Tuesday, June 13, 2017

10-years old story by UMNO deputy minister (2)

From FMT:

Liew denies DAP asked Kluang traders to move 10 years ago (extracts):

DAP has no influence, so why should Kluang council listen to us when they even ban us from using any public space for activities, says Kluang MP.

PETALING JAYA: Liew Chin Tong has denied claims by Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Razali Ibrahim that DAP had asked for Kluang bazaar traders to move to another location 10 years ago.

Referring to a report on FMT earlier today, where Razali blamed the opposition party for having been the source of frustration of some traders in the Kluang Ramadan Bazaar, which resulted in a minor altercation on Saturday, Liew said the allegations were not true.

In 2007, the opposition party did not have any state assemblyman in that area or in Johor, for that matter.

“We did not try to evict anyone, as it was not in our authority to do any such thing.
The DAP never asked for them to move, and I have even asked around and confirmed this matter,” Liew said in response to Razali’s accusations.

Indeed, in 2007 Hou Kok Chung of MCA (BN) was the MP for Kluang. But Hou lost to Liew in 2013 by the latter's majority of 7,359 votes in an 86.8% turnout.

So when Liew denied deputy minister Razali Ibrahim's claim that DAP had asked for the Kluang bazaar to be closed down, as was narrated in an earlier post 10-years old story by UMNO deputy ministerin alternative simple English language, Liew was virtually saying Razali Ibrahim had lied, fibbed, bullshitted, kong-p'en-uwa, bohong, and ...

... please note this, Razali Ibrahim LIED (bohong) during the month of Ramadan.


I wonder whether Razali Ibrahim will burn in hell?

Razali Ibrahim thought Liew and DAP would accept his fabrications claimed from an incident 10 years ago, lying down. Don't play play with DAP (unless it's LKS).

But I wonder whether we should give Razali Ibrahim the benefit of the doubt and say his history has been dodgy-ishly chowkana because he went to a university with a QS ranking of 501?



  1. Samax2 in the class of "says iman" le!!?!

    Bulan buasa?

    Bulan jom makanx2 terlampau shj lah.

    Fitnah tu untuk blur-sotongs & zombies shj ne.

  2. Being neither an UMNO supporter nor DAP machai, I take both sides with a huge grain of salt.

    It is obvious some people are obsessed with events of 30-years ago, who is to say it is wrong for someone to be upset over something which happened 10 years ago ?

    Right now it is a He Said - You Said issue...I don't see any evidence either side is right.

    Liew Chin Tong is a Paratrooper in Kluang (82nd Airbone-style )...10 years ago in 2007 he had never been seen in Kluang...so he has no real knowledge whether some people in DAP did or did not raise objections to the Pasar location.

  3. Gan Ping Siew's classy demolition of Liew Chin Tong.

    "I won't play Liew Chin Tong's divisive political game"

    I can't believe myself appreciating the words of an MCA politician.

    1. wakakaka, my reply to your silly comments - please see http://ktemoc.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/umno-shot-mca-in-foot-mca-failed-to-do.html