Friday, April 17, 2020

Sing's Surge, what's next for us?


Singapore reports 728 new virus cases in biggest daily jump

A foreign worker talks on the phone outside his room at the WestLite Toh Guan dormitory

AP pic

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s health ministry confirmed 728 new coronavirus infections on Thursday, a new daily record, taking the total in the city-state to 4,427.

It said 654 of the new cases were linked to migrant workers’ dormitories.

The latest count of new infections was much higher than the previous record of 447 reported on Wednesday.

No new deaths were reported on Thursday, leaving the toll at 10.

Authorities have managed to mitigate the spread of the virus and the Covid-19 respiratory disease it causes among Singapore’s citizens by rigorous contact tracing and surveillance, earning praise from the World Health Organization.

But the disease is spreading rapidly within the large migrant worker community, highlighting what rights groups say is a weak link in containment efforts.


  1. Singapore will prevail. Unlike in the land of the Satan, hehehe, where more than half its population puke every morning upon hearing the name of their President and dread every new buffooning tweet that regularly assail their sanity, Singapore will lick this new resurgence without all the drama.

    "There is an elephant in the room.

    In East Asia, where the coronavirus first appeared, taking most countries unawares and a few unprepared, they dealt with it, suppressed its spread, and in just two months have almost gotten rid of it completely.

    In Europe and the US, where they had almost two months to prepare for the virus to reach their shores, where they could have observed and learned from what was happening in Asia, the rampaging virus is now killing people by the tens of thousands and destroying the very fabric of society.

    What’s the elephant in the room that nobody is talking about?

    This is no tsunami or earthquake or hurricane; the death toll, the mayhem and destruction we see in Europe and the US is manmade!"

    Read on this scathing well-deserved lashing by Award winning writer Nicos Hadjicotis :

  2. Wakakakaka…

    Ho Ching's comment in her tweeter to those Formosa f*ckheads about 台毒 facemasks donation is


    But for a notchiness with lousy England comprehension what do u know!

    Wakakakakakaka… 2x

    1. errrrr, spore might beat us again on wuhan virus. good show.

    2. Wakakakakakaka…

      "spore might beat us again"!

      Have yr 蔡妹妹 approved yr citizenship application ALREADY?


    3. According to the MOH, Malaysia did 39,663 tests. That's around 1255 test per million. South Korea is doing 6500 tests per million people. and Singapore is doing 6800 per million people. ( Dr Khoo Yoong Khean )

      " Mass testing means we test everybody who come into contact with a positive case. Now in Malaysia, we are only testing symptomatic individuals"  ( Dr Amar Singh )

      Dumbo HY won't be able to understand such simple fact the number of testings done and the resulting number of confirmed cases.

      That's why he just couldn't understand what this equation means :

      Type A ===> Type B ====> Type C