Sunday, April 08, 2018

Defending Tian Chua wakakaka

You know one of the PKR blokes I dislike is Tian Chua (full Malaysian name is Chua Tian Chang) because of his snaky way, wakakaka, where he once even demonstrated his photoshop skills in conjuring up a photo of 'three at a Paris dinner' though the heads of the diners were somewhat misaligned, wakakaka again.

allegedly Tian Chua's work of art, wakakaka 

Apart from that he liked to bite policemen or swear at them, which in the latter case, nearly disbarred him from standing in GE14.

In the Lahad Datu tragedy where a number of our security force members were killed and mutilated by Pinoy intruders Tian Chua had the gross insensitivity to claim that the shooting was a conspiracy by UMNO to divert public attention.

Six days later, when it was established a number of our policemen had indeed been massacred, instead of apologising for his error, Tian Chua continued to stand by his accusation that the incident was an Umno conspiracy. Yes, he refused to apologise.

He has been a political cad of the worst kind, though bizarrely he was once incongruously in Suaram (in 1990).

His surname 'Chua' is from a rather ancient and distinguished Chinese line (like mine, wakakaka) so that means Tian Chua has a lineage pedigree, wakakaka.

However, 'Chua' in Hokkien pronunciation but if written with a different character or logogram could also mean 'snake', yes, the slithery one, which Tian Chua has been referred to because of his reputed slimy political tactics, wakakaka.

The distinction in the meaning of the word 'Chua' becomes clearer in Mandarin pronunciation but alas, appears to be the same in Hokkien or teochew, wakakaka, thus giving Northern Chinese Malaysians like kaytee the delightful option of referring to Tian Chua as 'that snake', wakakaka again.

I know it's unfair and impolite but the insult comes with his territory as a politician.

Chua as a surname (or Cai in Mandarin) is written as

... whilst the snake (shé in Mandarin) whether a slimy one from Malaysia or a deadly one from India is written as

But snake or otherwise, this time though, poor Tian Chua has been wrongly excoriated, and like I once defended Anwar Ibrahim gasp gulp omigosh, I am going to do the same for Tian Chua.

A couple of Malaysians, writing in respectively to FMT and Malaysiakini, have been infuriated with Tian Chua for dismissing the relevance of Indian voters in the FT in GE14.

Initially I thought WTF, has Tian Chua gone bonkers by unnecessarily insulting the Indian voters with GE14 just around the corner, as Mahathir did likewise in the lead up to the 1969 GE when he sneered at the Chinese.

Mahathir had then said he did NOT require their votes. Well, those Chinese proved Mahathir wrong by voting him out of his seat in Kota Setar Selatan and for the first time in Malayan/Malaysian history, gave their votes to a PMIP (PAS) politician, Yusof Rawa the president of PMIP.

I decided to check the source of the irate Malaysians' anger by digging up FMT's EC plan will create ‘super’ Chinese and Malay seats in KL, says Tian Chua published on 28 March 2018. Relevant extracts follow:

PKR MP Tian Chua today warned that the redelineation report tabled in the Dewan Rakyat will create “super Chinese” and “super Malay” seats in Kuala Lumpur if it is passed, adding that Indian voters could no longer create an impact at the coming polls.

He said traditionally, Indian voters were in almost all 11 constituencies in the federal capital.

“But now, for instance, Indian voters will be placed in Segambut, where most Chinese voters are, and the seat will be won by DAP.

The PKR vice-president said with the redrawing of electoral boundaries in Kuala Lumpur, the Chinese who traditionally support DAP would be moved into DAP strongholds, while Malays would be grouped together in constituencies held by PKR.

“The boundaries are divided based on race. It is not right,” he said. [...]

“With this arrangement, the voices of Indians will become irrelevant, especially those placed in DAP areas and want to vote for BN”

That's all he said, to wit, that the EC re-delineation process would dilute the impact of Indian voters in the FT because most of them will be shunted to, and sardine-ised together with Chinese in, Segambut and other federal constituencies which are already Chinese dominated.

I could find nothing in the entire article to show his disrespectful dismissal of Indian voters in the FT.

Though he seemed to be generally a rather violent protester, be kind to him, people, wakakaka.

And Tian Chua, there's no need to thank me wakakaka. I did the same for Anwar once in 2010 when I posted a letter to Malaysiakini titled Defending Anwar Ibrahim - wakakaka.

a very young-ish Lim Goh Tong

find out why I have pasted his photo here by checking on the Anwar Ibrahim story just above, wakakaka


  1. Politicians. If they aren't a frog, they are a snake. All cold blooded by the way. Hohoho!