Sunday, April 26, 2020

Did Nobita ate all the food aid?


Ex-minister claims food hijacked by PN parties

CORONAVIRUS | Ipoh Barat MP M Kulasegaran claimed that food prepared by the Welfare Department meant for the needy in his constituency were handed to Umno, PAS and Bersatu representatives.

However, he said there was no evidence that the food actually reached the intended recipients - poor households in the B40 category.

"The fact that these parties do not electorally represent the Ipoh Barat constituency is a secondary matter.

"More importantly, we ask why such an important aid did not reach the most vulnerable," said Kulasegaran, who was former human resources minister, in a statement today.

The Women, Community and Family Development Ministry, which oversees the Welfare Department, had prepared food baskets with essential items for 1,000 households for every constituency.

In constituencies represented by the opposition, the distribution mechanism has not been consistent.

On April 13, Malaysiakini had reported that the Welfare Department generally would contact the local MP for nominees of food basket recipients since they should know their constituents best.

Often, that would be the last the local MPs will hear from the Welfare Department.

Kulasegaran said there should be transparency in the process.

Meanwhile, he said that 1,500 families have reached out to him for food assistance and that he and his team were helping about 200 families.

"We have also been supporting three NGOs who are working tirelessly and around the clock to prepare and distribute food to about 1,500 persons on a daily basis.

"Sadly, with limited financial resources and manpower which can only come from the federal government, there are many families and their children who are going to bed hungry every night during this extraordinary time," he said.

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