Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hadi Awang: 'Tell that to the Saudis'

MM Online - Hadi: Islam rejects ‘foreign intervention’ to solve internal problems (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 — PAS President Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has urged all quarters to reject foreign powers from meddling in the nation’s affairs, as it is forbidden by Islam.

“The Quran forbids Muslims from trusting other quarters in solving their internal problems.

“Whether right or wrong, a problem must be resolved internally with patience.”

Pro UMNO Pak Hadi was probably criticising the US Department of Justice for announcing its latest civil filing that sought to seize RM2.31 billion in assets obtained by funds allegedly stolen from 1MDB.

1MDB responded saying that the allegations were not backed with proof.

With respect to Pak Hadi's advice, there is an old British saying, to wit, 'Tell that to the marines'. It means 'what a shitload of crap'.

The saying was first used by author John Davis in 1804, with that sentence coming from his book 'The Post Captain', namely, "You may tell that to the marines ... may I be d----d if the sailors will believe it."


Well I like to update it to modern times and ask Pak Hadi to 'Tell that to the Saudis', his Sunni mateys, who are now meddling with a foreign country's affairs, namely those of Qatar.

The Saudis is attempting to blackmail the Gulf peninsula-state into closing down al Jazeera, wakakaka.


  1. wow, this dedak eater sound more umno than umno now, just join umno la.

  2. Coming from a chief zombie, makes one wonder if those fasting sessions have totally emptying out his T-cell virus infested nuerons, leaving ONLY an empty skull.

    Zombie w/o T-cell virus infested nuerons???

    Wakakakaka..a new & more malignant mutant le!

    “Whatever the internal issue, let our courts or people resolve it,”

    So, ending up like that dobby janbam AG's NFA??

    “I rather herd camels for the tyrant among us than herd pigs for someone else,”

    So, is that why he is a die-hard follower of that imported camel faith. Ignoring the original age old adat of the orang Melayu!

    “There is also a need to understand the lines of relations in diverse communities without sacrificing national integrity and national sovereignty.”

    Then, why the hard-nosed & single-minded attitude in wanting an islamic theocracy for a multi-racial country like M'SIA le?

    Bloody munafik!!!

  3. Aiyah.. what can you expect from the Nons especially from KT and HY?

    “Muslims are always counted guilty when there is an effort to implement Islam although for the mutual benefit of saving everyone.” ~ Hadi Awang


  4. if it hadn't been for the foreign intervention during the Japanese occupation where foreigners gave their lives defending his tanah air, he would probably be eating sushi now
    just look at the Arab nations, the middle east and muslim countries, they are doing a fine job of fighting among themselves without foreign intervention
    if you put two muslims in a room long enough eventually one of them would want to be god

  5. What a munafik admission le;

    "implement Islam ... for the mutual benefit of saving everyone"


    Oui, look no further than the just concluded attempt by suicide bomb attack on Mecca's Grand Mosque lah!

    Muslim killing Muslim - what a doctrine le!!!

    Or like that skull kosong chief zombie of bolihland ckaimed that THAT act is for the mutual benefit of saving everyone (more likely the ummat blur-sotongs).

    Tsk....tsk...sigh...yr Allah will cry too at this 1st of Syawal le!!

  6. i might be wrong, i dun read a word from hadi that msian shdnt join is militant, which r now busy meddling in others affair, no?

    moreover it seem doj talked abt an american name jho low n what happen in america, no?

    i think hadi is one that shdnt interfere the american, aussie n british shd oso butt out wakaka.