Monday, April 09, 2007

Crime rate & chicken poo police

Hangat hangat tahi ayam is a Malay saying which translate into ‘as hot as chicken poo’ meaning the initial show of enthusiasm would diminish as fast as chook poo cools, which would be very rapid.

Remember those senior police officer who personally took to the streets in a show of force to combat crime?

Five months ago the police boldly promised a crime rate of zero which was pretty brave but stupid. But even allowing for that exaggeration, how would the police today explain the crime rate shooting upwards instead to an all time high of 40%.

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang said: “Malaysians can still remember reading news reports in November last year of the police boasting ‘there are virtually no more cases of snatch theft and wayside robbery in several crime-prone areas in the city, including the golden triangle.’”

Then the police then had attributed this to the presence of senior cops in patrolling the streets.

Just last week the PM called for an all out war against crime along the lines of the authority’s fight during the Emergency. Then, the war against the CT could be attributed to the amazing professionalism and competency of the Special Branch. But today, a new generation of police officers are now in place, apart from the Special Branch concentrating its attention, not on crime, but against opposition parties and … yes, bloggers.

Lim Kit Siang asked why the new police strategy to reduce crimes was not only so short-lived, but worst still, counter-productive.

He quipped: Have the senior police officers been pulled out of patrolling the streets, which had been given so much publicity as the new strategy to increase police presence to fight crime?”

That so-called strategy, of senior officer patrolling the streets instead of planning and managing the fight against crime, has been one of the worst publicity stunt ever. No one really believes it to be anything but sheer nonsense.

Does anyone expect generals to fight like an infantry trooper, with a rifle in the trench? It would be a stupid army that does that, and we had a moronic and bankrupt-of-idea police force which went for cheap gimmickry, in an attempt to pull the wool over the PM’s eyes.

The senior police management deserve to be described as tahi ayam (chicken poo).

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