Friday, June 09, 2017

Race shall win the race

MM Online - PPBM wants Dr M, Muhyiddin to head Pakatan Harapan

Pribumi has been very humble in only demanding the Chair and Presidency of the new coalition, and even inclusive in generously including a Cinakui as a vice-president.

Yes, that vice-presidential privileged honour goes to Lim Guan Eng of the DAP, which happens by sheer coincidence to be the component member of Pakatan Harapan with the MOST number of federal MPs where it won 38 in the 2013 GE, and is recorded as holding 35 in Dewan Rakyat.

Pribumi as the self-proposed Pakatan leader or primer inter pares (first among equals a la UMNO in BN) currently holds one (yes, 1, satu) federal seat in Pagoh.

But its party name, to wit, Pribumi, confers upon it a ketuanan 1st class pribumi status which the DAP does not enjoy. So f**k the DAP!

It's also likely the DAP will be the component member to win the MOST number of federal and state seats in the coming GE-14, but f**k, who cares when Pribumi can strut around in its usual god-conferred Aryan-ish Ketuanan mode.

Mind, Pribumi has not forgotten Anwar Ibrahim, the preferred Leader of Pakatan by the DAP and PKR (of course minus Azmin Ali) component members.

Pribumi had "elevated" (wakakaka) Anwar to being Adviser, though who he is advising (Chair or President) is unstated. This is important because the adviser is usually placed to the left of the person he is advising, thus either to the left of the Chair or dear Moody - and probably located completely outside of above picture, but the MM Online has been kind, sympathetic and considerate to place him on top as a kind and generous "consolation". But do not be misled by the above poster.

There is a possibility he could be the coalition Adviser to Lim Guan Eng on Malay protocols, culture and Islamic issues, wakakaka.

But consistent with the Pribumi theme, Azmin Ali has been proposed as the Deputy President [please disregard Wan Azizah's proposed office as no one cares about her other than her cooling fan]. Congrats Azmin, your Uncle thinks highly of you.

Uncle, where are we going?

To meet my deputy Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin. He'll give you a job.

I feel Pribumi is far too modest and rather shy with above meek proposal so I reckon a wee re-construction of the coalition leadership structure may be necessary so as to confer full recognition and due acknowledgement of the merit of His Imperial Majesty Mahathir and his ketuanan Pribumi party, which BTW, no non like Cinakui and Keling can be a member of.

Ampun Tuanku2, my own proposal may offend your Highness-es so an ampun beforehand may be appropriate.

Pakatan Harapan shall be republican in ideology considering Mahathir has shown disrespect to royals before and had in fact, as an erstwhile Royal Dentist, de-fanged them some 20+ years before.

I thus propose:

Mahathir Mohamad - Dear Fear-ed Leader for Life,

lobbyist costs a bit more than Jack Abramoff but his time I get Vladimir Putin thrown in as well 

Moody - "interim" President for Mukhriz, the Dear Son,

WTF, I am Bugis and they're Indians - I am more pribumi lah

y am I an "interim"?

and f**k the rest, especially the Cinakui's and Kelings.

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