Thursday, April 23, 2020

Déjà vu WMD fabrication - US kerbau-ing to insert its sinister gunboat diplomacy


No 'stand-off' between Malaysia and China ships - source

A source at the Foreign Affairs Ministry has denied media reports of a stand-off between ships operated by China and Malaysia in the South China Sea 

“There is no such confrontation or any 'stand-off' between Chinese and Malaysian ships,” the ministry official said yesterday.

The source added that Malaysia closely monitors the presence and activities of all foreign vessels in its waters in the South China Sea.

Previously, Reuters reported that a Chinese government research vessel Haiyang Dizhi 8 had been seen conducting surveys near the Petronas-operated drillship West Capella.

It said the incident occurred in an area near waters claimed by Vietnam, Malaysia and China.

US Navy vessels USS America and USS Bunker Hill were reportedly deployed in the area in response, to “promote freedom of navigation and overflight”.

Officials from China had denied a stand-off had taken place.

On Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang told a press conference that the survey ship was conducting “normal activities in waters under China’s jurisdiction.

“Currently, the situation in the South China Sea is basically stable. Relevant parties should exercise self-restraint and avoid taking actions complicating the situation or escalating disputes,” Geng said, adding that the situation in the South China Sea is steadily improving

 Wakakaka, “promote freedom of navigation and overflight” in the South China Sea?

Freedom? my bloody foot!

It even fabricated the WMD kerbau

The Yanks only know only how to attack, invade & occupy (hopefully for oil & minerals), strategic positioning and neo-colonialism

Australia had to kuai kuai follow Big Brother in the invasion & occupation of Iraq, just as it is now sending its frigate HMAS Parramatta to the South China Sea.

The US military has also despatched a third U.S. vessel, the guided missile destroyer USS Barry, to join the existing US naval force there

USS Barry 

What balderdash (Kerbau Raksasa) and frigging excuse the Yanks have asserted when in reality they've sent three ferocious warships (plus an Aussie frigate), armed with stealth F-35 fighter bombers and guided missiles, to the South China Sea on the flimsiest of excuses that there is a Chinese survey-research vessel there, but unstated, doing just what that unarmed survey vessel is supposed to do, survey and research.

In an earlier post Who's the 'bully' now in the South China Sea? I showed the ludicrous contrast between the unarmed Chinese survey-research vessel Haiyang Dizhi 8 with respect to two US warships, no doubt armed with nuclear devices, the USS America (a LHA with F-35 stealth fighter-bombers) and the USS Bunker Hill (a guided missile cruiser).

Haiyang Dizhi 8 survey-research ship 

USS America LHA with F-35 stealth aircraft 

USS Bunker Hill guided missile cruiser 

The USA is the ONLY nation in the world which has 11 (eleven) amphibious fleet, all with naval aircraft carriers. 

There is ONLY one purpose for an amphibious fleet inclusive of aircraft carrier, to wit, to project American power with an inherent capability to invade and occupy any target the USA chooses. Remember, the USA has 11 (sebelas) of such amphibious fleets which are all armed with nuclear devices.

Tis often said that Carl von Clausewitz had in a way said that military power is an extension of political-diplomatic power (or more precisely, 'War is a mere continuation of policy by other means').

Carl von Clausewitz 

Thus when American diplomacy fails as it has frequently been since post-WWII, and abysmally at that, it projects its military component to win at all cost, the gains being oil, minerals, strategic positioning, neo-colonialism and political domination.

Where its diplomatic ability fails to convince foreign nations, it exerts its koon-t'au-boe (Penang Hokkien for 'aggressive fist') - in earlier days it was called 'gunboat diplomacy'.

Wiki informs that: In international politics, gunboat diplomacy (or Big Stick ideology in U.S. history) refers to the pursuit of foreign policy objectives with the aid of conspicuous displays of naval power, implying or constituting a direct threat of warfare should terms not be agreeable to the superior force.

The USA has been the major invader of foreign nations, (outside of WWII and during modern times) in fact on most continents, eg. Asia (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Philippines), Africa (Somalia, Libya), South America (various in varying forms, Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Haiti, Dominica Republic, Honduras, Mexico, interfering via local militia plus regime changes, Guatemala, Grenada, sponsored botched Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba) - there's more.

Then there's the mysterious yet not so mysterious murder (or assassination) of former Chilean President (elected-Marxist) Salvador Allende. Yes he was democratically elected, but the US didn't and had never give an eff about democracy when that didn't/doesn't suit its national interests, hence it became notorious for being the Yankee godfather of dictators all around the world.

Let's look at Anastasio Somoza Garcia, an evil Nicaraguan political dictator who seized (via coup d'etat) and ruled his country with a brutal iron fist for more than four decades.

Anastasio Somoza Garcia 

T'was said the then US Secretary of State once remarked to President FD Roosevelt, “Somoza’s a bastard”, to which the President replied, “Yes, but he’s our bastard.”

US President  Franklin D Roosevelt with his 'bastard'

The US Administration had and still has the shameful tendency to turn a blind eye to the sins of their clients and puppets, no matter how evil they were/are. As said by an American blogger, it's 'toxic tribalism' which can may be political, cultural or religious. The idea that an evil brutal dictator person gets a 'pass' for their abysmal behaviour because they belong to the American camp has always been a norm in American foreign policy, and continues to be practised by Trump, indeed locally as well.

Salvador Allende had two major problems vis-a-vis the US Administration in that (1) he was a Marxist and (2) his country Chile has mucho copper, then a vital mineral for telecommunication giants in the US. Yes, his death could be 'foretold'.

And we also know of Trump's current frigging frenetic frantic panic on the virtual eve of the US presidential election in November when he has now been botching up his handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the USA, with approximately 48,000 dead. He wants to divert American voters' attention with his dangerous 'kampong jaguh' show.

Thus the US has sent in an armed aggressive fleet to the South China Sea under the ludicrous excuse of “promoting freedom of navigation and overflight” when none was even threatened. Déjà vu WMD fabrication.

Who the eff believes them except for some gullible guppies (in Malaysia as well, wakakaka).

Hongkie idiots - younger generation stupidly believed Carrot Head would even bother about them, while the older generation cried to Great White Mum 


  1. ccp propagandist start name calling n all sort of strawman cum grandmother story when realised most people still perceived ccp china a bully that could do equally bad if not worst.

    1. Wakakakaka… so typically 台毒 fart!

      Yankee propagandist start name calling n all sort of strawman cum grandmother story when realised most people still perceived uncle Sam a bully that could do equally bad if not worst.

      Simple mah - a taste of its own!

    2. imitation is the highw6st form of flattery, so thanks, but pls ask ccp china dun imitate a bully, its a insult to chinese civilization, yr type is diff though.

    3. Yes, INDEED, imitation is the highw6st form of flattery!

      Especially in fabricating lies with twisted factd as those 台毒水炮 so skillfully exercised.

      That I must give credit where credit is due. Too bad, u r not included as proving time & again of yr lousy wordplay training. HP6master or just dumb student? Take it pick.


      CCP China has more pride than yr bully. The 5000yr of civilisation has many fine examples. No need to imitate ANYBODY as in achieving the 伟大复兴中国梦.

      Eat yr heart out!

  2. What about
    Soviet invasion of Afghanistan,the mother of all the troubles there until today,
    Soviet invasion of Hungary,
    Soviet invasion of Czechoslovskia, , Russian aggression in Syria against its civilian population, toxic and shameful Russian propping up the murderous Assad regime,
    CCP invasion of Korea,
    CCP invasion of Vietnam (Devil kill Devil war though it may be)

    Just turn a blind eye on such evil just because it aligns with your ideology ?

    1. "... aligns with your ideology?"

      Wakakaka, reckless unsubstantiated syiok-sendiri accusations like yours sent many innocent Chinese in Malaya during WWII to decapitation by Japs invaders

    2. Ditto…

      What about
      US invasion of Afghanistan,the mother of all the troubles there until today,
      US invasion of Vietnam,
      US invasion of Iraq, US aggression in Syria against its civilian population, toxic and shameful US propping up the murderous Netanyahu regime

      "CCP invasion of Korea
      CCP invasion of Vietnam (Devil kill Devil war though it may be)


      Wakakakaka… this old moneyed old f*cked, highed on substance abuses & overdosed. Must not just c&p"

      Just turn a blind eye on such evil just because it aligns with your ideology ?

  3. I just love to cucuk KT....

    Yes US is a Bully but so is China, and I would say in this case China is the bigger bully.

    Evil Empire's Gunboat Diplomacy (with no territorial claim)
    Middle Kingdom's "I Want It All So Get Lost" Diplomacy

    China has built at least seven island fortresses, some magically appearing from below the sea; they have runways, hangars, control towers, helipads and radomes. Military aircraft can be seen from spy planes. The Inquirer described the reefs as “island fortresses”. Fiery Cross, Subi, Mischief, McKennan, Johnson South, Gaven and Cuarteron.

    So what's a few US and Oz tin cans sailing by...thumbing their noses at the Chinese. Ha ha ha. Don't let the Big Bully take everything. Check and Balance I say.

    It's not as if our Scorpene submarines can do anything. By the way, what ARE our Scorpenes good for? If not for defending our territorial waters then what? And which Defence Minister bought those tin cans at exorbitant prices?

    1. So u just like to cucuk kt!

      "Yes US is a Bully but so is China, and I would say in this case China is the bigger bully."

      How about cucuk the ketuanan freaks about their spurious claim of bumipuyra status based on an equally spurious historical claim over the orang asal?

      Or u have a selective anemia about historical proof?

  4. Hishamuddin complains about US and Oz warships sailing by but does not complain about China's SEVEN PERMANENT military installations?

    Perhaps he is still hoping that his Chinese "kawan-kawan" can help locate and return Jho Low, that was his promise when he was still in opposition; now he is Big Shot Foreign Minister we are still waiting.....ha ha ha....but KT wouldn't know this as he is not an expert on 1MDB.

    Malaysian interests safe in maritime dispute, says Hisham
    Reuters - April 23, 2020

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia remains committed to safeguarding its interests and rights in the South China Sea, Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said today, amid a standoff between Chinese and Malaysian vessels in the disputed waters.

    US and Australian warships arrived in the South China Sea this week near an area where a Chinese government survey vessel has been operating close to a drillship contracted by state oil company Petronas, regional security sources have said.

    Hishammuddin said any disputes should be resolved through peaceful means.

    “While international law guarantees the freedom of navigation, the presence of warships and vessels in the South China Sea has the potential to increase tensions that in turn may result in miscalculations which may affect peace, security and stability in the region,” he said in a statement.

    Hishamuddin confirms reaching out to Chinese officials to track Jho Low
    Adam Aziz
    October 22, 2018

    KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 22): Former defence minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein confirmed today that he is reaching out to "friends from the past" among Chinese officials to track down the alleged 1MDB fiasco mastermind, businessman Low Taek Jho or Jho Low.