Thursday, July 30, 2009

Uthayakumar: Pakatan gave land to only Chinese but not Indians

Looks like Uthayakumar knows something or is doing something that we are still unaware of. I’m referring to his continuous attacks against DAP, from the Kg Buah Pala issue to now Perak.

A Sivanesan, vice-chairman of Perak DAP and the party's national labour bureau chief has been right royally pissed off with Uthayakumar for making allegations against him at the Kallumalai Kaliaman Temple in Chemor recently - see Malaysiakini DAP: Pakatan has done its bit for Indians.

The three Tamil dailies, probably owned by MIC, must have had a field day reporting Uthayakumar’s condemnations of the DAP leaders.

Sivanesan reminded Uthayakumar that the Perak PR government had in their brief 10-months rule approved 13 applications for Hindu temples and cemeteries for all non-Muslims, unlike the BN state government which had ruled for 50 years but done f*-all much for Perak Indians.

Siva was also pissed off with Uthayakumar for playing the racial game, when the latter stated that Pakatan only gave land to the Chinese and not to the Indians. That's lowdown racial nastiness - dei Uthayakumar, where did you learn that from? C'mon, tell lah!

Siva moaned in frustration: "He (Uthayakumar) should get his facts right and not mislead the public with his wild allegations. 8% of the population of the Chinese new villages in the state are Indians who number about 5,000. They (Indians) too enjoy the benefit of the land approval and land applications by Indians had not been rejected by Pakatan."

"We have also approved state land for five Tamil schools in the which are situated in Pangkor, Gunong Rapat , Ladang Changat Kinding, Lenggong and Grik."

Siva added that 13% of the state population comprises Indians and more jobs and study opportunities have been created for them when compared to BN's rule for the past 52 years, asserting that the Pakatan state government had made it compulsory for all civil service vacancies, study opportunities and state or federal scholarships for further studies to be advertised in all four languages including Tamil.

Like most of us, Siva has been puzzled by Uthayakumar’s sole targeting of DAP leaders like him and Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng BUT not the BN leaders who had not done much for the welfare of the Indian community.

Siva reminded Uthayakumar: "The Kampung Buah Pala land issue in Penang was triggered by the BN in 2007 and Uthayakumar instead of criticising BN leaders is now targeting Guan Eng which is very unfair.”

Then he posed a question which I too would love for Utahyakumar to answer: "Is Hindraf meant only for Hindus or for all Indians who are also Christians and Muslims . Uthayakumar must clarify this."

Indeed I have a few more questions for Uthayakumar, namely:

(1) Are you Uthayakumar attacking DAP leaders for BN?

(2) If not, please explain why you Uthayakumar have been specially targeting DAP leaders, BUT not BN leaders?

(3) Have you forgotten that it was DAP who fought for you when you were behind barbed wire and bars?

(4) Is Hindraf a Hindu only NGO or political party (quite frankly I’ve lost track, given the bloody intrigues)?

(5) Have you Uthayakumar commented yet on the strange death in custody of Teoh Beng Hock? Or is that a Chinese problem?

(6) Are you Uthayakumar aware that a large block of your supporters have been non-Indians (yes, I use the ‘non’ word in an Indian context here for you)?


  1. Maybe Uthayakumar sudah kena hit by the $ disease?

    I wonder why they are flogging the wrong horse ?

    Go after KTK's hide if they have balls !

    P.S. Heard Sammy's verbal diarrhoea on TV - makes me want to puke !

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  3. Maybe he is trying to curry favor to get his new political party approved and hit the ground running, maybe want his new party to join BN.... whatever it is I have lost respect for HINDRAF already since the leaders started stabbing each other, then stab others and finally hoodwinked their supporters including me, a non-Indian....

  4. turned over by BN alredi?

  5. kaytee, after so long's very hard one ler...