Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jangan peduli rimba lah!

I have blogged on PAS not seeing wood for the trees? over at BolehTalk.

The title of that posting is the kinder conclusion of PAS’s motive in the case of FT Gerakan calling for the sacking of the Perak Mufti. The nastier one would be PAS exploiting a religious issue for its own political benefit.


  1. hi ali, Gerakan didn't say 'what's right or wrong in Islam'. The FT Gerakan chairman only called for the seditious big mouth to be removed from such an important post, because he (not Islam) had instigated a near inter-religious inter-ethnic riot.

    Well, it does say something about both 'keris carrying ketua' & gang as well as PAS that not one of them had petitioned HRH to get rid of the shit-stirrer.

    I have always been fair to Muslims and Islam (my postings are evidence) but I say the Perak Mufti is a disgrace to Islam and Muslims. It's time Malaysian Muslims must take the hard calls and not defend the indefensible or even remain diam2 sj, and like the BN wonders, hope people would forget about the affair.

  2. ali, sorry lah, but I don't agree with you on this one or you're not seeing the point.

    This is not about religion or whose is superior.

    It's about a bloke who didn't get his facts right or didn't responsibly confirm whatever he received, yet was irresponsible and reckless to initiate a rumour-mongering lie, which could have caused riots and hurt/hatred to both non-Muslims and Muslims.

    This man is a danger to Malaysia's multi-ethnic multi-religious society. Why haven't any Muslim stood up and called for him to go? By contrast, in Australia, many Muslims are calling for their Mufti, Sheik al Hilaly, to go for his loose cannon comments, which really have been nothing compared (significant or dangerous) to what the Perak Mufti had seditiously uttered.

    Muslims shouldn't blindly protect a man who has been an unmitigated disgrace to Islam. It was rumoured that HRH didn't even want to speak to him.