Saturday, April 28, 2018

Attempts to assassinate Mahathir?

Some weeks ago he was afraid of being assassinated. Berita Daily had reported on 06 April 2018 that:

Pakatan Harapan chairman and prime minister candidate Dr Mahathir Mohamad today criticised the police and Armed Forces for supporting Prime Minister Najib Razak.

He said the police and the Armed Forces should not be loyal to the government and prime minister, but to the country and King according to the federal constitution.

He also slammed the police for acting according to the wishes of Najib, perhaps alluding to the police intimidation of civil society activists, including the recent questioning of Bersih 2.0 officials.

He recalled how former Filipino dictator Ferdinand Marcos fell from power after the security forces turned against him following the assassination of his political opponent Benigno Aquino in 1983.

And then came his bombshell.

He asked if the police and army were willing to wait until “some of us are assassinated, including me, before they come to their senses”.

And when asked by the media if he was afraid of something happening to him, Mahathir said:

“With this man, I am worried about everything.”

Wah! Really? Mahathir fears that his life is in danger? And that he could be assassinated? Not just him, but also some others in the opposition pact?!

Today, the Star Online reported IGP ... Mohamad Fuzi said allegations that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s aircraft was sabotaged are being investigated by the Department of Civil Aviation(DCA).

"If they find any criminal element involved, we will step in and take over the investigation," he said, adding that Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai had directed the DCA to investigate.

It was reported that Dr Mahathir claimed the plane he was about to take to Langkawi was sabotaged.

Sinar Harian quoted the Pakatan Harapan chairman as saying that just before takeoff, the pilot announced that the plane had been damaged and immediate repairs could not be made.

"I should have arrived in Langkawi before Friday prayers but the plane was damaged. Luckily, the pilot was able to detect the damage – if not I would have died in a crash," he said.

I wonder what damage his aircraft suffered from? A punctured tire, a dented door or a cracked windscreen?

Has his recent paranoia been to attract attention or a result of his bloated self importance?


  1. Hey, I thought you are dead being crushed by incoming car or bull. That explains your disappearance for more than 2 days. Only to be appeared today.....Nomination day

    Why hor kaytee?

  2. for one that was accused who had strongly opposed the proposed implementation of islamic law, there r such possibility, u dun think so?

    1. Tak habis habis memfitnah kau ni.. ish..ish..ish..

    2. Kita menentang dia ialah kerana dia mengekalkan perlembagaan penjajah, mengekalkan undang-undang kafir, mengekalkan peraturan jahiliyah. Oleh kerana itulah kita menentang mereka. Oleh kerana itulah kita menghadapi mereka. Oleh itulah kita cuba berlawan dengan mereka.

      Perjuangan kita adalah jihad....mati kita adalah syahid...

  3. kt bear with us, another ten more days and this would all be the meantime, try to get a good night sleep, relax a bit and try to maintain an even keel..we know you are devastated Maddy is getting all the attention...maddy's paranoia may seem trivial to you but the concerns are real..I wouldn't put it past chicken little to try it...East Malaysia comes to mind..

    we know you are dead chuffed pkr's version of Mike Tyson couldn't make it on account of a miserable rm1..

  4. Aiyoh, the stakes seems getting higher and higher in this election.

    "To Be or Not To Be"

    Both reaching the point of deep desperation in this Game of Thrones.

    One contemplating Harakiri when things don't go his way and the other contemplating exile to save his party and coalition.

    Someone must flinch first sooner or later.