speculate and only can Tan Sri Chong can truly enlighten us.

  3. It is on the surface a PR disaster. Even in dog eat dog world of Malaysia Inc, face is given to leaders who fell out and say 'it is a loss'! Lying about that (what is another lie anyway?) would have saved all this current angst.

    I think it is more than the statue but it is the last straw that broke the camel's back for Chong.