Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ijok - PKR's shame of no due process for Najib

In my posting Ijok – the final countdown, one anonymous visitor commented: “Rural uneducated malaysians can be easily bought over by the bn either by cheap gifts or threats of bodily harm. They think of only the present for their own stomachs, while discarding the future of their children. To them, the murderers of altantuya can get away with the crime for all they care“.

Can you see the disconnect between the Altantuya murder and issues confronting the Ijok residents. Obviously the visitor couldn't! He might have wanted Najib strung up on a raintree by a vigilante corp but why should he criticise the Ijok residents for not throwing themselves into an issue raised mainly by PKR on its anti-Najib campaign - a campaign based at this stage on sheer allegations.

If, according to Lim Kit Siang, Machap was a dishonourable victory for the BN because of its disgraceful pork barrelling, then regardless of the results in Ijok on Saturday, PKR has regrettably conducted a dishonourable campaign based on allegations of DPM Najib Razak being involved with the Altantuya murder, without even waiting for the court case or due process.

While there has been an orchestrated operation to fling enough Mongolian poo around so that some would stick on Najib regardless of his involvement, far more disappointing has been the fact that many bloggers, without keeping a balanced and reasoned conduct, have leapt too eagerly on to the anti-Najib band wagon without even knowing the covert insidious campaign to blacken Najib’s reputation, not so much for claimed justice but for cynical and Machiavellian politics.

One lady blogger demanded that Najib answer to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to PKR allegations that he was involved with the Altantuya case. When Najib did just that, saying he hadn’t even met the late lady before, another blogger immediately jumped in to allege that Najib
‘doth protest too much’.

We can see that the campaign has been to blacken Najib’s reputation regardless, and shamefully, many bloggers who participated had no clue they were being used. Yes, used!

If Najib is alleged to be guilty, let the courts decide. In a western justice model it’s called due process, that very process we have been crying out for the BN government to apply. So aren’t we being little hypocritical slugs?

And it’s certainly not for an ‘interested’ party, PKR to pronounce Najib guilty as charged, nor to sentence him to immediate political death a la the Iraqi model for Saddam Hussein.

Anwar Ibrahim has been touted as a fair dinkum politician, a reformer, but his incessant relentless campaign to attack Najib re the Altantuya case, an issue that’s to be decided by the Malaysian courts, has done him discredit and shown his true colours of nastiness.

It would seem that to Anwar and PKR, the outcome of the Ijok election is not as important as rubbishing Najib.

KTemoc speaks out fairly, in this case, for Najib Razak. Call me what you like but I can’t stand bloody unfairness and underhanded tactics. And I call upon those bloggers who aren't PKR members to be aware of being used by a man who has a reputation of talking the hind quarters off an ass.


  1. i did feel a bit weird when ppl started chanting 'altantuya,' i admit.

    a few points tho:

    - anwar of all people should know just how unfair the courts can be. i'm all for due process, but do we really have it here?

    - if you listen carefully to all the ceramahs, there have been concerted efforts to clarify that no accusations are being made. only that najib should be questioned by the police due to the fact that the people charged for murder are in fact his personal bodyguards, and that altantuya was said to have been involved in the MOD brokered arms deals in some capacity.

    i truly agree that there's currently no evidence to indict najib, and thus he's innocent until proven guilty.

    the facts of the case however, leave many of us with far too many unanswered questions.

  2. Bravo, at least you do stand against "bloody unfairness and underhanded tactics"...Hope you will speak against the "bloody unfairness and underhanded tactics" by BN/UMNO pouring our hard-earned money for 'development' to get votes (unless that is nothing wrong to you).

  3. My point is Ijok is hardly the place to fling unsubstantiated allegations, just because Najib is the political enemy, or that his police bodyguards have been involved.

    Even if the courts are dodgy, bearing in mind Anwar was released by one of these dodgy courts, should we take the laws into our own hands and conduct the kangaroo court in Ijok?

    The orchestration of the anti-Najib campaign by reference to his unsubstantiated involvement in the Altantuya murder has been so blatantly prominent that one (like me, a more-or-less opposition sympathiser)cannot but help question: why in Ijok, why something that's disconnect, why so relentless; why so unscrupulous?

    The current campaign against Najib did not just start here in Ijok, but in fact sometime ago, when Anwar began to target only Najib but not AAB or his princes. Anwar had recently even mentioned on a foreign TV that AAB is quite compassionate. We have to put 2 and 2 together.

    If we bloggers condemn the government of dodgy standards, yet allow ourselves to be 'used' as part of that same dodgy standards, who then are we but hypocritical slugs.

    We must uphold our own values, as we have been claiming to talk down to the government, otherwise we are either someone's puppets or the equivalent of those dodgy government officials we criticised.

    Jaga Standards!

  4. Anon, my postings are available on my blog for all to see. That you even asked shows you are either a new comer or haven't read my writing/views carefully. Please take some time to go through my political postings.

  5. "PKR has regrettably conducted a dishonourable campaign based on allegations of DPM Najib Razak being involved with the Altantuya murder, without even waiting for the court case or due process."

    I, for one, am very happy for the way this campaign has unrolled because now, if elections are called after Anwar can stand, he has no excuse not to contest in Pekan vs Najib. If he instead goes to a safer mixed urban seat (so he can claim that he is "multicultural" now), he will be seen exhibiting cowardice and can no longer claim to command the respect of the Malay heartland, which makes him useless and no more than a liability to the opposition.

    Anwar is about winning. Beyond that, he has no value, not after spending 16 years creating the mess we are facing today. If he wants to "insaf", go ahead, if he wants respect? He has to earn it, not with amusing ceramah, but by winning traditional UMNO ground.

    If "Mongolia Mongolia" is the kind of song he has to sing to win... personally, I will forgive some transgressions against a value-system derived from the blueprint of Western democracy. I imagine such a value-system is an oddity in the sleepy hollows of Ijok (just a statement of fact, not a "we are smarter than them" rant).

    Anyway, this was Anwar's call. He chose Najib. In the GE he has to deliver a result.

    Alea jacta est. If he can contest, it has to be Pekan, baru best.

    As for the "whys" that you went on to ask... "why something that's disconnect, why so relentless; why so unscrupulous?" well... a sinister but COMPLETELY SPECULATIVE theory would be this: Badawi-Najib lack-of-love is apparent, so Anwar signals to Badawi: "push elections back and I will go in for the kill". I am NOT suggesting a back-door Anwar-Badawi deal, merely that if Najib starts to be a real problem for Badawi, having Anwar kill him in Pekan may be the most convenient thing for Badawi to do. And Anwar gets a seat.

    ACHTUNG! To the PKR crowd: I am not suggesting there is an outright conspiracy, I am merely suggesting that one side *might* be signalling intent to the other. Signalling is a common and more or less ethically accepted communication tool in politics, commerce, etc. Not hanky-panky. So don't nobody get upset :P

  6. Like Nat I too am not convinced with the "due process" especially when it involves a top personality.
    What kangaroo court in Ijok you are talking about? Nat has already clarified that there was no accusation made against Najib about the murder. Do you rather believe the MSM?

  7. From Malaysiakini:
    Anwar increases attacks on Najib
    Beh Lih Yi
    Apr 21, 07 5:29pm

    Believe it or not - Anwar Ibrahim is now anxiously waiting to be sued!

    And he is hoping that Najib Abdul Razak would take the initiative as this would enable him to expose more in court of what he knows about the Mongolian murder case.

    Last night, the opposition icon continued his attack on Najib by 'inviting' the deputy premier to initiate a lawsuit against him for linking the latter to the murder case of a Mongolian national.
    above bold-ing mine

    the malaysian version of kangaroo court is called 'guilt by association' through poisonous rumours - in other words, allude to Najib's 'link' and 'find' him guilty until proven innocent

  8. If my bodyguards had been involved in that murder, I'm sure I would be now rotting in jail with no chance of bail

  9. KTemoc,

    When facing a mighty bloke like BN,you got to attack right to its core.

    What do U expect the opposition to promising 32 million for variuos projects,another 4 million to tar the roads leading to Batang Berjuntai or giving land titles to the poor Indian dwellers...Ha..ha.! ini semua tanggungjawab gomen of the day & they promised that during the last election & only during a by-election its partly fulfill..

    Though issues like the Mongolian lady,Altantuya,may sound Greek & Latin to the Ijokians but dont tell me the Ijokians are that stupid enough that they never heard cerita2 macam itu.True,they will never see it publish in the Star or Utusan or Tamil Osai or Oriental Daily.

    When fighting U got to hit your opponent first,somehow & somewhere,but dont be a punching bag for the opponent to kuntow U. David got to strike hard at Goliath.....


  10. Hi KT,
    What you wrote about due process is logical, in a country with an independent judiciary. Somewhere between the firing of the Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas and the kangaroo court which tried Anwar Ibrahim, I have stopped believing that Malaysia has anywhere near an independent judiciary, at least where politically sensitive cases are involved.
    Unfortunately, I have to agree with the bloggers that the only way to resist the Altantuya case becoming a whitewash is to keep it in on the political agenda, even if it sounds sub-judice.

  11. if we do what anwar did and is doing, then we have dropped down to UMNO's level - but then anwar was forged in the cesspool of UMNO. Raja Petra Kamarudin posted that he (anwar) wants to go back to UMNO, to be PM. So if true, my previous postings about that have been vindicated. Sorry to the innocent and good PKR people like Dr Syed Husin.

    Let UMNO/BN do their worst, but we must jaga standards as we demand the BN does. Jangan biar kita ada double standards.

  12. You said: One lady blogger demanded that Najib answer to a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to PKR allegations that he was involved with the Altantuya case. When Najib did just that, saying he hadn’t even met the late lady before, another blogger immediately jumped in to allege that Najib ‘doth protest too much’.

    We can see that the campaign has been to blacken Najib’s reputation regardless, and shamefully, many bloggers who participated had no clue they were being used. Yes, used!

    You could have easily named me, I wouldnt be offended. But I do take offense of being accused of being "used"' if you mean to include me in your list of "many bloggers who participated...".

    I have been questioning Najib long before the Ijok by-election, since last year, after her death. His no, even in the name of Allah, raises more question than ever. With so many judicial fiasco, you can understand why people no longer want to wait for the court
    case. Still I dont see what is the problem asking Najib or the authorities questions, whether in Ijok or elsewhere.

    I hope in your efforts to tarnish Anwar's name (of course you call this expose the man for what he is) - I don't care which you do, I hope you try to remain fair.

  13. susan, did you post for Najib to "answer with a 'yes' or 'no'"?

    did he do so?

    if you feel you haven't been 'used', then my disappointment didn't apply to you.

    regardless of many 'judicial fiasco', should we, who condemn lack of due process, conduct street courts or trial by (alternative) media?

    how can I tarnish anwar's name when his record as an UMNO member as well as minister stands for all to see, but only if they want to see as well as discern, without being caught up by the anwarista euphoria, a euphoria that's engendered by revulsion of the BN excesses.

    Maybe we ought to climb down from hypoxic altitude for a second to regain oxygen and see better, that we aren't rejecting Charybdis for Scylla.