Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Azmin Ali and Gerakan

According to DAP's Liew Chin Tong, the rumours some months ago about Azmin Ali joining Gerakan did have strong grounds.

Gerak lah, Sayang, Gerak ... KAN 

We know there exists strong kamcheng among Azmin (now PRIBUMI, earlier PKR), Muhyiddin and Hishamuddin (UMNO). All three are thinking of a new party and eff-ing PRIBUMI for good.

The bloke who's pushing for a NEW party (or using an old but now kosong-one like Gerakan) has been Azmin because he wants some space for his non-Malay supporters, eg. Santhara, Maria Chin, Tian Chua, etc, wakakaka.

But I believe Mahathir's resigning abruptly offered another unexpected opportunity for Azmin and Muhyiddin to temporarily put aside the Gerakan option in order to kowtim an arrogant nyanyiok-liao Mahathir. But soon and inevitably, GE15 will arrive, so the Gerakan dress may be useful. Hey, we may yet see in the future, PM Azmi Sembu---nyi.

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  1. y cant the backdoor pm n his backdoor sm (wakaka) just start a new parti pintu belakang? i am no fan of lce but i still think he dispise backdoor pervert, i worry he might hv to wake up n kick whoever in gerakan that reveptive to tis backdoor idea.