Friday, June 30, 2017

PKR reform credentials in deep doubt

FMT - Tian Chua: Future PM must be loyal to reforms, not individuals (extracts):

is he PKR or Pribumi?

be careful when asking, he bites, wakakaka

PETALING JAYA: PKR vice-president Tian Chua says there will be no conflict within Pakatan Harapan over the post of prime minister if the opposition wins the coming general election (GE14).

This is because the leader will be chosen based on loyalty towards reforming the country’s laws and economy, not loyalty towards individuals. “It does not matter who in PKR or our partners becomes the prime minister."

“The leader must be loyal to the agenda we are fighting for. He or she must not be chosen just because a party or a person is loyal to an individual,” he told FMT. 

He can say anything prior to an election and you bet he would, wakakaka, but there is no iron-clad guarantee the so-called Pakatan reform agenda will be met after the election.

Perhaps the original Pakatan Rakyat (now extinguished) could be relied upon but alas, not the current Pakatan Harapan as it has the most non-reformist Mahathir, the notorious Constitution-mutilator-destroyer, and his Pribumi in the coalition.

Tian Chua is just saying so to convince us that even without Pakatan Harapan (PH) naming a PM-designate, it's safe to vote for his party PKR as his party's so-called reform agenda is assured.

His "It does not matter who in PKR or our partners becomes the prime minister" does not hold water because the new PM, assuming Pakatan wins in GE14, may well be most non-reformist Mahathir of Pribumi, wakakaka.

Pribumi is of course Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM), a racially exclusive ketuanan party which party-name is already an insult to non-Malays, telling them (the non-Malays) they are second class citizens and thus cannot be members of his elitist gold card party.

The worst hypocritical offence by Pribumi is its sinister guise to conceal its ketuanan name by calling itself Bersatu, when that's the exact opposite of its party's doctrine, unless 'bersatu' has been meant only for pribumi or bumiputera. 

Be that as it is, let's examine the policy stand of the component paties of Pakatan Harapan (PH) because we need to see how far Tian Chua's words, at least for PKR, can be relied upon.

It so happened Sweetie Boo Su-Lyn of MM Online did a survey on the individual stand of PH component parties, namely, PKR, Pribumi, DAP and Amanah, on certain socio-politico-economic, etc issues - I refer to the newspapers' Where does Pakatan Harapan stand on issues?.

We know that the 4 parties have different ideologies, with:

  • PKR claiming to stand on political-reform multi-racialism,
  • Pribumi on ... well .... pribumi (Malay) interests,
  • DAP on secular socialist democracy, and
  • Amanah on welfare based on Islam.

That's what each claims to be so. Well, we shall see, wakakaka.

But I might just point out at this stage that PKR is still working up a special deal between itself and PAS, already the political foe of PH.

Indeed, I see the MM Online survey springing some surprises on their individual stand. Let's select a few to analyse, touching on especially those points which see different positions by PH members, and controversial points as well, eg. 'Ban child marriages'.


kaytee's observations (wakakaka):

1. NEP:

Pribumi is predictable but that's its bread & butter.

DAP and Amanah support it but like to see the end goal.

PKR for all its claim of reforms and multi-racialism is just like Pribumi, a ketuanan party in essence.

Wanita PKR chief Zuraida Kamaruddin

"I’m foolish if I don’t use AP to buy ‘quality’ cars"

At least Amanah wants to see an end goal to the NEP but PKR ... well ... you have recently witnessed one of its leaders using her AP to add on to her collection of luxury cars - for more, read FMT's 2 ‘foolish’ MPs tell Zuraida they never used their APs.

At least I have to say Pribumi is up front with its aim but I have to wary of PKR as I suspect it bullshits on its own-acclaimed reform credentials.

Also related: Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

2. Education - Improve English mastery:

Pribumi re-emphsizes Mahathir's policy, to teach maths & science in English which will be bloody ineffectual for mastering the English language and likely to be counterproductive in Malay and vernacular schools.

Rehman's command of English was superior to most English 

In my humble opinion, the English language should be taught on subjects, apart from the English language classes per se, which allow wide and varied usage of the language so as to improve mastery of the written, spoken and read language.

It's not sufficient to learn just 'solve this and that' or 'find the value of X', etc, but rather on subjects such as History, Literature, Civics & Ethics, Communication.

DAP wants English to be a compulsory pass in SPM. It's just an option.

PKR and Amanah are both clueless. I am very surprised by PKR's lackadaisical stand on the learning of English


Revival of local council elections:

Pribumi is predictable in being evasive but then Mahathir has never been inclined towards independent decision-making bodies which may obstruct his centralised bulldozing ways in running the government.

That's why he chopped off the Judiciary at their knees and tamed the Senate in case the latter become too independently obstructive.

But Pribumi has the brazen nerve to talk about reforming the Dewan Senate as a priority when Mahathir was the bloody person who castrated the Upper House, unless his 'reforming the Dewan Negara' is about further mutilation by guise of reforms.

DAP is the only component PH party which supports it, not surprising when you recall 'twas DAP in Penang which wanted to have the 3rd level elections in Penang, ...

... and which PAS was against because it desires/lusts after 'appointment' of its members as councillors but fears election of mentioned councillors as it feels its candidates may not have a snowflake's chance in hell, wakakaka.

Oh, I recall too that Hadi Awang threatened the possibility 'May 13' if local council elections were to be held in Penang.

PKR for all its so-called reformist credentials has no stand on this or is completely clueless, or more likely, dares not offend PAS so it acts 'dunno' insofar as local council elections are concerned.

So much for PKR's bullshit about its reform credentials.


1. LGBT:

Law to protect LGBT against hate crimes and religious raids. Only Pribumi is defiantly against protecting LGBT while the rest, PKR, DAP and Amanah, buat diam diam. One bully and 3 cowards, wakakaka.

2. Sign UN refugee convention:

Bizarrely, PKR as a reform party is the only component party not to have a stand on this. It is worse than Pribumi and Amanah.

3. Ban child marriages:

Pribumi and Amanah are predictable as both have Muslim Malays as their constituents, who do not see anything wrong about child marriages.

DAP is predictably for banning such underage marriages.

Aiyoyo, so-called reformist PKR again dares not offend PAS so it acts 'dunno'. Podoh.

4. Enact sexual harassment laws:

All except PKR support it - ask PKR why? Maybe its reformist ideology calls for mucho sexual harassment? Wakakaka.

5. Criminalise marital rape:

Of course Amanah opposes it as there is no such thing as 'marital rape' in Islam.

PKR (and pribumi) either has no clue or acts 'dunno' again, wakakaka.

6. Ban unilateral child conversion:

S.Deepa (right) and her ex-husband Izwan Abdullah

Can't blame Pribumi and Amanah for not supporting this as both have ONLY Muslim membership and objecting to child conversion into Islam is to them silly and against their beliefs.

But PKR? Again it shows its sad cluelessness, cowardice or cringe towards PAS.

PKR take note 


  1. Like a CON-sultants, after all the bells and whistles, & the PowerPoints too, WHAT'S yr final takes???

    Don't vote for the opposition, RIGHT?

    Then, didn't ALL yr 2cent cleverness presentations APPLIES to bn, too?

    What say u??

    Another one of yr group's tactic of talking about dog bite BUT only want to zoom in to the dog collar's colour le!!!

    Banyakx2 pandai!!!!

    1. I did NOT say don't vote for opposition so don't be like HY and put words in my mouth. I questioned PKR's reform credentials.

    2. I don't spend time dwell on in-between issues like u lah.

      Again, after all the pusingx2 about PH's reform credentials, what's yr udang le?

      Don't vote for opposition, RIGHT???

    3. i dun put words in yr mouth, mathematically, voting is a zero sum game. when u claim abstain to vote lks, bn will not add 1 vote, but ph/dap definitely less 1 vote. impact r same if yr vote is the last when both side draw same number of votes. u r a traitor, a dap traitor, a hee yit foong.

    4. wakakaka, didn't you use to call me "dap fanboy"?

      dap supporter does NOT mean I will BLINDLY and automatically vote for any tom, dolly and kit siang from dap, wakakaka

  2. as usual a bias article, again n again. rafizi who didnt make use of ap is not from pkr? y u only highlights 1 that used it n blame pkr? r u sure all dap member dun use the ap?

    tis bias n stupid article deserved to be published in mt.

    1. kudos to rafizi for not using the ap but does that mean I should not mention zuraida kamaruddin using it?

      article might have been bias but it is not stupid but you are, wakakaka again

  3. tanah rancangan felda mempunyai 56 kerusi parlimen. sekiranya 'pakatan ada harapan ka?' menang 20 kerusi pada pru14, umno baru/bn mampos.