Friday, June 09, 2017

Macai prevent Pakatan from win?

Malaysiakini on EC not wanting to work with the electoral watchdog Bersih (in full):

Election Commission (EC) chief Hashim Abdullah has dismissed the need to work with the electoral watchdog for now.

He said this because EC officers have been sent abroad to learn about the election process in other countries, and therefore possessed the adequate experience to handle the elections in Malaysia.

"We sent our election panel overseas, they went there to observe and learn. We will implement part of the good (practices observed abroad)," he said.

Hashim also said the EC has not engaged any other NGO as well.

“When the time comes and (when it is) necessary, then we will engage," he told a press conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

In an interview with Oriental Daily earlier this week, Hashim said EC would not cooperate with Bersih because it was an outlawed organisation.

However, Bersih later reminded the EC chief that it was a legal entity, and stressed on the need for the commission to work with the watchdog to curb electoral malpractices.

Bersih should first sue the hell out of the EC for telling a lie, that Bersih is an outlawed organisation.

Bersih's aim to work alongside with EC is not so much about the latter's experience which I'm sure you would agree is replete with its über gerrymandering proficiency and other questionable stuff such as making indelible ink very 'delible' (I'll come to this shortly), mysterious operations of lights at various counting stations especiallly in Sarawak (wireless or telepathic?), and dis-mis-information on voting locations for registered voters.

Those who have been deemed as likely to vote for the Opposition would find on arriving at Voting Station X which they had reported to for the last 15 years found out they have been re-assigned to Voting Station Y 30 to 50 km away, but which was not made known to them, wakakaka.

On why the indelible ink became so easily 'delible', EC blamed the Health Ministry for instructing the Commission to reduce the content of silver nitrate in the 'delible' indelible ink so as to prevent the possibility of internal organ failure.

Omigosh, shades of Dr Zhivago ... ooops I mean ... Hippocrates.

Just in case that excuse was not good enough, the great religion of Islam was dragged in for shameless abusing as another excuse. The EC said the indelible ink was deliberately made 'delible' because it had to be halal as well as water-permeable (or soluble) to allow ablutions by Muslims. Amin.

But such has been the track record of the EC that it becomes necessary, nay, imperative that someone like Bersih keeps a beady eye on its shenanigans.

Now, who was that bastard who placed EC under the PM?

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