Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sarawak Report alleges Anwar Ibrahim had majority support of Parliament and should be PM8

Extracts from Sarawak Report:

Time To Step Up To The Plate 'PM8' - Face Your Sovereign Parliament And Stop Embarrassing Malaysia

After defectors tipped up the table with their secretly planned coup in February, the former prime minister, veteran leader Dr Mahathir, requested an emergency recall of Parliament to test who had the majority. That was the correct thing to do under the constitution.

However, he was outmanoeuvred, thanks to his own botched resignation, and the Agong took his opportunity to decide that, according to his apparent soundings, one of the defectors – the so-called ‘PM8′, who had pretended allegiance to Mahathir until the last moment – commanded the confidence of the majority of MPs.

How the Agong reached that honest conclusion is his particular constitutional role. However, it conflicted with the actual statements the King/Agong had troubled to take from each and every MP who were all invited to attend the palace to extend their preference.

From that MP’s roster, which has been leaked, it could be divined that the PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, had the majority support (reportedly 92 votes) and that his Harapan colleague and leader, the former prime minster, Dr Mahathir, came second (reportedly 65 votes).

Out of a total of 220 MPs the current ‘PM8′ came nowhere.

Nevertheless, it is the particular constitutional right of the Agong to come to his honest conclusions as to the actual views of MPs, which he declared to be in favour of ‘PM8′.

That was the Agong’s role completed. The next stage is for the proposed most popular candidate to prove that he can indeed command a majority in Parliament. The deposed PM7 was absolutely and constitutionally correct to demand that the sovereign body of Malaysia, which is Parliament (the voted represented body of the people) should be recalled to confirm that honest, best guesstimate which had been put forward by the Agong. Period.

Instead, the unconfirmed ‘PM8′ chose to prorogue Parliament, which had been scheduled to resume the following week. Everyone agreed openly that this was because in ‘traditional Malaysian style’ he needed more time to buy supporters before daring to test his previously non-existent support. How embarrassing is that for Malaysia, which since GE14 had convinced many in the world that it was emerging into a more modern, law abiding government?

For an unconfirmed PM to prorogue Parliament to avoid a vote of confidence is definitely illegal and was an abuse of the royal prerogative by ‘PM8′. Sarawak Report can say this with confidence, because at the end of last year the UK’s Boris Johnson tried to pull a similar trick, because he also had a numbers issue and wanted to avoid being constantly defeated over Brexit.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament was ‘an outrage and a threat to our democracy’, saying he was ‘appalled at the recklessness of Johnson’s government, which talks about sovereignty and yet is seeking to suspend parliament to avoid scrutiny of its plans for a reckless No Deal Brexit.’

However, Britain’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the UK’s PM had acted illegally in doing so, since it conflicted with the sovereign rights of Parliament as the overall decision making chamber. Boris was forced to call an election instead.

Probably owing to the descent of the Covid 19 crisis the unconfirmed ‘PM8′ has managed to avoid any such legal contest and he got away with delaying Parliament until the last date allowed under the constitution between sittings, which is May 18th. That ought to give him enough time, it was widely reckoned in Malaysia, to perpetrate enough corrupt practices to ‘buy over’ enough MPs!

Firstly and MOST strikingly, the author, the notorious Claire Rewcastle Brown, has, euphemistically no doubt, imputed throughout her writings the dishonesty on the Agong's part in his royal conclusion that Muhyiddin has majority of parliamentary support to become PM8.

Claire Brown has already been sued by the Sultanah of Terengganu for RM100 million for smearing her royal name.


The High Court in Kuala Lumpur has found that Terengganu's Sultanah Nur Zahirah has proven she has a case in her defamation suit against Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown. As such, the court has ordered for the London-based editor to be present in court for the trial.

Sultanah Nur Zahirah had sued Rewcastle-Brown, Gerakbudaya Enterprise publisher Chong Ton Sin and printer Vinlin Press Sdn Bhd over a passage in the book, The Sarawak Report: The Inside Story of the 1MDB Expose. The sultana alleged the passage linked her to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal and fugitive businessperson Jho Low.

The plaintiff claimed that the statements implied that she was involved in corrupt acts and had interfered in the administration of Terengganu. Sultanah Nur Zahirah is seeking RM100 million in damages ...

I have a number of questions, wakakaka:

(1) I wonder whether the Agong in his public office is also allowed to sue Claire Brown? I hope so, wakakaka.

(2) Claire Brown wrote, inter alia, that From that MP’s roster, which has been leaked, it could be divined that the PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim, had the majority support ...

Report leaked by whom? That's the dirty disingenuous deviousness of such a narration, dropping names but with no name, wakakaka.

And from that unknown 'leak' (of questionable provenance, wakakaka) she could even inform us that in the countdown to the preferred PM8, Anwar received 92 votes (or MP support), Mahathir only 65 and thus Muhyiddin, though his support was not mentioned by Claire Brown, had by deduction from 220 (2 MP were absent) only 63 votes, almost the same as Atuk.

Before we continue with the dissection of Claire Brown's narration, let's see whether Anwar's 92 is credible. DAP had/has 45, Amanah 11, and PKR (minus 11 Dwarfs) 39, so the 92 looks quite credible with an extra 3 to spare.

But that's assuming the DAP had en bloc supported Anwar. I have a very sneaky suspicion there could well be quite a number (not many though) of DAP 'leaders' who still adores and ampu Atuk, wakakaka.

(3) Then Claire Brown wrote that the current covid-19 MCO has held in abeyance the due parliament session and ... ought to give him [Muhyiddin, that is] enough time, it was widely reckoned in Malaysia, to perpetrate enough corrupt practices to ‘buy over’ enough MPs!

Has she any proof or has been slandering Muhyiddin also?

(4) I wonder who Claire Brown, a nasty gun/pen for hire, is writing for now, wakakaka.


  1. i strongly believe sarawak report number is more credible than ccp n their propagandist one. pray tell who in dap suppprt the conman?

  2. I would put it this way, she is more convincing than you'll ever be, whoever she is writing for now at least they are getting their moneys worth compared to your one trick repetitive act

  3. That's the English Mak Lampir"s trademark "so called evidence" by " name dropping with no name". Very easy la her job like dat one, just throw in another fiction and most gullible yuppies would believe her hook line n sinker.

    She must be a scizo.

    Wish the agong would find time to sue her panty down.

    1. "... to sue her panty down" - her panty down?

      Omigosh, what a horrifying sight that would be, what a horrifying thought! Ugh, wakakaka

    2. but no one show us any number yet until today.

      similar to those chinese live under ccp regime, n thais that live under the 20 mistress king, we r mute.

  4. "Report leaked by whom? That's the dirty disingenuous deviousness of such a narration, dropping names but with no name, wakakaka."

    " I wonder who Claire Brown, a nasty gun/pen for hire, is writing for now, wakakaka."

    How come KT never once called RpuKi dirty, disingenuous or devious ? That MabukLiar writes such horrendous dahsyat "news" and "analysis" enough to make the flesh crawl. And that Manchester Monster slanders and character assassinates like he's high on ketum mixed with Johnny Walker.

    But unlike Claire Brown, everyone knows who hires RpuKi, that nasty gun/pen for hire, hehehe.

    KT himself should also asked himself that very question he asked about Ms Claire Brown ? wa ka ka ka ka

  5. Clare's track record is pretty good. >95% accuracy. Some mistakes expected in investigative journalism. I would give her the benefit of the doubt.

    The dead give-away is if Muhyiddin did have majority support why didn't he convene parliament in March?

    1. Totally agree, what was he afraid of if he was confident of getting the vote. Disappointed with this demonstration of democracy.

  6. As far as I can see PM8 is unconstitutional, & that's a bloody shame as well as a dhaba on so called democracy practised here.