Tuesday, June 20, 2017

'Man up' was lie

Mariam Mokhtar asked in Malaysiakini, Is Nhaveen a casualty of hate campaign against LGBT? (extracts):

COMMENT | Was the Ministry of Health's recent competition, to "prevent homosexuality", a contributory factor in the attack against 18-year-old T Nhaveen? Did his bullies beat him to make sure he was macho and a "real man"?

When it was first announced, activists warned the authorities that the LGBT community would be further traumatised and that there would be increased hatred and loathing for them.

This competition offered cash prizes, ranging from RM1,000 to RM4,000, for those who could produce the best anti-LGBT videos. There is no doubt that the videos helped fuel more intolerance against the LGBT community.

Well, the Malaysiakini news headline have been a bit outdated because Nhaveen has passed away due to the serious beatings he received. It should instead have read Was Nhaveen a casualty of hate campaign against LGBT? 

And apart from the mafulat-ish moronic competition held by the Health Ministry (which subsequently back-pedalled by removing the terms 'gender confusion' and 'LGBT' in the video competition, but which Minister Subramaniam must nonetheless explain), we need to examine further the claim by some that those bullies beat Nhaveen to make sure he was macho and a "real man".

Another term people like those loved to use was 'to man the pondan up'.

That's utter bullshit.

this one by Education Ministry and you wonder why none of our university ever reaches top 100 ranking in the world

If they had wanted to 'man up' Nhaveen, those bullies would have taken him for a piss-up at a bar or to the brothel for a screw.

Instead they sodomised him by inserting a bottle-like object into his anus. That's definitely not to 'man-up' Nhaveen but to brutalise him for what those bullies saw as his seeming effeminate mannerisms.

It was to punish Nhaveen for what they didn't like about him, maybe because they hate effeminate young men, maybe because the Health Ministry moronic anti-LGBT campaign has encouraged them or maybe they possess LGBT tendencies themselves which they dare not admit.

“Bollywood is filled with closeted gays who pretend to be straight”

says Kirron Kher

Yes, the worst abusers of LGBTs have been closeted LBGTs themselves.

'Man-up' was a bloody blooming bastard of an excuse to bash poor Nhaveen, an excuse totally incongruous with the sickening brutalities perpetuated on him.

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