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Anwar the boy who cried wolf & Mahathir the wolf who cried

As usual, it's in RPK's inimitable entertaining style. I know many of you dislike if not hate RPK but that's your problem. And you don't have to read his post(s). However, if you like, you can read the current post yourself (link above).

But in short, it's a criticism of Anwar being the political boy who keeps on crying 'wolf' including his recent meeting with Muhyiddin, wakakaka. Of course RPK would be right about Anwar crying 'wolf' on one particular episode, namely, 916.

Karpal excoriated Lim KHAT Siang for inconsistent stand on party-hopping

but alas, Karpal was just 'pissing into the wind' 

Nonetheless, in sympathy for a long-suffering Anwar, I wrote in his defence at Malaysia-Today the following:

Anwar suffers from three problems, namely:

(a) He has long been in love with his own verbosity - others who suffer from this malaise have been Lim KS and the late Sanusi Junid (who could humorously hold a debate in a number of languages, Malay and English of course, and German and Mandarin, and even, as I heard, plantation Tamil).

Maybe a former debater like Syed Saddiq may turn out to be the King of them all, wakakaka. Most of them are/was narcissists who we have been informed have most of the following traits:

i. grandiose sense of self-importance
ii. preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
iii. belief they’re special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions
iv. need for excessive admiration
v. sense of entitlement
vi. interpersonally exploitative behavior
vii. lack of empathy
viii. envy of others or a belief that others are envious of them
ix. demonstration of arrogant and haughty behaviors or attitudes.

The word 'narcissist' comes from:

The Myth of Narcissus and Echo

Narcissus was a handsome hunter who broke the hearts of the many women. Despite their love, he remained aloof and arrogant. Pridefully, he held them in disdain.

Meanwhile, the beautiful forest nymph Echo had incurred the ire of the goddess Juno (kt note: Juno is Roman, Hera in Greek), who punished Echo for talking too much by depriving her of free expression. From then on, she could only repeat the last words of others. 

Echo spotted Narcissus and became infatuated. She longed for his attention, but he was fixated on himself. She tried to call out to him, yet couldn’t.

One day, Narcissus became separated from his hunting companions and called out, “Is anyone there?” Echo could only repeat his words. Startled, he said, “Come here,” which Echo repeated. Echo jubilantly rushed to Narcissus, but he spurned her, saying, “Hands off! May I die before you enjoy my body.”

Humiliated and rejected, Echo fled in shame. Nevertheless, her love for Narcissus grew.

To punish Narcissus for his arrogance, Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, put a spell on him. When Narcissus next noticed his reflection in a pool of water, love overtook him. He believed that he’d finally found someone worthy of his love and became entirely absorbed with his own beautiful image, not realizing it was actually himself.

Unable to get Narcissus’ attention, Echo’s obsession and depression grew. As the years passed, she lost her youth and beauty pining away for unattainable Narcissus until she wasted away, only leaving behind her echoing voice.

Narcissus eventually committed suicide, consumed by his impossible love, leaving a flower in his place.

named after the mythological Narcissus 

(b) His long perhaps unjust denial of the PM post since 1998 (22 years) plus years of incarceration,

(c) His advance age, now almost 73 years old.

Because of the above three problems, he now tends to project himself even more, in order to capture what he has lost over the last 22 years before it becomes too late for him (not everyone can live up to 95).

Mind, he has been doing this since he was released after his first jail term, hence the silly 916 which even AAB could tell was just a long-frustrated boy crying out 'Wolf' 3 times. AAB informed the press, saying: "I know Anwar all too well; if he really has those figures (30 frogs), he would have barged into my office and demanded my seat immediately". Wakakaka.

I used to oppose (attack) Anwar Ibrahim but since lately I feel very sorry for this man who has been kowtim-ed severely and cruelly by Mahathir, who even at this late stage still unrepentantly backstabbed Anwar (and indeed will continue to do so) - no one, not even Anwar, deserves such a blackhearted, wicked and evil retribution.

I couldn't help but smile (nay, I guffawed wakakaka's) on reading RPK's narrative "Anwar Ibrahim does not seem to realise that every time he opens his mouth people are put off and cringe in pain. And when he adds his smile to his words…crikey…you lose your mood for sex for a whole month" - indeed, wakakaka again and again.

But still, I have to point out RPK made perhaps an unconscious error (typo???) when he also wrote: "The Agong then summoned all 222 MPs to the Istana (220 turned up) and Tuanku asked each of the 220 MPs one-by-one who they support as PM8 (Muhyiddin Yassin or Anwar Ibrahim)".

No, it was not about whether those 220 MPs support "Muhyiddin or Anwar" but rather "Muhyiddin or Mahathir", where Mahathir lost the PM slot, hopefully forevermore.

The sinister scheming of Mahathir has been frightfully staggering even for our nation's known unrepentant dictator, that he had recently (post Harapan PM) wanted to be a new PM of a (his very own) government that would become unaccountable to voters but ONLY to him, his whims, fancies, and dictates, oh, and don't forget, his Car No 3 too.


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  1. KT is so clever he can expound why so and so can never be PM. But KT never say who he thinks should be.

    On Feb 25, 2020 KT blogged and gave 5 reasons as to "Why I prefer a General Election".

    1. Getting Rid of Toonsie
    (TS comment: we didn't need a GE for this, it's done via a coup de etat)

    2. Allow voters to vote on facts, clinical assessment without the emotional hatred aroused, fake news from both sides, and rubbery manifesto promises in GE14.
    (TS comment: please don't patronise Malaysian voters KT, the BN government was defeated, despite the incredible odds)

    3. A more stable government will be elected
    (TS comment: KT really so naive...ha ha ha...)

    4. 4th advantage will likely see, regardless of who is the winner, a return of the more practical GST instead of a dodgy (full-of-loopholes) SST.
    (TS comment: again we don't need a GE for this, we have a Pintu Belakang PN government now so why isn't KT pushing for GST....?)

    The 5th advantage will likely see post-election a lessening of the current very racial rants and insinuations pumping out of racist political parties.
    (See TS comment to point 3)

    So I have one question for KT: Who should be PM; if not Anwar then......?