Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Who's the 'bully' now in the South China Sea?

MM Online (extracts):

Two US warships in South China Sea amid China-Malaysia standoff

United States called on China to stop its 'bullying behaviour' in the disputed waters

Reuters pic

KUALA LUMPUR, April 21 — Two US warships are operating in the South China Sea, the Navy said on Tuesday, with three regional security sources saying they were near an area of a standoff between China and Malaysia.

The Haiyang Dizhi 8, a Chinese government research ship, was spotted last week conducting a survey close to an exploration vessel operated by Malaysia’s state oil company Petronas, months after it undertook a similar patrol off Vietnam.

The incident prompted the United States to call on China to stop its “bullying behaviour” in the disputed waters, citing concern over Beijing’s provocative actions towards offshore oil and gas developments there.

The US State Department has said China was taking advantage of the region’s focus on the coronavirus pandemic to “coerce its neighbours”.

The USS America amphibious assault ship and the USS Bunker Hill, a guided missile cruiser, have been deployed and were operating in the South China Sea, US Indo-Pacific Command spokeswoman Nicole Schwegman said on Tuesday.

USS America LHA with F-35 stealth aircraft 

USS Bunker Hill guided missile cruiser

Haiyang Dizhi 8 survey-research ship

“Through our continued operational presence in the South China Sea, we are working ... to promote freedom of navigation and overflight, and the international principles that underpin security and prosperity for the Indo-Pacific,” Schwegman said in an emailed statement to Reuters.

“The US supports the efforts of our allies and partners to determine their own economic interests.”

Rear Admiral Fred Kacher, commander of the USS America Expeditionary Strike Group, told Reuters that his forces had interacted with Chinese naval forces in the South China Sea this week.

“All our interactions continue to be safe and professional with them,” Kacher said in a telephone interview from the USS America.

Schwegman did not state the exact location of the warships but security sources said they were close to the Haiyang Dizhi 8 and the Petronas-operated West Capella drillship. The sources declined to be identified as they were not authorised to speak to the media.

The area is near waters claimed by both Vietnam and Malaysia as well by China, through its sweeping claim to most of the South China Sea within its U-shaped ‘nine-dash line’ that is not recognised by its neighbours or most of the world.

China has denied reports of a stand-off, saying that the Haiyang Dizhi 8 was conducting normal activities.

“The ‘confrontation’ at sea you mention did not happen,” the foreign ministry said in a faxed response to Reuters’ questions on Monday

USA - 2 warships (one a LHA with F-35 stealth fighter-bomber, the other a guided missile cruiser)

China - 1 research-survey ship

I wonder who's the 'bully' now in the South China Sea?


  1. China built THREE permanent air-strips on Fiery Cross Reef. Nobody could stop them.

    Having a couple of US ships sailing through every now and then, thumbing their nose at the Chinese is fair enough. Check and Balance.


    1. Wakakakaka… demoNcratic moron!

      US has Guam, Diego Garcia military bases at the Pacific ocean.

      Nobody could stop them.

      Having a couple of Iranian/Chinese ships sailing through every now and then, thumbing their nose at the uncle Sam is fair enough. Check and Balance.

      Will u tell that your uncle Sam?

    2. We are going off-tangent.

      Last time I checked Guam is in the Pacific Ocean and is a proper US territory; it's ownership is not disputed by anyone.

      Diego Garcia is in the Indian (not Pacific) Ocean, nowhere near South China Sea. It's ownership dispute is between the UK and Mauritius; not China or any ASEAN country. The US has a lease for a military base there but does not claim any territorial ownership.

    3. KT's Oz is now another bully...? ...hahaha...

      Australia joins US ships in S.China Sea, near waters claimed by Vietnam and Malaysia amid rising tensions
      22 Apr 2020

      KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 ― An Australian frigate has joined three US warships in the South China Sea near an area where a Chinese vessel is suspected to be exploring for oil, near waters also claimed by Vietnam and Malaysia, officials said today.

      The warships arrived this week close to where the Chinese government survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 has been operating, which is in turn near where a vessel operated by Malaysia’s Petronas state oil company is conducting exploratory drilling, regional security sources have said.

      The US navy said yesterday the USS America amphibious assault ship and the USS Bunker Hill, a guided missile cruiser, were operating in the South China Sea.

      They were joined by Australia's frigate HMAS Parramatta and a third US vessel, the destroyer USS Barry, as part of a joint exercise, the Australian defence department said.

      “During the passage exercises, the ships honed interoperability between Australian and US navies, including replenishment-at-sea, aviation operations, maritime manoeuvres and communications drills,” it said in a statement to Reuters.

      The Haiyang Dizhi 8 was 325km (202 miles) off the Malaysian coast, within its exclusive economic zone, data from ship-tracking website Marine Traffic showed today.

      The ship, accompanied by a Chinese coastguard vessel, has been moving in a hash-shaped pattern consistent with a seismic survey for nearly a week, the data showed.

      The area is near waters claimed by both Vietnam and Malaysia as well as China.

      China claims most of the energy-rich South China Sea, within a U-shaped “nine-dash line” on its maps, which is not recognised by its neighbours.

      Petronas and Malaysia's foreign ministry have not commented on the situation but the United States has called on China to stop its “bullying behaviour” in the South China Sea.

      China, however, has denied reports of a standoff, saying the Haiyang Dizhi 8 was conducting normal activities.

      Last year, Vietnamese vessels spent months shadowing the Haiyang Dizhi 8.

    4. Australia will always back the Yanks (in the silly belief that the Yanks will come to her help when needed - Oz has a paranoia that as a White nation in the East she will one day be swamped by Asiatics and the Yanks is her only hope).

      Doesn't matter whether Oz govt is Conservative or Labor - both will ampu the Yanks as she once ampu Mother England who abandoned her in WWII

    5. "going off-tangent"!!!?

      Yr point is "having a couple of US ships sailing through every now and then (永暑礁), thumbing their nose at the Chinese is fair enough. Check and Balance"

      What if any of the other claimees - Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam did what's the China had done?

      Will they allow couple of US ships sailing through every now and then, thumbing their nose at them?

      Yr sole point is bcoz 永暑礁 is been occupied now by the Chinese!

      Snooping around at/near yr backyard ISN'T the issue, right?

      So, using yr own logic, what's wrong if having a couple of Iranian/Chinese ships sailing through Guam or Diego Garcia now and then, thumbing their nose at the uncle Sam is fair enough. Check and Balance.

      Territory dispute isn't what u r talking about! Rather, u just want to shoot at China whatever which way!

      Perhaps just to syiok yr cocooned uncle Sam's mighty dream?

    6. Who is the Bully? Did the US name any of the disputed islands and reefs?

      Outrage as Beijing names islands in disputed South China Sea
      By AFP - April 21, 2020

      BEIJING: China on Tuesday defended its naming of 80 islands and other geographical features in the South China Sea in a move likely to anger neighbours as the country asserts its territorial claims.

      A joint announcement of the names on Sunday from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Civil Affairs came a day after China established new administrative districts for the contested Spratly and Paracel island chains.

      The notice listed the Chinese names and coordinates of 80 islands, reefs, seamounts, shoals and ridges, 55 of them submerged in water.

      China last released such a list in 1983 when it named 287 geographical features across the disputed waterway.

      Beijing has repeatedly asserted its sovereignty in the sea despite rival claims by Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia and other nations.

      “No state can claim sovereignty over underwater features unless they are within 12 nautical miles of land. So is China ignorant of this or deliberately trying to overturn international law?” said Bill Hayton, associate fellow at British think tank Chatham House.

      “China has ratified the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which is very clear on what states can and cannot claim as territory. Yet China seems to be going against UNCLOS by asserting sovereignty in very far away places.”

      In recent years, Beijing has stepped up its territorial claims in the South China Sea by building artificial islands and a heavy military presence, making it a flashpoint for geopolitical tensions.

      China angered Vietnam after announcing at the weekend that the Paracel and Spratly islands, the Macclesfield Bank and their surrounding waters would be administered under two new districts of Sansha city, which China created on nearby Woody Island in 2012.

      Vietnam claimed the move “seriously violated” its territorial sovereignty in the area.

      In response, China’s foreign ministry said Tuesday the Spratly and Paracel islands are its “innate territories” and that Vietnam’s claims are “illegal.”

      Earlier this month Vietnam lodged an official complaint with China and the UN saying Beijing illegally sank a fishing trawler near the Paracel Islands, killing eight people on board.

      As a result, the United States warned China not to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to assert itself in the South China Sea. - AFP

    7. What bullying r u talking about?

      Those 80 islands, islets & shoals have ancient names, mentioned in《更路簿》, long before all those contesting countries even know about their existence!

      So, what outrages?

      Based on the 1982 international law of the sea?

      Why is/must yr uncle Sam getting involved?

      Bcoz he is the sole policeman of the 'free' world?

      Who's off the tangents AGAIN?

    8. Many places have ancient Hindu names. including parts of Afghanistan and Russia . Does it mean that based on that, India can claim the territories as its own? China should better stop this bullying behaviour as more and more countries would get antogonist to it.

  2. No bully. The US Navy has been operating in the South China Sea for the last 80 years, without any territorial claims.

    The US Navy and Marines, more than anyone else, was instrumental in the defeat of Imperial Japan, paid with the blood of American servicemen.

    200,000 were killed in the Pacific Theatre.

    1. the US killed (military and civilians) approx 3 million in Vietnam, sprayed 18.2 million gallons of Agent Orange in that country where 400,000 people were killed or maimed as a result of after effects, and that 500,000 children were born with birth defects, conducted the Phoenix program of assassination of Vietnamese not allied to them, My Lai (so well known no need to discuss), etc, bombed the hell out of Cambodia and Laos (the lst the most bombed country in world history), subjugated the Philippines in its notorious colonialism there (after the American-Spanish War), continued its neo-colonialism there thereafter - we could go on and on but your American heroes died with WWII

    2. * missing letter above - Laos was the most bombed country

    3. was vietcong killed any lesser in vietnam laos n cambodia post vietnam war? n what abt the 2.5 mil refugees? but mine is a straw man, similar to yours.

    4. were we talking about Vietcong?

    5. monster talk territorial claim, u spin it to ideology war, then y i cant talk vc?

    6. Article is on "Who's the Bully?"

      Monster praised the US saying it ain't a bully, providing examples. I replied/responded to his assertion, also providing examples.

      Did yours talk on US?

    7. This mfer is starting to show his NED secret link!

      Vietcong WAS fighting a regional war initiated by yr uncle Sam's self proclaimed demoNcratic policing.

      What was that covered under that world policing activities by a line superpower?

      Can do what he wants, any where & any time!

      Ain't that ideology war disguises as territorial claim?

      Who spins it, AGAIN?

      Mfer, next time u have a fight with yr wife, remember to get yr Taichung pal for a hand. OK?

    8. usa involved in vietnam claiming communist is a thread to the region n could be a suffering to human that look forward freedom n democracy, is usa right or wrong by looking at what vc did? did usa colonize or conquer any part of indochina or sea? is usa didnt play a major role to phase out colonization? tell me which country ever said they r okay with ccp fleet in this region n not usa? did usa in contemporary history make any territorial claim?

      i said yr eg is a strawman, just like every time i talk tibet n xinjiang, some defend with native american. usa is a bully, but the case u cite doesnt show usa is a bully, in fact if usa dont get involved, thrre is strong possibility the entire sea would be under the red communist.

    9. so communist war in msia is a ideology war or a territory claim by ccp agent?

    10. "usa involved in vietnam claiming communist is a thread to the region n could be a suffering to human that look forward freedom n democracy"

      Mfer, is that what u think HOW uncle Sam should get involved in Vietnam?

      Mmmm… the policeman of the world. The defender of freedom & democracy!

      Or is it too afraid that with the fall of Vietnam into communism, his one-upmanship of demoNcracy would have a competitor for his long cherished(cursed) ideology!

      Have u thought of the magnitude of the sufferings experienced by the people of Vietnam, north & south, could be lesser if yr uncle Sam kept to himself?

      In yr f*cked mind, communism ONLY brings death & untold sufferings as proven in the case of Cambodia under Pol Pot.

      But never in yr spurious altruistic thinking that it was the involvement of yr uncle Sam that evil man like Pol Pot came to power.

      Evil & malevolent man/woman lives within human race. Sopo idealism is just the tool he/she uses to achieve his/her sadistic aim. Democracy has it. Same like in autocracy!

      Western colonialism exists in many forms. Least of all is the serfdom state that many know as colony.

      Liken to u, & many other similar demoNcratic dickheads - yr cocooned one-way thinking of a free & democratic utopia can only be possible under a sopo system mastered by yr uncle Sam!

      How about a equal & liberal society under communism?

      Look at Vietnam now - a communist state on the way up socio-politically & soon leaving bolihlsnd eating dust for the chase of prosperity!

      Ain't what u claimed about US sopo inclination is a form of colonization that u r not willing to admit?


      "did usa colonize or conquer any part of indochina or sea? is usa didnt play a major role to phase out colonization?"

      Mfer, don't fart lah! Yr uncle Sam's navy fleets sail in & out of the 南沙群岛 as if these r her backyard. He calls that freedom of navigation!

      US exercises strict controls on the military policies of S Korea & Japan as if these two 'countries' r his serfdom!

      Ditto with those 'banana' states next to her N&S of his borders!

      Mfer, u can say that AGAIN that usa plays a major role in phasing out colonization?

      Prior to the prescription of the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea for EEZ & the subsequent jousting for the fishing & sea minerals resources within the 南沙群岛, no one surrounding country cares about whose vessels doing what around 南沙群岛. Yr uncle Sam included!

      So do tell NOW why it's NOT okay with China fleet in this region & okay for usa for every other claimants of that pieces sea territory? Has uncle Sam gotten a golden share in claim that no other countries dare raising complaints but China?

      Here is another example of yr contemporary history of mind colonialism exerted by US to those under his serfs.

      "in fact if usa dont get involved, thrre is strong possibility the entire sea would be under the red communist."

      So it's OK for that entire sea to be under Yankee Doodle's demoNcracy than under CCP China!

      What happened to yr oft-chanted check & balance via multiple competition, even though one of the party has zilch entitlement to be in the contest.

      U do say possibility (& I shall ignore the word strong). What about that entire red sea brings common prosperity to the surrounding region? Ain't this scenario much much closer to reason & logic, judging from the past records of how China dealing with the region in the past when China was the sole superpower of the day.

    11. stick to topic, did usa claim any territory in indochina n sea? ccp china did, they draw a nine dash line upto our doorstep.

      korea n japan can always say no to usa, ask yrself y they allow a bully to live at their home? could it be there is another bully nearby? just happened that they prefer this bully over the other.

      i used to passby the vietnamese refugee camp sgbesi daily, thats what communist vc did.

      i said both r bully, n i said what usa did in vietnam is not an act of bullying. both shd get out of south sea, but since usa not likely to claim our sea using a dash line, i prefer usa over ccp.

      i personally think umder a racist bn is better than under a red communist, i am not sure if vietnamese r given that choice, but i am sure u 3 did hv that choice, so bila mahu walk the talk n move to a red communist country?

    12. we needn't revisit the tragedy of Vietnam where American imperialism, Cold War paranoid obsessions, and occupation a la neo-colonialism killed approximately 3 million Vietnamese and defoliated the country. They only left because they were whipped kaukau by the North Vietnamese

      S Korea and Japan do not prefer the Yanks to China - American occupation of their respective lands had been a consequences of WWII so stop kerbau-ing. Ask the Japs how they feel about Hiroshima and Nagasaki

      and again, due to your typically Yankee-style/taught diversionary tactics, you suddenly bring in from the left field "umder a racist bn is better than under a red communist" - WTF has that got to do with our discussions on American imperialism versus Chinese imperialism?

    13. vietnam vs korea, north or south better?

      but usa is in korea japan n china is not, fact vs delusion

      ck wrote "So it's OK for that entire sea to be under Yankee Doodle's demoNcracy than under CCP China!"
      i am curious what will be yr answer, jawab jgn tak jawab.

    14. The mfer likes to act as if he is the ONLY one sticking to his topics!

      Typical 台毒 arguing tactics!

      "ccp china did, they draw a nine dash line upto our doorstep."


      U didn't know that the nine dash line was drawn up by the kmt under the supervision of yr uncle Sam!

      What a brilliantly fart!

      During the Vietnam war, S Vietnam was indeed a serfdom of US. Everything Yankee controlled but name!

      Haven't u chosen to forget about Guam & Okinawa - two islands that r TOTALLY under US jurisdictions in governance but not in name!

      "korea n japan can always say no to usa"

      Wakakakakaka… both countries military governance/policies MUST be vetted & approved by the US military supreme command as a legacy of the wars. That's the sole reason of WHY it's so difficult to reorganize their arm forced & weaponry deployment.

      What do u call a country whose military commands r influenced/dictated by a foreign nation?

      Wakakakaka… Taiwan! Right?

      "prefer usa over ccp"

      Wow… x2!!!!!

      Why don't u just admit that yr 台毒 cocooned mind - uncle Sam is the best in every which ways. Prefer is a WRONG word.

      Perhaps u should learn the true meaning of cocooned mind! Since u don't like to read/unable to read the original, I suggest u Google the phrase.


      "I personally think umder a racist bn is better than under a red communist"

      The final disclosure of a closet racist after been exposed as a notchinese, masquerading as a Chinese.

      It fits the age old saying of 非我族类,其心必异,戎狄志态,不与华同.

      Enuff said!

    15. Mfer,

      "ck wrote "So it's OK for that entire sea to be under Yankee Doodle's demoNcracy than under CCP China!""

      Is that the best u can do with yr c&p tactics? U don't realise that yr usual lie chamber needs upgradings ke?

      Everyone can read my ORIGINAL full lengthed write here to do a real comparison le!

      Mfer, rule (1) of c&p lie twisting IS never to do that within a same blog - too easy to verify. Maru lah!

      U must 起经 more from yr 台毒水炮 about how to fabricating lies with little twisting of truth by 断章取义, especially with it calibre of England proficiency!

  3. OTOH, CCP claima land and its surrounding EEZ.
    Where there is no exisiting island, CCP creates new CCP-land

    1. U sure there is NO exisiting islands?

      Walau-eh, the Chinese has created a monumental magic by raising CCP-land from the sea!

      Tell me this us another one of yr CCP China bashing dream, OK?

    2. "i used to passby the vietnamese refugee camp sgbesi daily, thats what communist vc did."

      So where is yr bloody hatred founded?

      With vc? With communism?

      Mfer, if it is with vc, then that has to do with racism.

      Those refugees u saw were mainly ethnic Chinese who had resided in Vietnam eons ago. Many of them didn't even speak Chinese or their mother tongue dialects anymore.

      So what crime had they committed?

      Born Chinese! 排华吗!

      If it is communism, then it has to do with ideology.

      Those refugees weren't been chased out from their homes bcoz they were Chinese! It's communism that enticed the vc to do that. 排共 Right?

      Mfer, which is which in yr hate filled mind?

      Perhaps, this can explain:

      "i personally think umder a racist bn is better than under a red communist,"

      Good! Tell that to yr dangdut pals, when a 排华/排共 is incubated by them.

      Those ketuanan freaks & zombies r a mixed of fanatic racists rolled in one with religious zealots. Yr reasoning WOULDN'T satisfy both le.

      U will be died standing, even for a nonchinese!

  4. China is not practising social distancing. The China virus menace is real in every permutation. Just blast away the Chinese vessel once and for all.

    1. Social distancing via China vessels on an vast open sea… mmmm…

      Ya-loh! Just blast away. Starting with u, no matter how far away u stand!

      Moron cocooned with demoNcratic farts!

      Wakakakaka… terminal case infuses with hallelujah dream.

  5. usa bully number 1, ccp now want to takeover. so not who, is how many.

  6. If there is no US counter balance to China, the whole area will ultimately "belong" to China.

    The losers will be small countries like Malaysia.

    My reading is that China's endgame is total hegemony of the SCS, and this will happen probably within the next 20 years.

    1. Another demoNcratic cocooned moron!

      For eon ago China had been a superpower on her own right in this REGION. She had NEVER conquered/occupied any other territories outside her jurisdiction.

      When she was weak, many outside forces were taking that advantages to military dissecting her territories, resulting in regional problems like HK, Taiwan.

      Now China has pulled herself up again, using her OWN resiliences in almost ever which fields, this is the TIME to initiate the 中国梦.

      "China's endgame is total hegemony of the SCS"


      U r not alone! There r many like u, deep in that trance of a demoNcratic fear that yr spurious materialistic utopia is going nowhere & been overtaken by a different sopo system that u cannot/do not want to recognize.

      Pariah analyst with a 'Kamarul' kind of reading!

    2. @CK

      Frankly, I don't understand what your ranting is all about.

      Please cool down and set your arguments logically..otherwise readers will not ubderstand your points (both valid and otherwise)

    3. https://sc.mp/hoie8

      Vietnam accuses Beijing of ‘seriously violating’ sovereignty in South China Sea

      Without any counterbalance, Superpower CCP is likely to achieve complete hegemony over the region....with its apologists cheering on.

      Kowtow...Kowtow... Kowtow to the Great CCP.

    4. @Steven

      Frankly, I too, don't understand what your fart is all about.

      It works both way!

      "Vietnam accuses Beijing of ‘seriously violating’ sovereignty in South China Sea"


      Based on what?

      A piece of maritime 'law' on a sea zone prescribed by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea ramped through by the then lone superpower who isn't a signatory!

      "Kowtow...Kowtow... Kowtow to the Great CCP."

      Perhaps, for a demoNcratic f*ckhead who has been genuflected to his uncle Sam for far too long that that's the only thing he sees & knows.

      Who's the apologist AGAIN?

  7. Please stop insulting and libelling the Chinese. The Chinese are culturally never aggressive, they are generally humble and kind. 仁, 正名, 忠, 孝, 禮 (Confucianism) are their middle name (and no need to pick bones here, not claiming ALL Chinese here but generally).

    Go google to find out China had helped how many African countries by now and had China colonized any of them before you give your 2 sen worth here,

    1. if u check the map of dynasty china from qin han tang song yuan ming qing until prc, its expand n shrink from time to time. tibet was never part of china until yuan, lost it n take back in qing, so whenever one raise question on china claim on tibet xinjiang taiwan hk, they got to substantiate it with diff era of history to suit their logic, i think the honest answer is geopolitical n barral of a gun, is this wrong i dun know, is this good for china, probably yes, is contemporary china that diff with usa russia i think not. n no one believes in confucianism under ccp china.

      china is playing the same game against usa n west, their so called help to africa is rewarded via un, who, wb n all kind of world org, else y u think tedros side ccp in most cases? its no more a sole weatern narrative.

      do i support what china doing, yes in a way, but how do i get assurance it wont turn into a usa or ussr? i hv great doubt towards all the confucianism words u show us, its only good on paper, i believe more in balance, ie via democracy n free speech n free whatever as counter chk. ccp china yet to hv this checking mechanism in place. see wuhan virus, first reaction is always to conceal the truth. if i live there, i do the same thing bec the practice n culture n values is never abt confucianism, its abt risk survive n win.

    2. Mfer, howvDARE u twist this piece of shit with yr limited understanding/knowledge about China!

      Luckily, throughout the long history of China, meticulous historical, sopo record keepings were/are the NORM.

      These written records r not yr cerita dongeng u heard so much from yr dangdut pals. Their details have been confirmed, too, in archaeological foundings.


      "whenever one raise question on china claim on tibet xinjiang taiwan hk…"

      Mfer, read those written records lah! I dare to say if many of these records were not lost & incomplete, there would be a treasure trove for human endeavours, knowledge & ingenuity besides territory encumberments.

      Mfer, don't u realise that yr confusion shows glaringly about what u have farted about?

      Not certain! "is this wrong i dun know"! "hv great doubt"!

      & YET "believe more in balance, ie via democracy n free speech n free whatever as counter chk."!

      Having u ever heard of no risk no gain? There IS never a perfect human endeavour. Human lives to challenge the unknown, adapt & change. Otherwise, disappeared like the neanderthal!

      "believe more in balance, ie via democracy n free speech n free whatever as counter chk."

      Where r those coming from if one isn't going to try something out of the box? Especially knowing that the cracked system of democracy u SO cherished has a demoN embedded within its core.

      For the nth time, bring yr 台毒 cocooned 'Wuhan virus' back to where it comes from - yr bigoted lair of small-minded f*ckheads! Truth IS never what u wanted to see BUT just pure evil & iniquitous China bashing.

      Ooop… they might be doomed as SARS-CoV-2 is hunting them NOW.

      Mfer, watch yr words!

      "if i live there, i do the same thing bec the practice n culture n values is never abt confucianism, its abt risk survive n win."

      U r just the same as the fat bitch author of 方方日记. The only glaring difference is she is a Chinese turncoat while u r a nonchinese of a demoNcratic minion kind!

    3. ccp offer land foc to russia that historically own by china, y never take back?

    4. More twisting with yr trashy China history, mfer!

      Many of those lands were occupied/lost in high-handed treaties between the rotten 清朝 & the opportunistic czars!

      Ooop… what had Chiang Kai-shek done when Japan was defeated in WWII & many of the lands occupied by the Japanese were 'conveniently' taken over by Soviet Unions?

      He didn't even raise a fart in the then UN!

      CCP China had many military crossfires & standoffs with Soviet Unions over some of the lands in disputes even during the height of their mutual cooperation when the Red China was born!

    5. how is that diff with tibet taiwan xijiang? no more base on history in song yuan ming qing? or u select history that suit yr thpe logic? no written record how many lands foc to russia?

      chiang was kicked out from mainland to a island, he cant even fart in his born place how u expect him to fart in un?

      army not send to xinjiang n tibet meh? so my question is what happens to the land given foc to russia, dare not fart to russia?

    6. Mfer, explain lah yr f*cked logic/reason vis-a-vis "how is that diff with tibet taiwan xijiang".

      Is it in yr f*cked dream (shared by all those moronic 台毒)when the Qing dynasty of China ceded Taiwan Province in the Treaty of Shimonoseki after Japanese victory in the First Sino-Japanese War, China has NO more right to demand back the island?

      Mfer, u forget to mentioned that Chiang accepted back Taiwan as part of China after the Japanese surrender in WWII!

      Thus, Taiwan was/is still part of China. PERIOD.


      Tibet & Xinjiang! Who had tried to annex them from China?

      After yr auntie pommie's insidious instigation failed when the PLA was sent to protect the territory. She back-outed with her tail between her legs.

      Oooop… yr kind of history has NO such records!

      BTW show yr record of the land given foc to the Soviet lah. A one-liner statement is so so rpk!

      "dare not fart to russia?"

      Don't relying on yr jamban history, go to a reputed library & read some decent history of recent China lah. Maybe that will help to readjust yr twisted neuron connections that have been seriously messed up by too much 台毒 fabricated materials.

  8. I would agree with you in theory democracy is good, free speech free whatever, one man one vote, check and balance, the system will be self correcting with equality for everyone and soon everything will become hunky-dory.

    However, in real life, democracies seem to be failing from US to Malaysia. It is the freedom of the rich and powerful controlling all the media, propagating, brain washing and bribing the populace, pertuating their advantages. The rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer, the chasm between the rich and the poor keep getting ever wider.

    In the richest and "greatest" democracy on earth, the US of A, the country is so rich yet most of its citizen don't even have 2 months of saving, where are the monies after being a liberal democracy for umpteen years, rule by the people, for the people! Instead most of the wealth are concentrated in a few percentile of its citizen! So where is democracy and its check and balances and self-correction which is supposed to bring equality?

    China vis-a-vis the African countries, at least they don't pounce them with artilleries like someone did on Iraq and Afganistan in the name of democracy.

    1. if u look at most ranking in term of democracy n freedom, i doubt usa is even in the top 20, so usa is not the richest or greatest, its the most obvious punching bag for most that want to argue for authoritarian ccp.

      in msia case, ask yrself honestly, our problem is a failure of democracy values or rather the loat of it? n what abt democracy in most east asian like japan korea n taiwan, r there totally in contrast of yr expectations towards a democracy?

      i read many time how some condemn usa on what they did to iraq n afghanistan, is it because the one that dare do it is usa or we really hv a heart for this 2 muslim countries? just do a brief read of the comment section in mkini, how often u read any kind words towards most muslim countries? or even here in kts blog?

      ccp never reject democracy, but claim western model dont work in china, i am perfectly fine with this line of argument, as long as china democracy uphold the basic elements like freedom of speech, press etc, chk n bal, rule of law, protection of minority rights. voting can be at later stage since most people still believe mainlanders r not smart enough to choose a leader or party. however i dun think they r moving into this direction, look what they did in hk.

  9. Since 10th century, China stopped invading other lands. Despite this China did not stop expanding. Why? because invaders starting from Tibetans, then Mongols, followed by Manchus.... all conquered China, turned themselves into Chinese, and incorporated their land into China.

    China did not expand via invasion. China expanded via being invaded. It is a fact that China is not an aggressive country or have expansionist ambitions, but if you only get your source of information from Wikipedia, you must note that Wikipedia is not written by the Chinese government.

    The disputed area in SCS was claimed by China in 1946 right after WW2. It was made on the back of Japanese war reparation ceding Spratly’s and Paracels to China.

    So what is wrong for China defending against invasion and encroachment of the Americans, Filipinos, and Vietnamese?

    PCA court is illegal because it violated UNCLOS article 299. PCA has nothing to do with UN. UNCLOS does not require countries to provide justification for their declaration of exception, be it historic, cultural, habitual, or religious. Subsequently China did not provide any basis for their exception in order to get the maximum protection under the law.

    Chinese navy protects Chinese merchant fleet, not American or western navy. Did American navy come to the rescue when Chinese merchant ship was being hijacked by Somali pirates in the Bay of Arden? No. Chinese warship did. Did American send warship to evacuate Chinese from Yemen in the face of war? No. USA did not even evacuate their own people. Chinese navy send warships and evacuated more than 20,000 Chinese people and many from other countries, including westerners.

    Does American navy patrolling Persian Gulf just so to allow China trade with Iran? No. Chinese navy stopped American navy from interfering with this trade. So to those claiming that China trades "through USA patrolled World Ocean Trade" is nonsense. It is more like "China trades through Chinese Navy patrolled World Ocean Trade despite American interfering with freedom of navigation".

    The purpose of China building the fake islands is to protect US $5.3 trillion worth of shipping passing through SCS, not to close it. It is its answer to Obama’s call for China to shoulder its fair share of providing public good and not become a freeloader of public good provided solely by Americans.

    Note : China claimed all SCS islands first. It makes all other country’s subsequent claim illegal. China claimed international water 50 years prior to UNCLOS that prohibits such claim. It is legal convention that a law grandfathers in all pre-existing claims. Both Aegean Sea claim of Greece and China’s SCS claim were grandfathered in by UNCLOS. This is known as article 298 of UNCLOS.

    Here is a parallel. UN charter prohibits a country from invading another, killing off the native people followed by establishing a new country. If laws were set to be retroactive. does that mean USA has to give up their land to American Indians and erase USA from the map?

    Therefore, saying China cannot claim international water is same as saying USA cannot claim international land. Both are nonsense!

  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sino-Vietnamese_War?wprov=sfla1

    The CCP Bully invaded Vietnam in 1979 with 200,000 frontline troops.
    They were severely mauled by a Vietnamese army 1/2 the size. and ultimately forced to withdraw.

    This invasion attracted little attention in the West, and hardly anyone remembers it today.
    As far as Washington was concerned it was a "Devil fight Devil" war.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Is that WHAT yr wikipedia writes about the Sino-Vietnamese_War?

      Since there is no much international attention, is that wiki piece accurate?

      Old moneyed f*ck, don't u not realise that u can upload yr own glorified profile to wiki & wiki will publish it wholesome? Yr son/daughter/minions can tambah more flavours too!

      However, there r a few independent investigation reports about this war, done by Yankee/pommie military intelligences, that r now been declassified.

      Go & take a look to enlighten yrself. Along the way knock yr skull kau2 to take note NOT to believe anything w/o 2ndary verifications.

    2. "China launched an offensive in response to Vietnam's invasion and occupation of Cambodia in 1978. Chinese forces entered northern Vietnam and captured several cities near the border. On March 6, 1979, China declared that the gate to Hanoi was open and that their punitive mission had been achieved. Chinese troops then withdrew from Vietnam. Both China and Vietnam claimed victory in the last of the Indochina Wars." ( source Wikipedia )

      It lasted all of 3 weeks 6 days ! and this took place at the border between the two countries.

      Go read some Cambodian and Laos school textbooks which taught their children there what a vicious BULLY Vietnam was and these Cambodians and Laos people hated Vietnam with an enduring hatred up to this day. Just like how Vietnamese hated China too, hehe

  11. It is interesting that you brought up Hong Kong. You asked "Look what they did in Hong Kong"

    I beg your pardon! But I don't think the Chinese authority has descented to Hong Kong yet, ever. Which of cause is an event US and the West have been waiting for as the excuse for them to intervene.

    From where I observed, what happened todate in Hong Kong is a result of the works of US and the West. If those happenings represent democracy then I can only conclude democracy is violent and destructive. Instead you should look at Macau which has embraced the Chinese authority. Look what they did in Macau?

  12. Further to my posting above....

    China does not need to build military bases on those disputed sand islands in the South China Sea against countries like the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia or Taiwan. These countries are no match to China’s military might, despite some people’s insistence that Vietnam would win a war with China. It won’t. If Vietnam is really so powerful militarily, the US would be containing Vietnam, not China and Vietnam would not have needed the US protection anymore.

    Besides allowing for safe passage for trillions' worth of shipping in the SCS, the other really important reason is the US with its Seventh Fleet Battle Group constantly cruising around China’s backyard. Together with other US military bases in Okinawa Japan, South Korea and the Philippines, China is practically surrounded. This is an attempt by China to mitigate that threat.

    The US has been doing this gunboat diplomacy or intimidation for a long time when China was still weak. The reason given in recent time that it is necessary for the US to patrol that part of the world because China tries to deny freedom of navigation or make South China Sea not save for freedom of navigation is just poppycock. Why would China want to do that ? South China Sea is so vital to its economy that to make it dangerous for China’s trading partners is tantamount to committing suicide.