Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Race in Ijok

Everyone’s talking about the race!
Are you referring to the race in Ijok?
Yes, the whole cursed subject has
been nothing than about the race.

But why wouldn’t it, as you have
just said, that the race is on in Ijok.
Yes, but why raise race in a race,
when it shouldn’t be about race?

Kawan, you’ve gotten me confused
about the race in Ijok, that shouldn’t
be raised, as if it’s not a race at all;
if not, then what’s the race, pray tell.

My point is not to raise the race
in a race when we aren’t about race,
more so when we are beyond race.
We must erase any mention of race.

Besides, race shouldn’t be ‘pivotal’
as had been touted before in Johor.
Johor? So Machap was ‘pivotal’?
No, not Machap – that’s all over.

A bloke in Johor claimed his race
must be ‘pivotal’, no compromise!
OK, so is the race in Ijok ‘pivotal’?
Didn’t you say it’s a must-win race?

Yes, winning Ijok will be ‘pivotal’
for us, our future, but as for race,
no way, no - no race should ever be
‘pivotal’ – blast, now I’m confused too.

Er, OK then, race you to the kopitiam?


  1. I define my race as of now as.. "Rojak".

    So Nyah! ;)

  2. KT, one day when you are in penang, i would like to race you. can or not? but since you are bigger and smarter, you will sure win. bigger and smarter (oh not forget lotsa $$$) will usually win, isn't it? :)

    great poem!

  3. ay sai - tapi wah ay mama kong wah see si-gong-tai lai; mana oo gau ah - liao wah kui see lang pun pok kai ay lah