Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ijok - Anwar Ibrahim's springboard to nowhere?

Ijok was (and maybe still is) to be the ‘springboard’ for Anwar Ibrahim’s triumphant return to UMNO, the most powerful political party in Malaysia, and to his No 2 position as deputy president, and by default and tradition, the deputy PM of the nation.

Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), blogger of Malaysia-Today, posted a tale of Gerakan Anti Najib (GAN) or Get Najib Movement.

I consider RPK as a super-brilliant politico-strategist because on the surface he would at times appear to be against or even attacking Anwar, but I reckon in actuality he’s not - that’s why I deem him as super brilliant strategist-blogger, perhaps even a practicing student of Sun Tzu’s dictum of ‘all war is deception’.

According to gossip, GAN is a scheme to restore Anwar Ibrahim back to his old position in UMNO prior to his expulsion from the party. Apparently, SIL is complicit in the conspiracy.

The final objective for Anwar Ibrahim (according to RPK) is obvious - He wants to be PM. But remaining as president of PKR, his likelihood of become PM would be the same as that for Lim Kit Siang. So he wants to go back to UMNO but right at the top as No 2 (at least for a while until he swamps all over AAB and his pots of rice).

Part of the scheme involves his (Anwar’s) challenging of the legality of his expulsion as DPM by then PM Dr Mahathir.

However, assuming the court rules in his favour and restores his status quo in accordance with his constitutional rights, there is still a slight inconvenient matter, that of Najib Razak being the current incumbent as No 2.

Therefore, to clear the Via Sacra for the greatest triumphant Return of all times, the scheme requires Najib to be ousted or forced into retirement beforehand.

That has been why the targeting of Najib has been so intense, even resorting to unethical throwing of Mongolian poo.

And in that, I was somewhat disappointed that some non-aligned bloggers have been supporting, nay, abetting (unwitting as they might have been) Anwar’s rubbishing of Najib, because in doing so, they have in fact been facilitating the world’s greatest political reformist (who saw the light only after his expulsion from UMNO) return to a party they (the bloggers) abhor.

But of course the strategy requires Najib and AAB to be at each other’s throat on RPK’s revelation that there is a GAN plot. We know Najib won’t, and do you believe that AAB or even SIL feels more comfortable with a returned Anwar instead of an incumbent Najib?

Sometimes the illogic of the scheme implies these professional schemers who make such party-politic manoeuvrings their bread and butter are complete idiots.

But of course you never know what can happen when one throws the golden apple of discord into UMNO, like Eris did during in the wedding of Peleus and Thetis. That ancient act led to the decade long Trojan War and the total destruction of Troy and many thousands of lives. Maybe UMNO might destroy itself in like fashion too?

However, all may seem moot because the Court of Appeal has just found Anwar Ibrahim’s dismissal as deputy prime minister and finance minister was lawful.

Anwar intends to appeal. Well, for a man who claims he won’t go back to UMNO, he’s spending an unusual amount of time and resources contesting his dismissal as (UMNO’s appointed) DPM as unlawful.


  1. In any democracy, elections are an opportunity for the electorate to reaffirm who is to be chosen to serve the populace.

    It is a time to reflect on the performance of those previously chosen to serve. Not so much a time to mark the report card of those not chosen. So be it with Ijok.

    What our population must be made aware of is that they, and only they, are the masters and the person elected is just a servant with a contract limited by time. When the time is up, it is incumbent on us to assess his/her performance and if we are unhappy or not completely satisfied, we should not have any hesitation in finding any other person to be our ‘servant’.

    Life is full of choices. Whenever we are not satisfied, we change our cars, jobs, clothes, houses, maids, etc. Some even change their spouses! In each of these cases, we do not choose the same car, job, clothes, houses or maids as a replacement.

    Only the people of Kelantan have regularly shown that they are the masters of their destiny. Only they have demonstrated that they are able to vote out the previous government and install a new one. Achieved quite peacefully too. Do we hear many complaints from them? And they are the most backward of states in this most beautiful of lands on the globe.

    Sadly, the rest of Malaysia do not seem to be matured enough to realize that the power is in their hands. Is it because their hands are tainted?

    After 50 years of independence, we should have become more daring, more venturesome. After all, man by nature always wants more. Or are we satisfied with the status quo?

    Sadly, what I see here is pure childishness. How do we help our brethren in Ijok make an informed decision, if all we do is discuss personalities who are not even the candidates in the by-(or buy) election? Are we explaining the issues that we have ranted on for the past many years?

    Or are we, each and every one of us, just Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

  2. You seem to have decided who the Ijokians should vote for, according to your worldview? Shouldn't we leave that to them.

    Was Anwar Ibrahim also "childish" in bringing up issues like the Mongolian murder when that's not related to any of the candidates?

    And who says that all political bloggers must deal only with issues for the Ijokians to make informed decisions? Would that be a form of "Big Brother" control as to what we may blog and not blog?

    No, I am not offended but amused and bemused, in that those who have been screaming out for freedom of expression (eg. bloggers) yet find it intolerant of such expressions when these don't fit with theirs.

    As we are often fond of saying, when you point a finger at someone, you're in effect pointing 4 at yourself.

  3. I’m sorry, you seem to conclude that I have decided who the people of Ijok should vote for. Your perception couldn’t be more wrong. All I was trying to say was that they should be made aware that they have a choice and it should be made based their valuation of the performance of their previous representative. Nowhere have I said that they should vote for anyone in particular.

    As for Anwar, the Mongolian murder and the relationship to any of the candidates, shouldn’t we “jaga standards” as we demand others to do?

    It is not my position to tell you what to blog in your blog, however if a suggestion to lay out the issues is deemed “Big Brother” control….well what do I say because I do not see the connect.

    As for your last two paras I get the same feeling too.