Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mahathir taking a leaf out of Anwar's book?

MM Online - ‘Well-known BN leaders’ looking to join Pakatan, Dr M claims (extracts):

PETALING JAYA, April 24 — Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today claimed that several Barisan Nasional representatives had approached him to join his coalition.

Without revealing names, Dr Mahathir said these representatives were fed up with BN’s administration and thus wanted to leave for PH. [...]

Separately, Dr Mahathir said PH was confident of a bigger win in the coming election, attributing his prediction to the massive crowds that have been attending his ceramahs.

“If you follow our ceramah, you will know there at least 20,000 people attending our talks.

“And these people are not brought in buses, given food or paid RM100 like the other party,” he said.

Likewise with Anwar Ibrahim campaigning prior to 2008, when massive crowds attended his speeches even when the weather wasn't conducive.

But they came to satiate their curiosity rather than to lend support, because the election outcomes for PKR and allies did not reflect the support of the participating massive crowds. Anwar then was an outback novelty, his rally a festive event-opportunity for family outings and such-likes rather than a show of political support.

Thus, it's still too early to equate crowd attendance with actual votes for Mahathir.

But far more interesting has been Mahathir's claim that several un-named BN representatives (presumably mostly UMNO) had approached him to join his coalition because they were fed up with BN’s administration.

'... several un-named BN representatives ...', wakakaka. 

It's far more interesting because it reminds me of Anwar Ibrahim's gambit in 2008 after the general election which saw BN winning by 140 seats to Pakatan's 82.

Anwar then claimed he had won over 30 of the BN MP's which would have given him the magic figure of 112 MPs in Pakatan, a one-seat majority in parliament but nonetheless a majority, and the right to form the ruling government.

His target date for "taking over" from AAB was 16 September 2008, abbreviated to a Malaysian-ised 916.

He also demanded AAB call for a fresh election to deal with the impasse, wakakaka. But AAB wisely ignored Anwar's poker bluff, him saying (words to the effect) "I know Anwar. If he has the numbers he would have already stormed into my office to take over."

Anwar then blamed a stoic couldn't-be-bothered AAB, who must have laughed silently at the manmanlai bullshit, for "blocking a smooth transition of power from the government to the opposition block", wakakaka again.

T'was reported by Malaysiakini that Anwar who is Pakatan Rakyat’s prime minister-designate said the opposition had exhausted every possible constitutional and conventional way to accomplish a “peaceful and orderly take-over of the federal government”.

Excuse me while I wakakaka again and again.

“We exhausted all peaceful ways to take over. One should ask Abdullah, not me, for his reasons of disallowing us to take over,” the Permatang Pauh member of parliament said during his Hari Raya open house in his hometown of Cerok To’kun, in Bukit Mertajam, Penang today.

Then, to complete the comedy, I've to tell you the involvement of Nathaniel Tan, once the ultimate anwarista, and the mathematically-challenged Hannah Yeoh, wakakaka.

In those days, Nathaniel Tan's faith in Anwar Ibrahim was such that he and Hannah Yeoh actually supported the 916 Deformasi, a classic case of overt shameless frogology (as claimed by Anwar), in actuality a notorious attempt to oppress the supremacy of the ballot box.

That naughty attempt at subversion of the ballot box was masked, packaged and spun away convincingly as a greater good for the rakyat, a sleazy sinister slogan we were to subsequently hear again during the malodorous rancid Kajang Conspiracy, and yet again this round, as the caring Maddy attempt to save Malaysia!

Nat Tan, the once-ultimate anwarista, fearing that his wonderful Great Leader might even be assassinated, had written rather pleadingly:

One controversial option to forestall any such drastic measures by the powers-that-be is for Malaysians to push for a change of government – either by crossovers, or calling for a snap general election, a potential last resort for BN, which is good for democracy, but unlikely to forestall the ruling coalition's demise.

I wonder what he was smoking when he talked like so regarding an election where BN had just won 140 seats to stump Pakatan's 82 kaukau.

"... by crossover", my bloody rambutans, wakakaka. But seemingly he showed no shame in saying such disgraceful democracy-desecrating words.

Mind, he wasn't the only one in PKR to have said that - once I asked a PKR matey why he had even supported frogology? His answer flabbergasted, flummoxed and flattened me, that he and his PKR mates "... couldn't wait any more for a democratic change of government to see Anwar Ibrahim as PM." Ooh la la.

Yes, Nat Tan and sweetie silly Hannah Yeoh couldn't understand why AAB with 140 parliamentary seats won't give way to the Great Leader with 82 seats, or to call for another election immediately after winning 05 March 2008 GE with a near-60 seats majority.

Maybe both didn't do well in mathematics at school though graduating brilliantly from universities, wakakaka.

why is 140 > 82? 

Indeed, Nat Tan was justifying and asking the public to support the insidious political frog-hunting which the World's Greatest Political Reformer had long already successfully demonstrated as his specialty in Sabah in 1994.

Mr Manmanlai had then turned Pairin from being the democratically elected CM into the opposition leader with just a few croaks, yes, that disgraceful deformasi subversion of the ballot box to seize power via the complicit cruddy cesspool.

Nat Tan then apologetically rationalized (perhaps attempting to fool his own conscience and values):

While less than ideal, these remain some of the few ways we can avoid a descent into chaos and desperation within BN, and by extension within Malaysia.

Wow! and ..... WHAT? Was Nat Tan then hinting at a post-election rebellion? And that BN which just won 140 seats was going to descend into chaos and desperation?

[Years later Nat Tan demonstrated his art of fake news when he tried to smear Lim Guan Eng into a limit (his, Nat Tan's own limit) of maximum two terms as CM in his letter to Malaysiakini - I defended Guan Eng (wakakaka - those were the foolish days) in my post and also letter to Malaysiakini titled The harassing, heckling and hounding of Guan Eng)

But we knew then (2008) who had descended into desperation, wakakaka, so much so there was even a PKR frog-hunting expedition all the way to Taiwan, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo, how did he and Hannah Yeoh ever come to support the most defomasi 916 when both are known to be clean earnest young (at that time, 10 years ago) people?

But today I wonder whether we are seeing Mahathir in his warning about BN frogs as a pre-election rather than Anwar's post election gambit a la 916?

Wakakaka, the coincidental near similarity between once-Boss and once-No 2 is strikingly astonishing.

And will the current one also end in an overseas frog-hunting expedition, perhaps this time all the way to the wondrous Malabar Coast?


  1. I only know that over 9 years, Najib has managed to increase Malaysia public debt to 1 trillion and counting

    I know I know. Kaytee would compare Najib to Obama......hahahahahaha

  2. Hancurkan UMNO habis-habisan.

    It is not only by means of frontal assault.
    Sabotaging UMNO from within is a necessary step.

    Of course, Ktemoc is a Najib supporter, though he denies it (of course)....

    1. No no is the 3rd messiah....or is it the 4th messiah

      Ah but then hor najib is around, kaytee power cant function properly. Hence we should help him by ensuring pakatan harapan win big

  3. the only one that did this is mo1 that cause a perak govt change. the rest all tok kok like u did. so y wan to accuse one that tok kok?

  4. Yes! Of course, Kaytee may blame Madhater for being mean towards Sultan's Azlan predecessor. Wanna bet?

  5. A DAP supporter told me that if Pakatan wins GE 14 it would most likely be by a few seats, such as two or three seats, which would make it vulnerable to frog jumping back to the BN.

    Nathaniel Tan later fell out with PKR, alleging that like BN it too was into the use of public money for political purposes.

    "What went wrong with the PKR experiment?"

    "First and foremost, Khalid’s most prominent belief is that the rakyat’s money must never be used for political purposes."

    "Politicians in both BN and Pakatan take the opposite stance, which is the root of all major corruption in Malaysia. Government money is spent on big projects awarded to major corporations, which in turn are very well practised in the art of giving kickbacks."

    "There are elements who want to introduce this culture into Malaysia’s richest state. For six years, Khalid has stood in their way."

    "Firing Khalid from PKR is only the latest in a long line of efforts to subdue or remove him, and thus remove that obstacle."

    This threat by PKR to fine frogs who jump ship RM10 million reveals their fear of frogs jumping the other way.

    "Successful PKR candidates who 'jump ship' to pay RM10mil fine"


    It's a shame that the likes of Anwar, Nat Tan and Hannah Yeoh supported this undemocratic practice in 916 for opportunistic reasons.

    A law should be introduced where if a sitting elected representative switches party, a byelection must be called in which he or she must contest to win back the seat as a representative for party he or she jumped to.

    A byelection was called in the UK when a sitting Conservative elected representative jumped ship to UKIP. This former Conservative MP contested and won back his seat, now as a UKIP MP.

    If Pakatan wins GE14, ask them to move to introduce such a law through parliament and see if they will agree to that, not that I expect BN would either.

    PKR may be comprised of many members who came out of UMNO but UMNO has not come out of many of them.

    1. I only read your first sentence and dedcued the following. That will be the end of Malaysia. Hahahahaha, DAP die die lor.

      What to do with so many idiots around......starting with you

  6. The Black Cobra is not like Manmanlai.

    Manmanlai spoke with pocket kosong and betting his last chip on the table hoping for a double ace.

    Once the Black Cobra speaks, It will be done.

    Ceasar (The Black Cobra) has decreed thus and cross the Rubicaon. Better flee to the ships or live another day by teaming up with him.

    Manmanlai, the General and Tokong has already kneeled before Ceasar. It tells a lot, is it not?

    1. Did Ceasar listen to Rubycon by Tangerine Dream when he crossed the Rubicon?

  7. "I wonder what he was smoking when he talked like so regarding an election where BN had just won 140 seats to stump Pakatan's 82 kaukau."

    Whilst I am not a BN supporter and have never voted BN, however the comical way Pakatan parties come across with their statements make me call them "Stupid Pakatoons" in a derogatory manner.

    When they won five states in 2008 and denied BN a two-thirds majority at federal level, they spoke as if they won the elections. This shows that they are living in their own echo chamber and are eating their own dog food.

    Also, unlike that guy in the picture, these Pakatoons who said that must have been smoking something more potent than shisha tobacco paste in that water pipe or Cuban cigars.

    1. You remind me of Rapunzel or Sleeping beauty or that beast.

      What if the prince or princess, then what?

      You go tang ku ku la. Me......I have my mission. That is to make sure Najib/Rosmah "dead" just to spike this kaytee into coming back to Malaysia

      Next, I will put kaytee kali kong in the altar