Monday, April 09, 2018

Mahathir's Karma (2)

MM Online - Ku Li: Dr Mahathir’s problems because of karma (extracts):

Razaleigh dismissed Dr Mahathir’s prediction that Umno will become irrelevant by 2020, saying that Umno has changed greatly compared to Dr Mahathir’s tenure when he ruled with 'an iron fist'

Picture by Miera Zulyana

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s problems today are caused by karma, said Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, who once challenged the former for the Umno presidency.

Mingguan Malaysia reported the Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as saying this was the case when Dr Mahathir’s new party, Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), was temporarily suspended, forcing the PPBM chairman and former prime minister to contest under the logo of PKR, with PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as his “boss”.

PKR was formed after Dr Mahathir sacked his then deputy Anwar from Cabinet in 1998.

Tengku Razaleigh also dismissed Dr Mahathir’s prediction that Umno will become irrelevant by 2020, saying that Umno has changed greatly compared to Dr Mahathir’s tenure when he ruled with “an iron fist”.

“He can say all he wants, but Umno will continue to live on and thrive with the support of the Malays.

“It used to be 'in with the new Umno (under Dr. Mahathir) and out with the old'. He placed no new conditions, and youths, intellectuals and teachers ended up joining PAS,” Tengku Razaleigh was quoted saying during a ceremony at SMK Bandar Machang yesterday.

He further claimed BN’s collapse in Kelantan in 1990 was due to the people’s rejection of Dr Mahathir.

“I was not involved in 1990. I became the president of Semangat 1990 because I wanted to bring back the old Umno, and brought a motion into Parliament to revitalise it since the new Umno under Mahathir had all kinds of conditions with it.

“Under his chafing rule a new party constitution was written among other things to maintain his power. That is not democracy but authoritarianism,” Tengku Razaleigh said.

Ku Li has a slightly different take to Karamjit Singh, who penned History Will Come Back To Haunt Us which I retitled as Mahathir's Karma, wakakaka.

Rather, Ku Li sees Mahathir being punished by Karma in his Pribumi (and the Old man himself) being now required to use PKR's logo in GE14. It's the ultimate insult and irony for the Old Man who hated (perhaps still does) Anwar. If that's not a full depiction of Karma at work, what then is?

Indeed, with Pribumi being temporarily suspended, the dire political situation has left Mahathir with no choice but to swallow his humongous pride and accept that his Pribumi will have to contest under the logo of PKR, the party of his once bête noire, namely Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar by virtue of being the de facto boss of PKR, has effectively become Mahathir's 'boss', wakakaka, despite Mahathir being Pakatan's PM-designate. That's only because Anwar remains in jail.

The agreement is Mahathir shall hand over the PM-rial reins to Anwar in 2 years time, and whether he does honour that or not (which by Mahathir's abysmal record of no 'gee k'ee' means he won't) is not the topic in this post.

Anyway, I hope Anwar is at least having the last laugh.

But it's not just that. Mahathir is suffering a TRIPLE setback, namely:

(1) as just mentioned, he has now to kowtow in a fashion to Tai-Koe Anwar when he and his Pribumi use Anwar's party logo,

most appropriate considering Mahathir loves the Japs


(2) he has to now ampu his most-disliked Chinese (a feeling he has since before 1969) again for their votes, as he did before in 1999, then promising Suqui its 17-points request just to get their votes but subsequently dishonouring not only his pledge to them but launching an attack on Suqui, comparing its members to communists and Al-Ma’unah extremists.

As I have posted at BolehTalk a FMT article titled Election opportunists and ‘Chinese racism’ but which I re-titled 'Mahathir now desires his Chinese racists', the 2nd title says it all about Mahathir's attitude to the Chinese Malaysian voters, but worse he has to also ampu Lim Kit Siang as a conduit to Chinese support, when he hates LKS.

for years LKS valiantly carried the opposition flag against Mahathir - he and the late Karpal Sing were my top heroes

it's so sad, heart-breaking, that LKS betrayed the 'true believers' in the end

(3) he has to, as Hadi Awang had sneered at him recently, 'lick his own spit'.

Hadi Awang said this when Mahathir pledged to repeal the Universities and University Colleges Act (AUKU) 1974 if Pakatan wins GE14.

That, Hadi said, may be viewed as 'licking his own spit', because Hadi reminded us, AUKU was created during Mahathir's time to silence the voice of students.

And that was not the only incident of Mahathir 'licking his own spit' because a significant number of items in the PH election manifesto has been made up of pledges to reverse Mahathir's PM-rial policies and draconian policies, like Anwar hypocritically blasting govt refusal to restore royal veto.


  1. The fact is Mahathir is powerless now. Thus, he needs his foes Anwar, Kit Siang and Mat Sabu to assist him to unseat Najib.
    He is so precarious sehingga dia sanggup menjilat ludahnya sendiri.

    Anwar, Kit Siang, and Mat Sabu scorn Mahathir/UMNO/BN so much dan meludah Mahathir/UMNO/BN. But now those unprinciples also sanggup menjilat ludah mereka sendiri senhingga sanggup bersekongkol menjadikan Mahathir sebagai numero uno mereka.

    The Malays have to choose either Najib, Hadi or Mahathir. The majority of orang Tionghua kita sudah tahu siapa yang akan mereka pilih. Sudah tentulah mereka akan memilih mereka-mereka yang telah menjilat ludah mereka sendiri.

  2. Abrahamic religions do not subscribe to Karma.

    To them God / Yahweh / Allah / Elohim / Elyon / El Shaddai / Al-Rahman / Al-Rahim is all knowing and almighty.

  3. Please stop claiming being Principled. You have no shame in equating a 17k backed AP with another 60k backed AP? Mana Maruah?

    1. It is the impact of development and urbanization. Received support from 129 MPs against 80 opposing.

    2. With tongkat inducements lah!

    3. Okay, noted, maruah tak ada.

    4. Plus those who elected them, either blurry, dedak induced & zombieic brain washed!

  4. Flashback........Razaleigh.....Have you forgotten? Hahahaha......

    I bet this cheebye kaytee will twist this to his favour....hahahaha

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