Friday, April 20, 2007

Ijok - what's behind witch hunting of najib?

And she went out, and said to her mother, "What shall I ask?" And she said, "The head of John the baptizer." And she came in immediately with haste to the king, and asked, saying, "I want you to give me at once the head of John the Baptist on a platter." [Mark 6:24-25]

In the PKR’s campaign for the Ijok by-election there seems to be a concerted effort to attack the target - no, not Partiban, the BN candidate but – Najib Razak.

The issue of murdered Altantunya Shariibuu has been raised continuously, nay, relentlessly in attacks a la witch hunt against the DPM.

As one disgusted blogger, Aput of Vox, put it, personal insults are uncalled for in elections.

He wrote:

As much as I love our Alternative Front, bringing up personal issues from the opponent's leaders which have no connection whatsoever in the administration of the country, or even the district, is uncalled for.

In this case, the PKR's insistence of bringing up the case of bringing up the case of Altantuya Sharibuu.


There were so many other issues to bring up:

Aput gave several examples of more relevant issues like (1) the calculation of the Bumiputera equity percentage, (2) the amount of money going into the compensation of the companies involved in the Customs complex in Johor, (3) health, education, social ills in Ijok, toll concessionaire agreements, (4) oil and diesel prices, (5) improvement of public transportation. Has Ijok seen such improvements? (6) education and welfare - has Ijok been given it's fair share of such?

He continued: There are a million and one issues to be brought up. I can see no reason why PKR went on a witch hunt to go and attack our DPM. It's ridiculous.

I suspect also the voters in Ijok couldn’t care two stuff, and the Altantuya issue won’t influence their voting. So why has PKR hounded Najib, and in such coordinated effort that one wonders what is their motive?

In my posting Primary Target – Najib Razak! one month ago, I referred to Raja Petra Kamarudin’s posting about Najib's days being almost over.

In my posting I questioned RPK’s suggestion that there could be a SIL’s conjured conspiracy to get rid of Najib, by covert threat or overt criminal prosecution. I brought out a number of issues that demolished RPK’s theory [please read Primary Target – Najib Razak! for more]

As I had said/posted, all the anti-Najib noises thus far have come mainly from Anwar Ibrahim [and the PKR people], and speculations about sticky problems for Najib are posted on Malaysia-Today.

This was what I suspected:

Recently I have blogged on lots of Trojan Horses but there are other equine activities too – like horse trading. I could argue that I have detected signs of ‘overtures’ to AAB and SIL, but whether those attempted equine bartering ‘gestures’ have been perceived as ‘overtures’ … well … I can’t answer because I don’t have the connections that former insiders seem to have in abundance.

But this I can tell – that with election date just around the corner, someone’s getting frantic … for remember what I’ve said, it’s no bloody fun being in the Opposition, unless you’re Lim Kit Siang & Co.

Is the PKR campaigning more than about winning Ijok? Why has the witch hunt for Najib (and not other ministers or even AAB himself) been so relentless?.


  1. You pose good questions. Unfortunately, unless you are in the inner-circles of GAN, you'll never find your answer.

  2. I think you are too over-protective of Najib, at least to the extent that the DPM does not deserve it. PKR merely raises questions on Najib's involvement in the Altantuya case, which the DPM to date has avoided answering...he is forced to say he would answer. As Najib by virtue of being DPM leads the BN in by-election campaigns, it is only natural that PKR targets him. Please remember that Ijok is MORE than a mere by-election to the extent that Machap or Batu Talam is. It should be regarded as more a dry run for the next general election where Anwar is certain to lead the PKR and also DAP and PAS. It is crucial to Anwar that PKR wins this by-election and one of the ways to defeat BN/MIC is to attack Najib and perhaps the other top UMNO/BN leaders.

  3. The alleged involvement of high-ranking national leader in murder and corruption (defense contract commissions) given the 'coincidences' is not personal matter. If one is absolutely not involved as alleged it's not difficult to answer and convince we, the rakyat, of one's innocent. Why beat around the bush? Why the need to divert the issue and characterise it as personal attack?Having to face up to this kind of allegation is part of being a public figure. Like the saying goes, if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

  4. If it is not (as you have tried to persuade us) Anwar/RPK/PKR/Opposition's duty to CONFRONT those in power(and paid) for accountability to any problems/wrong-doings, perhap your goodself should take-up this citizen's duty to raise the issue. Otherwise ,shut your mouth, and let others clean up the corrupt mess that overflowed this sad nation of ours.
    Please spend yours and our valuable time and intelligence on other things that's more productive.

  5. .

    What are you – a sychopant BOOT LICKER hoping for wind falls from the power to be?

    Maybe you ought to kiss their asses for better results.


  6. I can always tell a possible ex-UMNO bloke, or brought up under its ideology, when they, so-called defenders of freedom of speech (against the AAB regime's intention to muzzle bloggers) could tell me to "shut your mouth, ... spend yours and our valuable time and intelligence on other things that's more productive

    And who decides what's productive for a blogger? You?

    As one of Anon said, can't take the heat, get out of the blogging kitchen lah ;-)

  7. Khaled Ibrahim has 3 main value proposition to the voters

    1) BN cannot deny too much development to Malay-majority area. It would be 'biadab'.

    2) As a respected Malay, even as an opposition he is more likely to be heard by BN leaders than a lowly novice BN weakest component lackey. Samy Velly don't get attention, how much can Parthiban do?

    3) PKR and his stance on religion is centrist and accepted.

    PKR is pusing point no 2. with Najib. Its an important issue and its sensational. The Wall Street Journal Front page reported on the issue. Its just plain good media stuff.

    But PKR need to make sure they also drive home point no 1. and no. 3. This would put the majority of voters within reach and give him a fighting chance.

    UMNO ground is saying this is already a 50-50 fight..