Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chief Martyr Minister Tian Chua?

Now, please tell me what you think of this:

Apparently a group of KL-based independent consultants conducted a survey and found that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), yes the reformasi party, has an outside chance to form the government in Penang and Sabah.

Bugger the qualification of ‘outside chance’ – a chance is still a chance.

And who are these consultants or the organisation they represent?

No one except PKR information chief, Tian Chua, knows them. Tian Chua revealed to us that those independent consultants have been keeping track of the public’s mood for the past four years.

Wondrously, Tian Chua proclaimed: "The mood in Penang and Sabah is fertile for change.”

"The urban mood for change is very good as witnessed in the previous state election but for the rural areas, the consultants do not have the means to objectively identify voters’ mood."

Great news but it would be nice if Tian Chua would let us know who those consultants are.

Well, even assuming the Gerakan Party and MCA in Penang will lose each and every one of their allocated seats [allocated by the UMNO TaiKoh], does that automatically mean PKR will pick up all of them to form a new government?

It certainly can if Gerakan and MCA lose all while it wins those BN seats. And don't worry about UMNO because the combined Gerakan and MCA seats are more than UMNO's.

It's sort of a reverse variation of the UMNO strategy to control Gerakan and the MCA. UMNO doesn't worry about Gerakan or MCA being too difficult to TaiKoh's dictates after nicely splitting the seats between those two Chinese dominated parties who can't get along with each other.

Ajaran tuan orang putih - divide and conquer! This way, Penang UMNO would be and has been ensured of always having the upper hand by virtue of being the BN component party with the largest number of seats.

So one could say, in terms of physics, is that the PKR's dream is fusion (of Gerakan & MCA's seats) while that of UMNO has been fission (splitting the Chinese dominated seats between two tigers little pussy cats).

But there is one inconvenient factor to Tian Chua's dream - that damn DAP! Yes, has Tian Chua forgotten about that democratic socialist (or is it socialist democratic?) party called the DAP?

Meanwhile PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim was a bit more circumspect. He merely stated that the opposition party will make an impact in Penang and Sabah.

Note that he mentioned ‘opposition party’ and not PKR.

He advised PKR - he being the party’s advisor - to strive hard to convince the people that the party is serious about reform, and not just depend on the Gerakan and MCA to lose (I am talking about Penang only, being not very up to date with the Sabah political scene, sorry).

Now, get a load of what
Anwar said to PKR:

"There is no point in bragging, talking about this and that, when we have barely 65 members at the divisional level.”

“If you cannot lead, give way for others to become number one and number two. If that is not enough, be an advisor like me."

What does he mean? Who was he referring to? Does that mean Chief Martyr Tian Chua won't become Chief Minister of Penang?


  1. There is a very strong possibility that Permatang Pauh will fall to the BN in the coming elections and PKR will be left with zilch seats in the whole country. Tian Chua and gang may end up as Komtar toilet cleaners.

  2. i don't want anwar's party to run penang for sure!!