Sunday, April 19, 2020

He'll sit where it suits his own interests

Star Online:

Where will Dr M sit?

By Joceline Tan.

Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad in Dewan Rakyat


There will be no debates or motions at next month’s Parliament meeting but there will be a numbers game which Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin intends to win.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been to the Prime Minister’s office many times in the last two years but his most recent visit was perhaps the most controversial.

Hours after the Opposition Leader emerged from his meeting with Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the rumours and accusations started flying that Anwar was giving the new government too much face and even that he was cutting a deal with the Prime Minister.

His PKR comrades were upset that the visit would be construed as endorsing what the Pakatan Harapan Opposition has labelled as a backdoor government.

It was apparently none of the above and Anwar, said his long-time friend Prof Datuk Dr Redzuan Othman, had initially resisted the meeting because of the implications involved.

Anwar only went after being persuaded by several emissaries and he has since insisted that he met Muhyiddin in the context of the coronavirus crisis and in the national interest.

Whichever way one looks at it, the meeting sends a powerful message of some sort of detente between two adversaries, that you can be on opposite sides and still have discussions.

Kok Lanas assemblyman Datuk Alwi Che Ahmad said it was also about the Prime Minister showing respect for the new Opposition Leader because, as some have noted, it was the first time an Opposition Leader has been invited for a private meeting with a sitting Prime Minister.

Retire lah, and I'll make you His Excellency Eminent Elder Statesman, OK? 

It must also have been quite an awkward meeting because Muhyiddin is occupying the seat which Anwar thought would be his by now.

Muhyiddin wanted to personally update Anwar on the management of the crisis. He also wanted to explain why the Parliament sitting on May 18 could not be about business as usual and why stringent measures were needed.

There must have been a consensus because a few days later, the government announced a one-day Parliament sitting, no questions or motions would be accepted and only matters related to Covid-19 would be discussed.

What might have been a highly-political Parliament sitting is likely to be the least political sitting in a long while.

Dei, in future don't stand by my side, I still have a name to maintain 😂😂😂

Let Pak Haji take that position

Actually, similar scenes have played out at state assemblies across the country.

“We had to reset everything. Our sitting in Kelantan adjourned after only 45 minutes, ” said Alwi.

He said the Sultan’s speech was read out by the Mentri Besar and two state enactments were passed without debate.

“We need to get our priorities right. This is not the time to play politics, ” said Alwi.

Unless you want to eff Anwar, DAP and Amanah, wakakaka, as follows (extracts from letter above):

... the party of Anwar Ibrahim (Parti Keadilan Rakyat, PKR) which is a pragmatic secular party comprising members of various races and also have ideological differences such as the Malay Muslim secular and also groups of non-Muslims from the Chinese and Indians, most of them being Christian.

Dei, Pak Haji, your "most of them being Christians" constitutes only 9% of Malaysians - what about our followers?

Also together is The Democratic Action Party (DAP), which has a predominantly Christian majority Chinese membership, a remnant of a banned communist party and liberal thinkers. Together with them are the liberal-secular Islam-oriented National Trust Party (AMANAH), formed by Anwar Ibrahim and DAP leaders

The Kedah assembly sitting earlier this month also ended after several hours and the Sultan’s speech was distributed to the assemblymen.

Politicians from both sides of the divide have generally refrained from harping on politics but it is no secret that the Opposition had been sharpening their knives for a showdown on May 18.

It is unclear whether the King will be present to deliver the royal address in Parliament but one side of the political divide secretly hopes he will be there because it will be a boost to the new administration.

Muhyiddin has averted the potential embarrassment that a stormy debate would have whipped up, especially given that the Opposition bench with at least 94 MPs, is at its biggest ever.

However, Muhyiddin needs to win the numbers game in a convincing fashion on May 18.

Everyone will be counting how many MPs are with Perikatan Nasional and more important, where Malaysia’s grand old man Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad will be seated.

The ice between the Bersatu chairman and his party president has yet to thaw and he has resisted attempts at a reconciliation.

I'm the ONLY person who is capable of running Malaysia well 

But Muhyiddin’s administration is grateful that Dr Mahathir, through his social media statements, has shown support for the measures taken on the coronavirus issue and given professional suggestions on what needs to be done.

They see it as a stamp of approval for the government’s crisis management.

But a Bersatu insider said the Langkawi MP did not want to be seated on the government bench because “he does not want to sit with the kleptocrats”.

The insider said Dr Mahathir preferred to be seated on the Opposition bench rather than on the same side as his arch-nemesis Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The Bersatu MPs who are likely to go along with Dr Mahathir are Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman and Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah.

But the thing is that many in Pakatan want to move on without Dr Mahathir.

“Those in PKR do not want to engage him anymore. They feel betrayed, they think it is time to move forward, ” said Dr Redzuan.

Dr Mahathir’s name sounds like “horse” in Chinese and during the general election campaign, DAP told the Chinese to ride on “lao mah” or old horse to get to power.

'lao mah' stands for 'mafulat moo-moo' (from Kerala )

The horse did take Pakatan to Putrajaya but the horse has since thrown them off the saddle and Pakatan politicians do not want to get on the horse again.

In that sense, Dr Mahathir might be less than welcomed on the Opposition side.

But Muhyiddin would want him on the government bench. It will help to paper over the perception that the party is split.

“I am sure he will be given a respectful place on the government bench as a Bersatu leader and former PM, ” said PKR politician Lee Chin Cheh.

Pakatan sokong for Atuk to go to PN bench 

Despite the pandemic, many things have fallen into place for Muhyiddin since he took over Putrajaya but will his first Parliament sitting as Prime Minister go his way?


  1. One day state assembly sittings are alright, if they are democratically elected assemblies (ie not back-door) and they don't need approval for a 250 billion rescue budget.

  2. conman is always flexible, he can sit anywhere he likes, just like some ccp propagandist, they go everywhere.

    1. Oh no...none dare go like you "democratic" guys where few dare to guys went so far fact, neck deep into them buttholes ( or as per your Orange Buffoon, shitholes ) of your white masters. Once in, inhale deeply and indulge in the glorious farts of those masters of fake chants of such nobleness...freedom, gentlemanly fairplay, equality...he he he he. Full of shits that's what you gangs are, wakakakaka.

    2. we wan to hv the right to vote a govt, thats democratic. if u hv problem with tat, u can always support pn. do as u said ok kah?

    3. from scmp

      "Beijing has moved to tighten its grip over the South China Sea by setting up new administrative structures in the disputed waters. The two new districts will be under the authority of the local government in Sansha, a city in the southern island of Hainan."

      without the american n whites, u really think kt uncle who i dun know serve australia or msia can help? what abt u n ck, join the pla?

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      From scmp!

      Yr famed two-headed snake media, allowed to spread bipartisan fake news under the one-country-two-systems u so condemned about.

      What's so wrong about this piece of shit that u r using yr 台毒 cocooned mindset to twist?

      "Beijing has moved to tighten its grip over the South China Sea by setting up new administrative structures in the disputed waters. The two new districts will be under the authority of the local government in Sansha, a city in the southern island of Hainan."

      AND why should the american n whites have a say in a territory that they have zilch jurisdictions?

      Oooop… they r yr oversee-ed masters mah. Everything must have the masters' interests as yr FIRST MOST consideration, regardless of the truth of the local issues.

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      The 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is a piece of US coordinated trash that has been tweaked to ignored historical hereditary claims used in China's justifications.

      The most glaring US insidious fact of quoting this piece of maritime convention is US itself is not a signatory to any of the UN maritime regulations!

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      How about yr 蔡妹妹?They belongs to her oversee-ed Yankee master to roam free, right?

    8. y song n ming? what abt qin han tang? no record? so yr history start at song?

      i dun know abt chai or usa, i believe it belong to msia. i am 100% on maia side. when join pla pray tell.

    9. Mfer, for a nonchinese obviously u know farts about the history of 南沙群岛!

      中国人在汉代便发现了南沙群岛,此在东汉杨孚《异物志》 、三国时万震的《南国异物志》、东吴将领康泰的《扶南传》等书中均有记载。

      But I preferred late Song/early Ming bcoz that's the time that the southern coastal fishermen had constantly referred to a MAP《更路簿》 in helping them to navigate through the treacherous water course & providing temporary shelters amongst the islets & shoals of the 南沙群岛.

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