Monday, April 09, 2018

Daulat Tunku, Stay-Out Tunku

TMJ is of course the more popular reference for Tunku Mahkota Johor, the title for His Royal Highness Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan Ibrahim.

TMJ has been quite a vocal and very assertive young royal who has regularly provided us with his worldviews.

I recall when he was involved in a verbal stoush with Minister Nazri he was hailed repetitively with joyous cries of 'Daulat Tunku' etc.

When Minister Nazri remarked about TMJ, "He should keep out of politics because otherwise, he will be subject to the same rule and we will whack him," there was a clamorous hue and cry about Nazri going too far.

Well, I believe (as far as my poor memory tells me, wakakaka) I wasn't one of those who were delighted by TMJ's responses to the Minister, because as a Chinese I felt or even realised the potential dangers of taking sides in anything involving the royals (of any state), wakakaka.

As I had written before, one of the 'sacred cows' of Malaysia is the royals, especially for Cinapeks. So it'd be wise for all Ah Chong's, Ah Beng's and Ah Kow's to keep clear.

Today (or currently) when TMJ in his recent statements alluded to Mahathir and his advice not to change ships (or to a lesser extent, horses in midstream), he (TMJ) was of course seen as siding with BN and against Pakatan.

MM Online reported on TMJ as follows:

Tunku Ismail told Johoreans to express any problems they had with the government and assured them that they had him and Johor ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar to convey their concerns to the “highest leadership” in Malaysia.

“Don't change the boat if the engine is not broken, don't even change the skipper but allow HM The Sultan of Johor and I to guide the skipper for you.

“Change what needs to be changed and upgrade what needs upgrading for the sake of our beloved country,”

So, did you reckon there have been a multitude of 'Daulat Tunku' following TMJ's advice?

Wakakaka. What f**king double standards. The same people who once cheered TMJ when he 'wrestled' with Minister Nazri are now telling TMJ to keep his royal nose out of politics.

But that's the toxicity of today's Malaysian politics where it's viciously and venomously either A or B, and no in-between, though some double-standard practitioners jumped to and fro from A to B and back, depending on which way the sun is shining on their arses, wakakaka.


  1. FAKE NEWS TMJ...What did the Royal Johor Military Force & 9 Sultan Military do to defend Johor/Malaya against the Japanese when they invaded Malaya in 1941?

    “Ampun Tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik harap diampun.” Dengan Tuhan/Allah pun tidak minta ampun macam tu. Dosa yang paling besar yang tidak boleh terampun ialah menduakan Tuhan/Allah"...!!

    Orang yang BerIman dan dapat rahmat akan paparkan apa yang ditulis...Yang Hina Allah takut nak paparkan kenyataan yang Iklas ini.... Allah ada mata!! Niat awak akan bocor diakhirat....ABU!

    1. Really now. Never heard of Leftenan Adnan before? He's quite popular in Malaysia & Singapore.

    2. Lt Adnan is only known to Malaysian military and British colonial army once in Sing


      The Royal Malay Regiment fought the Japanese alongside the British record of Johore Military Force action during WWII

    4. Wakakakaka……

      Just one miserably heroic effort to sanitize a WHOLE bunch of nincompoops!

      Should have thank the MPAJA instead lah!

    5. RMR has always and will always be reporting to their respective royalties. They were subconded to British control back then, but he & his mates fought and died as Malayan soldier not as British peon.

      @KT. The story of his & his mates sacrifices were told in SMK History books in my time. Perhaps not inside SMJK History syllabus?

    6. KT should educate this know-nothing about military principles & chain of commands before he farts further like the Pommie wasn't the colonial master but those Melayu sultans' personal 'advisors' lah!


    7. For someone who knows nothing, you sure say a lot. Some of the RMR, especially Johor Military Force were established under the auspice of their Kings with approval, training, and equipment by the Brits. The colonial masters were careful to ensure they never grew too large or too well equipped to threaten Rule Britannia. They never had adequate heavy support weapons nor armoured vehicles. Yet against overwhelming odds, they had courage and fighting spirit as shown by Adnan et al.

      And that's why I said, ur understanding of Malaysian history doesn't extend past Mahathir's rule. You really should read more.

    8. SaiHei, for a know nothing!

      'Yet against overwhelming odds, they had courage and fighting spirit as shown by Adnan et al."

      So when the Jap marched into Johore, what did the sultan & these royal nincompoops did?

      WakakakAka…… surrendered en masse & left the ordinary johoreans to taste the Jap's knife ke!

    9. For an ignoramus you sure have guts to talk about something you know nothing about.

      When the Japs invaded Malaya it was the Brits which primarily fought them and hence the RMR was more like reservist militia that was only thrown into the melee as last resort (at Bukit Candu). As the Brits much vaunted military might was systematically beaten back and sometimes slaughtered whole on their march towards Singapore, what kinda resistance do you think the RMR can put up, what with the barely basic weapons that they have?

      Johor still wasn't the endgame and the RMR was ordered to retreat to Singapore by the Brits. That's why Bukit Candu happened, THAT was the endgame. As for the Johor Sultanate, they knew if they didn't resist and comply like the Thai monarch, they'll be spared. That doesn't mean they didn't provide clandestine support to Force 136 & MPAJA then. Oh and FYI, those that tasted Jap bayonet weren't even his subjects back then, so what do he care! Wakakaka!

    10. Exposing a know-nothing:

      Yr words - "They were subconded to British control back then…"

      Military disciplines dictates the soldiers under its command MUST follow orders w/o question.

      So, why surrendered en masse together with the sultan & worked as bloody Kenpeitai for the Japs?

      Didn't the pommie retreated miao2ly to S'pore? Why didn't they follow? Loyalty to the sultan? Working clandestine for Force 136 & MPAJA then (quote kt - monkey is yr uncle)!

      "Oh and FYI, those that tasted Jap bayonet weren't even his subjects back then, so what do he care! Wakakaka!"

      That's WHY u r the lowest of the lowest, amongst the Melayu palsu!

    11. What are you talking about? What surrender? The RMR was ordered to retreat to Singapore, hence they were fighting & died at Bukit Candu for godsakes! Thats how the legend of Lt Adnan came about! Have you been smoking something?

      Unless you have solid proof that they surrendered and Bukit Candu never happened, please stop disparaging those heroes who died fighting.

      And yes, I'm a Malay palsu becoz I'm Chinese.

    12. 1st, solid proofs as in the collaborations of the Johore sultanate's performance during the Jap's occupation of Malaya - as detailed in the disclosed military reports by the Japanese govt.

      Though, normally the Japs keep very quiet about all these wartime documents.

      2nd, there r currently available pommie wartime reports about the massive dereliction of duty by the mr during the few skirmishes with the Japs.

      Active soldiers running away from fighting is a shown of weak training & poor mental readiness.

      Cowardice isn’t an ailment. It’s a decision in response to the fight or flight reflex. A good soldier has trained hard and this response is countered by a sense of duty and responsibility to his/her battle buddies.

      A weakling does otherwise. Thus running away from the fight!

      Hence, my take about adnan was an exception than the norm!

      3rd, yr play of words rmr(royal Malay regimen) & mr(Malaya regimen).

      Bukit Candu involved ONLY Malaya regimen, where there were Non-malay active personnel.

      RMR was/is a single race military regimen. Period.

      Yr only Chinese part is that of that reduan fart, otherwise u r as Melayu as hasan! Palsu - betul2 lah.

    13. The cooperation from Johor Sultanate doesn't mean the RMR automatically turn traitor against the Brits. They could have, if the Sultans have ordered it but they didn't. They were under the British kosh at the time and its only a matter of transferring from one colonial master to another from their PoV.

      As for your alleged documents, do share. From my studies, the RMR wasn't committed to the melee as a fighting force, the Brits being too overconfident and proud that their angmoh, Indian & Gurkha armies can stop them. When they fully realised the graveness of their situation, they initiated a fighting retreat to Singapore, where they were again overconfident of their fortress island defense. Only element of the RMR were committed to this rearguard action as most were based in Johor. While elements of the British Army & RMR were holding rear, guess who were doing the retreat, running away from the fight, and showing cowardice? Yes, the bulk of the much vaunted British Army, including their chain of command. Tucking their tails all the way back to Singapore. And guess what? Most of them took a nice submarine ride to Australia and was spared the suffering of their men, all while writing nice reports about the braveness of their compatriots and the so-called cowardice of the RMR. If it wasn't for Japanese reports, we will never know the bravery of Adnan and his men.

      As for the RMR, the wiki link of Malay Regiment will bring you to the history of its formation up til the current genesis of present RMR. The RMR has always been Malay only since its birth becoz only the Malays were considered as subjects of the Sultans. Period. The Chinese and Indians were nothing more than the Nepals here of today. Period. And yes, even if I'm Chinese, I have no qualms to say it as its the truth, we were the Nepals & Banglas of that time. We weren't even considered as citizen and worthy of the rulers concerns then. Period.

      If you bother to read more and shit less, you won't sound like an ignoramus who refuse to learn about history.

    14. Here is the history of Malay Regiment or RMR is its known now.

      Read b4 you fart again.

    15. SaiHei!!!

      Still want to twist about rmr & rm!

      Since u believe so much in wikipedia then read the casualties list of the bukit Candu incident.

      Who were the personnel?

      Were they ALL Melayu?

      Thus, yr bull about the rmr!

      About the documental proofs, from the Jap, u would have to be able to read Jap, which I doubt.

      The pommie has the National Archives release Records of the Colonial Office, Commonwealth and Foreign and Commonwealth Offices ... Go spend yr worthless nights to search & read them lah!

      Finally, WHY r u claiming to be a Chinese, only after Peter mistaken u? Convenient le! Otherwise, u would claim to be an Indian! Wakakakaka……

      U can syiok yr ketuanan ego under the tempurung lah!

    16. Nope. I identified myself as Chinese way b4 that. You only choose not to read, as always.

      Again, I showed you my proof but you can't show yours so who's the bullshitter? The Malay Regiment were all Malays with angmoh commanders. Thats how things work back then. I did my own research as I have an interest in Malayan military history. I'm not like you who plucks info out of thin air and regurgitates here. It only reinforces my opinion that you lack of historical knowledge pre-Mahathir time. I suspect you don't even have a membership to Arkib Negara or to the National Archives of Singapore or to any archives in the world. Stop bullshiting with me in matters that you have no knowledge about.

      As I said before, you have the inane talent of saying a lot but not saying anything. A proverbial tin kosong. And I advise you take a big slice of humble pie while thumbing the history books b4 you make yourself look stupid.

    17. I support John on this issue, so CK be humble (for once, wakakaka) and stop your stubborn argument, wakakaka

      from Wikipedia:

      A war memorial plaque honouring Adnan and his Malay Brigade was erected by Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew in 1995 at Vigilante Drive, Kent Ridge Park, Singapore.

      A colonial era bungalow at Bukit Chandu was converted into Reflections at Bukit Chandu, an interpretative centre about the Battle of Pasir Panjang. The actions of Adnan and the soldiers from the Malay Regiment are immortalised at the centre.

      The Art in Transit programme of Pasir Panjang MRT Station, titled Lieutenant Adnan, by Ho Tzu Nyen, features mock posters all around the station and lift shaft for a fictional movie about Adnan, who is portrayed by Singaporean actor Aaron Aziz

    18. No point arguing with a know-nothing disguised as Cinapeks'l!

      @kt, the point of contention here is was those fighting in bukit Candu belonged to rm or rmr.

      If rmr, then the casualties list SHOULD shown Melayu only. But there ain't the case!

      Wikipedia consistently used Malay regimen either that contributor is ignorance between rmr/rm OR pure manipulative!

      BTW, adnan pledged his allegiance as rmr but was assigned to 1st Malaya Infantry Brigade during the bukit Candu incident. So he was a rm duty officer NOT of rmr, then.

      Check his records in National Archives of Singapore lah. But then u might want to doubt the Singies. Wakakakaka…

      Oooop…WHY the use of romanticised tales to justified historical event? Put the player right where the altar is?

      The correct targeted entity here is the Regimen Malaya troop personnel that died fighting in bukit Candu. Adnan was only one of them.

      U mentioned something about general shouldn't blame his subordinates. I said also the war won not by the general alone & yet most of the time, all accolades went to the top man!

      This was the same gameplay here, romanticised just one out of the many!

      WRT those other wartime records mentioned. Wakakakaka…… caught red-handed & still want to farts! Very typical of this type of low life.

    19. None so blind as someone who refuses to see.
      Here was the unit last stand at Bukit Candu: 7 Platoon, C Company of the 1st Battalion Malay Regiment

      If you so choose to remain blissfully ignorant, I have nothing more to say. Good day.

    20. Wakakakaka………

      Wikipedia consistently used Malay regimen either that contributor is ignorance between rmr/rm OR pure manipulative!

    21. You have nothing constructive to add and therefore I have nothing else to say to you. Good day.

  2. TMJ like everybody else is trying to put in his two cents worth.Being a member of the Johor royal family,he should stay out of politics.

  3. Many people including the royalty are scared stiff that Mahathir might actually pull off and led the opposition to Putrajaya.That is the reason they are speaking out,when they should be keeping their mouths shut.

    1. morning matey, BUT the point is the double standards of those who once cried "Daulat Tunku" now cries for Tunku's blood, wakakaka

    2. What about tmj?

      Ain't he playing double standards?

      When the situation suited him he criticized ahjibgor's 1MDB plunderings.

      When the occasion arised he criticized mamak for his role on curtailing the power of the blue bloods.

      Did he EVER say anything about his grandfather's arrogances in treating human lifes?

    3. Ck....just wait la....kaytee will pull one his fucking document to condemn tmj. Kaytee is very beholden to najib for some interesting reasons. Not sure one missing elder in australia has someting to do with kaytee

  4. Asah kapak tajam beliung
    Tebang pokok kayu berduri
    Tuanku umpama kemuncak payung
    Patik di bawah berteduh diri

    Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku..Daulat Tuanku.

    1. Feudalism IS the corner stone of the blur-sotongs & ketuanan freaks.


    2. The top upper echelon just simply love these feudalistic blur sotongs when they curl themselves into this patik position.....I happened to read OutSyedTheBox...he was asking how these thieves are so daring with their daylight robbery, so unafraid of any censure from the majority Malays...."These people have been going at this non stop. They are behaving completely as if the State is their own private little piggy bank. And they are using everything crooked at their disposal to sustain themselves through all this thieving and stealing.

      The prices are in the billions......The really poor education system, the overdose of useless religious anxieties, the unintelligent mainstream media, the cash is king policies to make beggars of the people have all been designed to keep the Malay people crippled, blind, poor and stupid.

      Only then the one eyed cripple can become king. And this is what is happening."

      These are the very useful idiots which must be kept in this way forever so that their overlords could plunder at will and these idiots will believe anything that came out from their sh* the mushrooms...kept in the dark and fed with manure kau kau

  5. There is no double standard, because there is no equivalence between the two situations.

    For Royalty, the No-Go Red-Line for many people is Partisan politics - favouring or attacking one side of the political spectrum over the other side.

    The earlier incident with Nazi involved criticising Najib for his non-attendance of a controversial event.
    It inevitably became political , but It did not involve partisan politics; Pakatan was not in the picture at all.

    The latest incident , especially in the context that Parliament stands dissolved, could be construed as advising people to vote for the Status Quo incumbent Ruling Party. and being against a particular Opposition leader.
    That clearly could be interpreted as Partisan politics, and if so, is a no-go for many people in terms of Royalty.

    Stop fellating Najib and his Nazi flunkey.

    1. TMJ vs Nazri - support TMJ
      TMJ vs Mahathir - boo TMJ

      Here's the double standards by zombies.

    2. I wrote it out in detail to make sure BNBodoh types understand.

      TMJ criticised specific Government Official's action - support TMJ

      TMJ takes sides on voter Election choices - boo TMJ.

      No double standards.

    3. Thats how the PHBodoh wanna see it but thats not what TMJ meant. If you read carefully, he only looks out for Johor state, Johoreans, and of cuz Johor royalty. He saw what Mahathir did to his family and those of his royal cohorts and the hypocrisy of THAT man to reinstate royal powers stinks to his nose. When he was criticising Nazri, you people were cheering that he was indirectly whacking Najib. Well, now he's directly criticising Mahathir and therefore you can't accept it. Well not everything must go your way and then bitch about it when comes at you.

      Just take it that the royalty has more gumption to say what they wanna say as what they sees. They have whacked both Government and PH (and even PAS) so they have every right to speak out. Who knows, their extended family might even be pangkah-ing Bulan!

    4. When you support one side politically against his/her political opponents, you are being partisan. Get into politics get ready to be "f" royally. Pardon the pun.

  6. Ampun Tuanku Daulat Tuanku
    Tuanku kerap mencemar Duli
    Merafak sembah Duli Tuanku
    Kesultanan Melayu berdaulat kembali

    Patik akan mempertahankan Insitusi DiRaja ketitisan darah terakhir. Semoga Tuanku sentiasa berada di dalam rahmat Allah jua. Aamiin Ya Rabbal AaLamin

    1. Feudalism IS the corner stone of the blur-sotongs & ketuanan freaks.

      The Melayu palsu needs it even more for their namesake ethnicity. Otherwise, many keuntungan durian runtuk yang di ikatkan dengan FedCon 153!


  7. I have to say it again.
    The day the KTEMOC music died...
    talk about double standards, for fucks sake, its between Najib and Mahathir, if you are not for Mahathir, then the other alternative is Najib. Where is the double standard?

    1. for fucks sake also, wakakaka, there's #UndiRosak and Play-Mahjong Day, not forgetting PAS, PSM and PRM, wakakaka again

    2. If either aren't palatable, there's always pangkah Bulan! If you truly want to save Malaysia, then you'll go to the Moon.

    3. Why not looking further - there r morons & there r sane!

      Can u actually be remained in between moron & sane?

      Hmmmm...maybe schizophrenia!!


    4. No need to convert kaytee. He has gone to the dark side.

      Heard of one guy called charles james fox. I bet kaytee only hear about it now

  8. Me think the PH supporters are overreacting. What's wrong if TMJ gives his opinion on politics? Politics is also part and parcel of Islam of which The Ruler is the Head in Johor.

    Now, TMJ is predicting a BN win in Johore (not changing ship engine) but also proposed overthrowing the Captain of the ship either before or after the GE14.

    The Captain of the ship is either BN or PH PM in-waiting.

    It sounds good advice to his subjects looking at the current situation.

  9. #UndiRosak are like those who merely peered from behind their curtains as the Kempetai took away their neighbours.

  10. 1.can they both guide the empress?
    2.why did he become the skipper of fam? shd guide the presiden from within.

  11. Me think, #UndiRosak supporters are wasting their time going to the polls unless you belong to the category of need to be seen Voting (whatever the reasons).

    It would be better to either Go and Vote, or Go play Mahjong or to the beach.

  12. "that's the toxicity of today's Malaysian politics where it's viciously and venomously either A or B, and no in-between, though some double-standard practitioners jumped to and fro from A to B and back, depending on which way the sun is shining on their arses, wakakaka."

    Ain't u one of such master in stirring/producing that toxicity?

    Ditto yr mamak/manmanlai bashings!

    Ditto yr silences wrt pinklips' kleptocracy!

    Ditto yr takes about the Israeli/Palestinians conflicts!

    Ditto yr atheist/religious zealous irrelevancy!

    Wakakakaka…… one hell of a cracked mirrors lying all over u!

    1. Checking out your own ass in the mirror? Wakakaka..

    2. Wakakakaka…… finally worm yr way out after quietly doubling as someone else!

      Melayu palsu terlampau Melayu!

  13. Ah...from nonsense twisty write from this guy :

    "Telling people to choose “faeces-grabber” Najib over “forked-tongue” Mahathir is truly a dumb move, not to mention an insult to the peoples’ intelligence."

    "“Don’t change the boat if the engine is not broken, don’t even change the skipper but allow HM The Sultan of Johor and I to guide the skipper for you. Change what needs to be changed and upgrade what needs upgrading for the sake of our beloved country.” The Crown Prince of Johore

    "What type of grass has the Johor crown prince been smoking? The boat isn’t working because its engine has been stolen by none other than the skipper. That’s the only reason why the people want to change the skipper. Heck, after losing the engine, the boat is now sinking because the skipper has also started selling the boat – piece by piece – as scrap metal to the highest bidder." Financetwitter the rest here at