Thursday, June 22, 2017

Will Chinese vote for an anti-Chinese?

In a way it's good that Pakatan Harapan (PH) is still unable to name a person as its preferred PM.

f**k him 

It means the component parties are of or near-equal strength in the leadership power-struggle, a leadership power struggle that have been strongly affected by (i) bad history among them, (ii) distrust, (iii) suspicion about future intents, (iv) personalities a la 2 tigers can't live on one mountain, and (v) motivation.

Though the DAP is still the biggest component party in terms of numbers of MPs and ADUNs, and will probably still be after GE-14, we need to leave it out of the power struggle as it is in a very weak position to offer a PM-designate because its leading experienced personalities are mainly non-Malays.

This brings us to the cruel reality that Malaysian politics had been, has been, is and will be about race, namely, the Ketuanan status of Malays.

Only a Malay can be PM of Malaysia for at least the next 100 years.

And that's why Mahathir has named his party as Pribumi, offensive as it might have sound and probably insulted the non-Malays, as he wants to (a) assure the Malay Heartland of his bona fides to lead them, and (b) to keep the party 'pure' and uncontaminated.

Whatever, the DAP as represented by Lim Kit Siang (though I have doubts about his role as the '100% accepted' representative of the DAP) has already sold its political soul to backing Mahathir, so we can ignore its preference which is a given that it (or rather, Lim Kit Siang himself) will be pro Mahathir.

Last chance for the
 Septuagenarian after half a century of diligent work but finishing off poorly with 3 lamentable last years.

Now, what stands between Mahathir and the PH top position are, no, not the DAP as you would have once expected, but (a) a segment of PKR and (b) the Malaysian voters.

The Chinese voters must remember 1969 when Mahathir told them to f**k off with their votes as he needn't need Cinakui's support.

The Chinese voters must remember the 1950's when he opposed Tunku's agreement to offer Malayan citizenships to the Chinese and Indians.


  1. ssdd,sometimes even same day. no one insult chinese like umno politician did, we will anytime give our vote to ppbm if vs umno. u give yr vote to umno? no surprise, u used to vote for mahathir/bn.

    1. wakakaka. After a while you even believe your on fabrication that I voted for maddy and bn. but you're like those closeted gays who accused others of being gay, wakakaka again

    2. my record of past 5 ge. all 5 parliamentary vote go to dap, a party u claim I hate. all 5 adun go to either pas or pkr. tell us yours so I won't repeat the same assertion.

    3. 5 GE's, 1995, 1999, 2004. 2008. 2013 (wakakaka - I came back quietly) - I voted for DAP in both federal (Bukit Bendera) and state (Ayer Itam, then Air putih) seats.

      In Bkt Bendera, Gooi Hock Seng (DAP) lost to Chia Kwang Chye (Gerakan) (bloody popular bloke in the Gerakan heydays) in 1995 who held the seat for three terms (1995, 99, 04) - DAP seized it back in 2008 (Liew Chin Tong) and held it in 2013 (by Zairil).

      State seat wise, in 95 and 99, I voted in Ayer Itam where alas, DAP's Ong Hock Aun lost in 95 to MCA's Lye Siew Weng who held it for two terms before shifting to a new state seat (Air Puteh) in 2004.

      In 2008, Wong Hon Wai (DAP) won back the Ayer Itam seat and held it in 2013.

      04, 08 and 2013, Air Putih was a new seat where MCA's Lye Siew Weng (shifted from Ayer Itam) won it in 2004, but LGE won in the last two terms.

      I have never and will never vote for PAS,.

    4. ok I am wrong. u r a dap fanboy through n through, but the coming ge, a vote to dap is a vote to mahathir, u can either vote bn ie umno, or abstain. if penang chinese share yr stance, in whatever case, there is great possibility dap will lose penang, like hasan suggested.

    5. was in Pg recently. Chinese there will vote for DAP - not interested in PH or Pribumi. But if new PH symbol comes into being, will cause much confusion for many Chinese, in which case DAP may lose some seats

  2. I like the first picture on the top.These people just love kissing asses.It just show how much the opposition have for leadership talents.

  3. In GE13 most of our family members voted for opposition. This GE14 all of us shall vote for BN. We want Najib to win and to be the PM for at least another term. PAS should have no problem to hold Kelantan, Terengganu and to win back Kedah. BN and PAS will get HRH's consent to co-rule Selangor. DAP will lose Penang.

    1. wakakaka, you're funny Bro Hasan on Penang. In fact you're as funny as MCA and Gerakan are hopeful and delusional

    2. pas can win the most 3 adun in selangor, so shd umno/bn win, pas can still preserve the 3 exco, umno would spank the 3 pas exco buttock whenever they feel horny, the kingmaker can only turn into parasites wakaka.

    3. Don't forget Sarawak and the twin by elections. Heard of Plan CBI?

  4. All these cockagroo, diversions & syiok-sendiri-ism!!!

    NOW, back to yr 'well-crafted' title - Will Chinese vote for an anti-Chinese?

    Oui...u semua sudah mabuk ke, bila cakapx2 angin, buang masa ni.

    List those anti-Chinese lah before murmuring in-cohelently​.

    Bukan u baru 2 habis baca SunZi ke?

    Lost yr short term tactical moves & long term strategic consideration!

    Tsk...tsk....apa lu mau???

    1. tsk tsk juga, ta'baca post hanya title kah? wakakaka

  5. Its a bit late in the day to accuse Mahathir of being anti-Chinese.
    For much of his 22 years as PM, a large proportion of Malaysia's Chinese population actually voted for his government in elections.
    His economic and industrial policies of the late 1980's and 1990's received solid support and approval from the Chinese populations. Many parents were very happy how their children had plentiful job opportunities. Many small and medium scale industries and businesses owned by Chinese bloomed during the era.

    Mahathir, was ultimately another UMNO politician who engaged in race baiting , but he was not unique.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Bastard who called for his Keris/ Dick to be bathed with Chinese blood is far more vile and evil in his anti-Chinese racism.

    1. out of fear, overseas Chinese always comply. didn't mean they supported a dictator