Saturday, June 10, 2017

PAS clings on to fear scaring tactics?

Presumably you have read my earlier post PAS & Penang lingo 101 which talked about PAS angling for Chinese, Indian voters who fear being seen as anti-Islam.

In that post PAS Youth wing chief, Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, claimed there was “uneasiness” among the minorities against its former ally DAP for allegedly “attacking” PAS over its president’s attempt to seek harsher penalties under Shariah laws.

While I accept Cinakui's in this nation are in the minorities, I felt strange at being the odd one out when DAP lambasted PAS over Hadi Awang's lustful Schadenfreude to increase syariah courts' punishments via an amendment to UUD335, because I didn't feel any unease at all. Au contraire I felt delighted, wakakaka.

But seriously, based on his (il)logic then I won't vote for PAS. Thanks Mat for your advice, wakakaka.

Oh, just as an example of Hadi Awang's desired but horrendous increase, flogging shall increase from 6 strokes to 100 lashes.

want a drink? just another 76 to go 

Muhammad continued: “For example, in the RUU355 [issue] where we see there are Chinese, Indian community that do not want to be pictured as anti-Islam, anti to the rights demanded by Muslims.”

“I believe if PAS comes in [to contest] in DAP and PKR’s seats [in the next election], there will be three-cornered fights, where the votes of non-Malay Muslims may also come to PAS.”

Hypothetically, PAS may win all of DAP's current seats. But Muhammad Khalil's (il)logic must be the best self-delusional cock-talk I have ever heard, not surprising as it came from a PAS person.

I am thinking seriously of adding Muhammad to my list of Malaysian morons, wakakaka.

Adoi, he has to be a badak merindu bulan or as Chinese Penangite would say, 'Sai goo baang guek', wakakaka.

thought the moon is white and surrounded by green like below? 

Today FMT publishes Mahfuz questions PAS’ reliance on fear factor which our Pokok Sena PAS MP directed at Muhammad Khalil for the latter's stupidity.

Aiyah, wasted effort lah because most PAS members love scarring the shits out of people to secure their support, such as Nik Abduh once claiming Allah swt sent horrendous floods to Kelantan because the Muslims in that state should not have wandered off their most Muslim path from supporting Hadi Awang's proposed amendment to UUD 355.

Yalah, they should with at least 135% backing, but which they presumably as less than pious Muslims, did only with 101% support. Nah, ta'cukup! Also see my post Messages from above?.

ah ah, no holding hands okay

and I think the aurat on your thighs has been exposed

better not let Nik Abduh see this

Anyway, the actual star in the FMT report is Amanah's communications chief Khalid Samad, who also questioned Khalil’s rationale.

Khalid Samad
Amanah's communications chief

As reported by FMT, Khalid said a political party would “traditionally” win votes from people who had confidence in it, not those who feared being seen as unfriendly to it.

“You’ve got to win the people’s support based on whatever merit you have and based on their confidence that you will be able to give them good service”.

“This is the first time I’ve heard of a party saying it expects to win votes on the basis of fear. I don’t think expecting people to vote for you because they’re afraid, and not because they want you, is a very sound strategy".

Well Khalid, it wasn't the first time for me as I had heard from even the revered Nik Aziz who did such fear-tactics before, such as telling Muslims they won't ascend to Heaven unless they vote for PAS.

Khalid continued: “I have no idea where Khalil gets all these funny ideas from. I don’t think the non-Muslims will vote for you if they don’t want to vote for you."

"The question of being labelled anti-Muslim or anti-Malay is something they have lived with for so many years. I don’t think it will make a difference to them.”

Well said, Khalid and not only that, we have been described as Cinakui's.

Amin to that.

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  1. After 1969, and up to GE12 in 2008, many Chinese voted for BN simply out of fear and worry about possible retributions if BN lost, and the Chinese community were blamed for supporting the Opposition.

    There was a real fear such a scapegoat exercise could turn very ugly and dangerous for the Chinese.

    However, I don't think PAS has that kind of power.
    UMNO yes, but not PAS.