Thursday, April 05, 2007

Get those damn lying bloggers

Looks like the government is running scared of bloggers. Its claim has been that bloggers have been posting lies about the wonderful AAB government.

It’s bloggers’ “lies” like corruption, mismanagement, cronyism, non accountability, non transparency, unexplainable disproportionate lifestyle that far exceeds incomes of government ministers and officials, that have confused the rakyat and therefore to be curbed.

The government wants to register bloggers so that it knows where to make a midnight knock to put some sense into those maverick bloggers who have the damn nerve to expose (with 'lies' of course) the elected and appointed Tuankus.

Pots of rice, luxurious mansion in Perth, sleek super-streamline yacht, executive jet, commissions from submarine purchase, close one eye to illegally imported timber, thousands of APs given out, PORR and 2nd bridge link non-tendered awards, RM9.2 million loan without collateral, ACA chief's alleged corruption and alleged sexual assault of a woman, official discrimination against Malaysian pan-Asian faces, institutionalised racism and thuggism in universities, police misconduct, price hikes in sugar, fuel, tolls etc hould never have been mentioned nor discussed as these would only ‘confused’ the rakyat.

Those damn bloody lying bloggers must be identified, indexed and incarcerated.

Well, the government is not unreasonable – at least take these anti-bloggers measures until the general election is over. Then there would be another 5 years of undisturbed whatever.

Besides, 80% of those damn lying bloggers are unemployed women. Women shoudl be put in their places. Leaving those women unemployed allow them too much free time to indulge in idle evil ways like gossiping, which basically is what blogging is about anyway.

Put chastity belts over their mouth, eyes, and little typing fingers. That should teach those lying bloggers. Hidup Malaysia.


  1. Just came back from a new 'Bloggers Alliance' formation with all the 'usual suspects'. Jeff was right with a eerie resonance on us 'registering' ourselves with this new Bloggers Alliance at our time and turf. No need for these paranoia ministers and mps to demonise every blogger in Malaysia.

    Bloggers are no longer alone. Thanks for summarising the 'Fear-fest' by our elected MPs, KT.

  2. Just open a few more concentration camps for the wayward bloggers in the jungle similar to the "Religious Rehabilitation Centres" for would-be apostates. Employ the 80,000 unemployed/unemployable graduates to take care of these camps.