Monday, April 23, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (14)

Malaysiakini - Ambiga chides PKR for 'unforgivable nonsense' (extracts):

National Human Rights Society (Hakam) chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan has criticised PKR over the crisis concerning its candidates for the coming general election.

“When the rakyat is doing everything in their power to overcome obstacles to ensure they can vote and to help in the elections, this nonsense in PKR is unforgivable,” she said in a Twitter posting.

I have to hand it to dearest Ambiga Sreenevasan for her most erudite blast against the taxi sapu party, to wit:

“When the rakyat is doing everything in their power to overcome obstacles to ensure they can vote and to help in the elections, this nonsense in PKR is unforgivable.” 

Kemo Sabe, those people have posed as us and sending war smoke signals

Undeniably it's the BEST political statement in recent times, wakakaka, though I personally feel insofar as PKR is concerned, this statement on the party unsavoury antics (eg. Kajang Rancid Satay, Bersih 3.0 Hijacking by Kemo Sabe and Tonto, 916 Brazen Bullshit, etc etc etc ) should have been said long ago and now constantly throughout the year, wakakaka again.

Proven: Anwar's 82 > AAB's 140

Praise be the Lord


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  1. the problem with pkr is not authoritarian enough, unlike umno n dap.

    1. too many vipers around lah, wakakaka

    2. and too many frogs lah.. lompat.. lompat.. lompat..

    3. n we always welcome pas people to join us, mali mali mali.

  2. Such political shenanigans so close to the 14th GE. I don't know whether to cry or laugh - "wakakakakaka!"

    I'm wondering whether my PKR state assemblywoman Dr. Haniza Talhar will be running again in Taman Medan this time round and if not who will take her place.

    If she is dropped from running, I've been toying with the idea of voting PAS as a protest, rather than do an #Undirosak.

    1. Izzit very important? This is smoke bomb thrown at people like you to ensure you contract this disease called

      "Oh dearism"

      The idea is to make you resigned to be being spectator while allowing folks like Najib to rule on forever and ever.

      Why give this cheebye kaytee the pleasure? I say don't fuck care.....Let Pakatan Harapan win to ensure that kaytee will vomit to death.

      That is my mission.....To see the end of kaytee moc or ktemoc and his fucking career as bullshiter. Just like what rumpelstillskin did at the end.....

    2. It matters to me, since Dr. Haniza and our MP YB Hee Loy Sian, as well as state assemblyman Rajiv Rishyakaran have actively supported us residents in our efforts to oppose an elevated highway through our neighbourhood and have helped us with other local issues.

      As of today, Hee Loy Sian has been moved to contest the Kajang state seat and Maria Chin will stand in Petaling Jaya and I am not going to vote for her.

      PKR could be making a big mistake here, since Hee Loy Sian won by almost two third of the votes in the former Petaling Jaya parliamentary constituency in 2013, so why move him away and demote him to a state seat.

      According to The Star's report, Dr. Haniza has been moved to contest Lembah Jaya, which PAS beat BN to win in 2008 and held with over 60% of votes in 2013.

      If a three cornered fight between BN, PKR and PAS takes place in Lembah Jaya, Dr. Haniza could likely lose to BN.

      Also Gombak is a marginal seat for PKR, which Azmin won in 2013 with a mere 52.02% of the vote versus BN.

      Whilst PAS never won Gombak in 2004 or 1999, however it got over 40% of the vote here, so in a three cornered fight between BN, PKR and PAS in 2018, it looks like BN could win this time, with Azmin riding off into the sunset.

      Bukit Antarabangsa is also a marginal seat which PKR beat BN to win in 2008 and 2013 but if PAS contests here as well, it could well fall back to BN.

      Many of those such as Tian Chua who have been dropped
      by PKR are Azmin loyalists and this internal fight between the Azmin and Dr. Wan Azizah factions does not bode well for the opposition, especially PKR so close the elections.

      Nothing "oh dear!" about my analysis, which is based upon hard realities on the ground.

      BTW. I wouldn't wipe my bum with the Huffington Post.

    3. Maria Chin is a very high profile newbie, unlike poor Waythamoorthy who can continue to bleat without any sympathy for him. But Marie Chin may find herself at odds soon with PKR as she has a mind of her own which won't synchromesh with the vipers of PKR

    4. many talked bad azmin, but i still think he is a fighter. he possess political acumen, n patient.

    5. Stop pretend that you have the power or influence. Or such events will affect you. Unless you are elites.

      I am not. I have more concerns on pragmatic things. Like why some companies don't pay GST and I do

    6. didn't know you're a florist, extolling the wonderful flower, wakakaka

    7. Kaytee.....why you have nothing to say about chinese consortium cccc which is exempted from paying gst. The one who will build east coast line

      Legitimate question as u are supportive of gst. Wouldnt you be abhorred with rich companies no gst while normal people pays?

      Is kaytee a human being? Sorry sorry sorry....atheist doesnt have a soul

  3. I respect Ambiga and treat her criticism of PKR as constructive input.

    Ktemoc, on the other hand, drips with prejudice and animosity.

    1. doesn't this prove your hypocrisy and double standards?

    2. No double standards.

      It's the singer, not the song.

      One sings the song of tough love.

      The other sings the song of hostility and enmity.

    3. Kaytee.....tell me your address....

      I wanna present you a mirror so that you view yourself

  4. I sure would love to see this Lady Ambiga one day be the AG or head of MACC if possible.

    It sure will make lots of people pee in their pants.


    1. Yes...Ambiga will be one hell of an AG ! But it won't happen anytime soon, even if Harapan took over the reign. Even the very proposal to nominate her will see rows of buttocks gyrating at her front door,with the police folding their hands looking on. Decades of concerted efforts and relentless demonizing, up to this day, of the "others" has put paid any minorities holding important portfolios.

    2. Yes jj.....all this will not happen if pakatan harapan is not in power by 9th may.

      I am very sure kaytee will personally come to malaysia to save malaysia with underwear. I vouch for kaytee. Kaytee will only be brave after najib is gone.

      Najib and rosmah are macbeth and his lady to kaytee. So long najib in power, kaytee will be exile in australia....

      Hence to people lie

      Brunp pig, it sheiss pig and nostro pig.....

      Bring kaytee back by electing pakatan harapan.....kaytee....captain malaysia