Monday, April 09, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (11)

MM Online - Azmin: Dulu sasar enam bulan, kini Dr M mahu logo PKR (extracts):

Terdahulu dalam ucapannya pada majlis itu, Mohamed Azmin yang juga Timbalan Presiden PKR dan Menteri Besar Selangor, berkata tiada siapa menduga PKR yang ditubuhkan pada 1999 boleh bertahan selama 20 tahun sekalipun berdepan pelbagai cabaran.

“Suatu ketika dulu, tiada siapa yang boleh yakin bahawa parti ini boleh ‘survive’, ada yang keluar kenyataan PKR hidup enam bulan tapi sekarang sudah 20 tahun.

“Orang yang menyatakan (hal) itu Insya-Allah akan gunakan logo PKR pada PRU14,” katanya merujuk kepada Pengerusi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Wakakaka, good on you Azmin. Nampaknya, seseorang masih terus menjilat ludah sendiri, wakakaka (diulangi).

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  1. Najib once called PKR "Parti Kurang Relevan"......we shall see...

  2. u said more or less the same thing for the past 20 years.

  3. All part and parcel in the game of politics. Once enemies can become friends and once friends can become enemies. The thing is "Who is more Machavellian' and in Malaysian politics the winner so far has to be TDM.

    Ain't the rest of the politicians the same to a lesser degree.

    You just can't talk about morality, decency, humility, principles of politicians because "The Ends always justifies the Means" among politicians.

    Looking for another Gandhi, Mandela?

    1. Looking for Jaafar Onn or Dr Ismail? The winner not necessarily who has got the most popular votes.

    2. Wakakakaka……

      If u read the right historical texts, even Gandhi, Mandela & Martin Luther King Jr. had their 'moments of Machavellian'!

      Look into yr heart, that's better!

  4. Oops Sori.. Dato Sir Onn Ja'afar NOT Jaafar Onn. My bad. Apologies.

  5. When the old warship finally sank and all the rats abandon the depleted "gravy train" and climb into the new ship hoping that "we are one family again", KT will say "see! I all return to the mothership except that mothership now bear a different name!" Wakakaka ...... just joking

    1. No sh*t man!

      Even his sifu will shout I-told-u-so le.

      It's in their nature!

    2. Yes! They will twist and turn in any possible just to prove they are right. Unfortunately, the dutch in me always wanna cut the fucking kaytee into sizes. Yes......Yes.....the bullshit detector.

      It's kinda rich coming from one fucker who call one elder who sacrificed all his life traitor. Oh if that's the case, Winston Churchill is a traitor who switch party from Tory to Liberal and back to Tory.....hehehehe