Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock - cause?

Malaysiakini Minister: Don't blame MACC!

Extracts from above news report:

MCA also called for an independent inquiry in order to quell unwarranted rumours and safeguard the credibility of MACC.

Party spokesperson Gan Ting Siew said the police should launch a thorough investigation into the case to determine if there was any foul play.

Are we living in Ga-ga-Land, or do we still believe in the fairy godmother?

Two blooming questions:

(1) Since when did MACC have any 'credibility'?

(2) Does anyone really expect the police to do a good job?


  1. i bet police concludes "no foul play, and teo had sleepwalking disorder" ... and case closed.

  2. The Mongolian lady who was C4d was last seen alive outside the house of a person who was subsequently acquitted and he was not asked to give any explanation as to what he knew about her death and more.

    Now we have a case of a dead person who was last seen for at least 15 hours IN the MACC HQ and they don't know anything about his death?

    And he slept in the MACC HQ from 3.45 a.m. to ? although his car was parked there? I mean if it were you or me would we hang around MACC HQ or call our brother, father, mother, friend or lawyer to come get you home?

    Especially since he was not being investigated but merely asked to provide info?

    This has th eaer marks of another Kugan or Altantuya case.

    We must not rest until we get the TRUTH out!!


    "Bakul sampah yang kotor telah diletakkan di atas kepala saya, dan saya dipaksa untuk menyanyikan lagu Negaraku berkali-kali, lagu Umno berkali-kali dan disuruh menyebut Rukun Negara berulang kali. Semasa saya dipaksa berbuat demikian bakul sampah di atas kepala saya diketuk berkali-kali".

    Antara penyiksaan pegawai-pegawai SPRM ke atas Halimi ialah:

    1. Dipukul di bahagian kepala, perut dan bahu bertubi-tubi oleh tiga pegawai SPRM
    2. Ditendang di bahagian rusuk dengan lutut
    3. Dipaksa telanjang dan berguling-guling di atas lantai dalam keadaan bogel
    4. Dicekik sehingga tidak bernafas
    5. Ditolak ke dinding
    6. Ditendang ketika dipaksa berguling-guling atas lantai
    7. Diketuk kepala dengan bakul sampah berkali-kali
    8. Diugut akan diletakkan puntung rokok pada kemaluan

  4. Police are sleepwalking and so kes closed.

    Of course he jumped to death on his wedding day. Just ask MACC. They will tell you why. Why, even their boss did that on his wedding day.

    Embarrasing. Don't even know how to tell lies very well!

  5. The ghosts in the building push him off , they need company and new reiends .

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