Monday, April 23, 2007

Ijok - Of, For, & By The Fairest

Revised version @ 5:53 pm
I attempted a poem to describe a subject of brazen hypocrisy, a changeling, chameleon, and of clever manipulation of lemmings for the person's own interest. Tactics used were unethical for a person who preaches ethics.

But alas, a poem in less than 10 minutes would be a bit of a dog's reakfast, so I decided during lunch time (30 minutes) to edit and even repharse certain verses. Still not satisfactory but a lot improved from this morning's mess. Here's the revised version:

I was Darth Vader yesterday
But now I am Luke Skywalker
Tho’ tomorrow, you’ll see me
As I ought to be, the Emperor

Activist in a forgotten history
Then Minister of Parachuting
Yes, I can metamaphose easily
From black, white to anything

Catch me if you can, I am the
Entertainer of the salacious,
Then like a flash of lightning
Becoming Mufti of all pious

My syrupy honey tongue, ten
Metres long – all the better
To catch you common lalat’s
With words sweet and tender

* lalat = Malay for houseflies

Of many hue, size and shape
Yes, I am indeed a chameleon
Breaking bread with an Islamist
Or bosom buddy of a neocon

Once I wallowed in a cesspool
'ere I was driven out by a tiger
Now I am your white Paladin
Not many can detect my odour

Like a mischievous Eris I flung
Into the anagrammatic KOJI
A Mongolian apple of discord
Which says Altan .. Kallisti

A word meaning ‘to the fairest’
Why, that’s me, aku, I, wah
Sweet words, all ye lemmings,
For your Most Majesty, Moi

The original and now-deleted version
Just Darth Vader yesterday
I am now Luke Skywalker
But tomorrow, you’ll see me
Emperor as I ought to be

People’s activist you once saw
Then Minister of Parachute
But I can flip to bright Yang
Faster than even poor Yin

Entertainer of the salacious
Then, Mufti of all pious
Catch me if you can, for
I’m a rainbow changeling

I have a sweet honey tongue
Ten metres long – all the
Better to catch and swallow
You lot, mere lalat’s to me

Yes, I can be a chameleon
Of many hue, size and shape
Ain’t no vegetarian so better
Watch out, for here I come

From the cesspool of yesterday
When the Dark Force was me
Now I am your white Paladin
But darkness will come soon

Like Eris I threw the apple
Of discord from Mongolia
in anagrammatic KOJI ;-)
Altan .. Kallisti meaning to

the fairest
, why, that’s me
Aku, saya, watashi, woh, ich
Just great words, lemmings,

For your Most Majesty, Moi


  1. need more work ler, KTemoc...why u don't like anwar so much ar?

  2. yes, you're right - a 10-mins poem (even with a 25-30 minutes revision) won't exactly be a classic. I'll take your advice and keep working on it.

    didn't mention that person in my poem, so if you think it's about him, why, I have answered you thro' the poem ;-)

  3. :S better...:D
    yeats rocks...
    erm, why i think it's about anwar? cos that's what u think of him from all your posts...i am a fan u know :D