Friday, April 17, 2020

Story of Anwar Ibrahim and PAS


Anwar pays tribute to PAS of old

PKR president Anwar Ibrahim says he holds the Islamist party in high regard, especially the late leaders Fadzil Noor and Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat

GEORGE TOWN: PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today paid tribute to the PAS of old, saying the party was not as bad as it was touted to be, save for attacks made by its current leadership.

He said despite the attacks, he held the Islamist party in high regard, especially the late leaders Fadzil Noor and Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, whom he described as “very dear and good friends”.

Indeed Mahathir lives 'cukup panjang' but his heart is so black he can't see his faults and sinsFadzil Noor loved Anwar, and had virtually anointed him as his successor, to be President of PAS, wakakaka

But Anwar broke Fadzil's heart when he was head-hunted by Mahathir and lompat into UMNO

“I will not forget the goodwill of PAS leaders when I was in a lot of hardship. PKR was formed with the blessings and tremendous support of Fadzil,” he said during a Facebook session with his fans.

“Tok Guru (Nik Aziz) was also a close friend. Although I am not a PAS member, he always prayed for me to be a successful prime minister.

But Guan Eng miserably failed the late Pak Nik Aziz 

“So, I am not going to slam PAS, for it is a party with a glorious history.

“But yet I don’t agree with the current treachery (khianat) and its president’s statements,” he said in reference to PAS being part of the Perikatan Nasional government.

Anwar, who is Port Dickson MP, said he would often defend PAS when delivering lectures in the US and Europe when people asked him about the party’s “Taliban-esque” character.

He said he would often reply that PAS was a good party that operated within the confines of the Federal Constitution and the law.

Anwar said he was not in agreement with PAS over the issue of hudud.

“Whatever it is, I will never agree that PAS is driving the country to destruction, far from it,” he said in response to a question posed by a fan on Facebook.

Anwar’s fallout with PAS leaders was apparent before the fall of the Pakatan Harapan government in February.

PAS leaders were quick to dismiss calls for Anwar to be made prime minister after Dr Mahathir Mohamad quit. The party eventually swept into federal power when Muhyiddin Yassin’s Perikatan Nasional coalition government was formed.

when still in Pakatan Rakyat, Hadi objected strenuously to level 3 (town council) elections because he reckoned that PAS candidates won't stand a chance of being elected in urban areas dominated by urban Malays and nons

so he warned that local elections might bring about another May 13

what a black-hearted man to threaten May 13 on Malaysians just because of a few seats on local town councils

PAS has often seen Anwar to be in cahoots with its enemy, the DAP.

First of all, let's get rid of the myth that PAS and DAP are inevitable irredeemable irreconcilable enemies. Hadn't they worked together in Pakatan Rakyat, when at one stage (pre-2013) the DAP had even contemplated using the PAS logo for GE13 (because it feared that RoS might de-register the Rocket Party and send its candidates into using payongs, teh-koh and topi, wakakaka)?


Today the enmity between PAS and DAP has more to do with the personalities of the two parties' leaders. Look mate, DAP leaders had adored Pak Haji Nik Aziz but admittedly they detest Pak Haji Hadi, more so after the late Mursyidul Am left us for a happier place.

And the difference between the two Pak Haji's, Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang?

The former was truly a humble spiritually inclined Islamic leader whilst the latter was more of a Malay Nationalist than an Islamic leader - note his 513 threat and his more-materialistic political ambitions.

Would a supra-ethnic (above race) leader like Allahyarham Tuan Guru Dato' Bentara Setia Haji Nik Abdul Aziz bin Nik Mat ever attend the 'Malay Dignity' Congress, apart from the fact that the late Pak Haji detested Mahathir?

Mahathir's Malay Dignity Congress, contrived mainly for shoring up his somewhat-weakened status in Malay eyes, but which Pak Haji Hadi played his complicit Malay-nationalistic part

Then, it's known that Pak Haji Hadi dislikes Anwar Ibrahim immensely because of, as many suspect, JEALOUSY.

It seems Pak Haji Hadi has not quite gotten over the fact that the late PAS President Fadzil Noor had virtually anointed Anwar to be his successor as PAS party president, thus by-passing poor Pak Haji Hadi - in other words, seeing Anwar as several notches above party-insider Hadi Awang.

Imagine how Pak Haji Hadi must have felt, wakakaka.

Furthermore, when Anwar was languishing in prison, Pakatan Rakyat had upheld his wife Wan Azizah as the coalition leader. Eff it, if Pakatan Rakyat needed a Malay leader why couldn't it be him (seeing Azmin Ali was considerably younger). Worse, those idiotic nons, who knew eff-all about Islamic tradition and culture, had to pick a woman as the coalition leader.

And don't we remember how Wan Azizah was sabotaged in her nomination as MB by Selangor PR, by none other than ... wakakaka.

And that's why Anwar Ibrahim, after eulogising former PAS leaders, Allahyahum Fadzil Noor and Allahyarhum Nik Aziz, said of the current PAS leadership: 

“But yet I don’t agree with the current treachery (khianat) and its president’s statements.”



  1. KT should be magnanimous like Anwar.

    Please pay tribute to DAP "of old"....ha ha ha....KT was a past penyokong kuat; what happened, was there any leadership change like in PAS...?

    1. yes, from a clean democratic fully accountable fighter into a dirty complicit opaque mafulat crony (of Mahathir)

  2. hadi lead pas into pas most glorious era, msia first backdoor govt.