Friday, April 06, 2007

A quiet Good Friday posting

Peace on Earth on this very special day for our Christian friends.

Some of my old postings for Good Friday & Easter:

Judas Iscariot - Betrayer or Scapegoat? posted on 28 March 2005
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Christianity Spread Because Circumcision Not Required! posted 27 March 2005


  1. hey do you think it is right to say 'happy good friday'?

    many of my non christian friends say that to me - i accept it of course. think people look to good friday like christmas and easter, hence the wish.

  2. Absolutely NOT!

    But then, many non-Christians don't understand the significance of Good Friday & Easter.

  3. Hi KT,
    As a non-Christian who reads the Bible in detail, my conclusion is Judas Iscariot was the target of an ancient version of political propaganda. There was a conspiracy against Jesus, and Judas may well have been involved. But the extreme villification of his name in some of the Bible books is basically "spin".