Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Hindraf 'gone over'?

Last few days I noted with dismay the Hindraf’s campaign against Lim Guan Eng – may I re-state that please – directed SPECIFICALLY at Lim Guan Eng, for an ill that was not of Lim’s doing …

… yet there was NOT ONE SINGLE WORD mentioned against the man responsible, former Penang CM, Koh TK of Gerakan ... not one sound, not one squeal, not one small itsy bitsy teeny weeny decibel of protest against Koh or his UMNO master, the former DCM of Penang.

So … can you blame me and chat-mate for suspecting that Hindraf has (willingly) taken up the work of BN to demonize Lim GE and the DAP, and to a lesser extent, PKR ... but significantly, not Koh or UMNO.

As an example of Hindraf's demonizing of Lim, it attempted to turn the issue into a racial issue by calling Lim a racist, presumably against Indians.

This has so outraged Penang DCM2 Dr Ramasamy. He demanded that Hindraf stop hitting below the belt, thundering in outrage: “This is slanderous. The labelling has given the state a negative image. We want him to retract his statement.”

Sri Delima assemblyman R.S.N. Rayer, who was with Dr Rama, said, “I also want to remind Waythamoorthy that it was the DAP which helped Hindraf when five of its leaders were detained under Internal Security Act.
… where was he then?”

I know that Hindraf’s Thanenthiran has considered (if not already committed to) taking his group, now named Makkal Sakthi wakakaka into BN. I also recall that he did a 'Gobala' wakakaka, in praising and thanking Najib for releasing the Hindraf 5' ;-)

In The Malaysian Insider news article Chennai talks to decide Hindraf’s future he condemned PKR and DAP, particularly the latter.

So ... what happened in Chennai? Was there some sort of a done deal?

Have the two noisy now-nasty naughty Hindraf brothers taken up the cudgel on behalf of a BN, or …

… has Hindraf been infiltrated by BN-MIC people, as alleged by Lim GE in Malayisakini Angry CM rips Hindraf's 'web of deceit'.

Lim has been angry because he saw in Hindraf’s current crafted campaign against him in particular, allegedly for not using his CM-inisterial powers to forcibly acquire Kampung Buah Pala from the owners, as a very naughty case of conveniently masking the true financial compensation likely to be involved (with Lim poorah-pundee-ptui-ing Hindraf’s compensation figure of a nonsensical RM30 million).

The real figure would be of frightening magnitude which Lim said the state government doesn’t have, full stop – which has been why he lamented Hindraf’s web of deceit in not revealing the true facts.

Lim Said: "Clearly these Hindraf leaders and BN collaborators are trying to spin a web of deceit and deception to paint the Penang state government as uncaring of Indians.

"Hindraf might deceive those outside Penang but those in Penang know of our achievements that we have taken a different path to look after the Indians, Malays and Chinese."

"It was (former chief minister) Koh (Tsu Koon) and BN that sold out Kampung Buah Pala at the cheap price of only RM10 per square feet in 2007 and without consulting the residents."

"Why has Hindraf lost the courage to oppose the real culprits?"

Indeed, why Hindraf why?

Why not an iota of criticism against Koh or UMNO (specifically the former DCM of Penang)?


  1. yes, it's time for incompetent lge to step down. even malaysiakini reported that the villagers insisted it is LGE that is wrong!

    to quote KTK, "sudah jadi ketua menteri pun sikap macam pembangkang" - LGE's only suitable to become pembangkang. see how he screwed this affair when it can be actually settled amicably instead of pinning blame on previous administration! he's CM, he's chief exco pf penang state and had 2 DCM somemore. surely he has the power to strike out the eviction but he chose to opt out and play bucket passing game .....

    let's support hindraf call for mass rally to komtar and burn lge effigy....

  2. Can only speculate Hindraf leaders have been bought by BN in view of no protest againsr Koh Tsu Koon and UMNO.

    When you burnt the bridge after crossed the river, it is no good. Hindraf have to face the karma, I can only feel sorry for these irresponsible Hindraf leaders.

  3. The way I see it ,these Hindraf idiots are barking at the wrong tree lah..

  4. They want to play king makers, let them and they will be further marginalised.

  5. "It was (former chief minister) Koh (Tsu Koon) and BN that sold out Kampung Buah Pala at the cheap price of only RM10 per square feet in 2007 and without consulting the residents."

    Land sold for RM10 per square feet ? Cheap price ?
    How do you come to equate that is cheap when these conditions have to be met .
    1 ) Hill is deem agriculture and hill land . please see the land zoning in the Penang Municipal Master Plan on developments .

    As such , the developer will have to pay a substantial sum for rezoning from agriculture to development land .
    2 ) The developer will have to excise the hill land constraint , meaning you cannot develop if its zone hill land . Example in Balik Pulau , its worse , even flat land , beside the main road is still deem water catchment areas ...
    3 ) Compensation for squatters to have vacant possession .
    Add another RM 10 per square feet for vacant possession and add another for conversion fees from agriculture/hill land to development land .
    RM30 per square ft , still cheap ? for a piece of land which is a third or fourth piece from the main rd !!
    What about construction cost which hill land and in particular that area is full of granite outcropping which need to be blasted ?
    What about height constraint ? anything above 250ft cannot be develop ? When buying a piece of land of 2.5 hectares of which only maybe 1.5 hectares is usable for construction and for building ? the rest will have to be turn into open space and parks /playground ?
    Over to you Kaytee ...

  6. "Clearly these Hindraf leaders and BN collaborators are trying to spin a web of deceit and deception to paint the Penang state government as uncaring of Indians.

    Is it ? Are these villagers so easily fooled and so gullible as to not knowing who's the people spinning a web of deceit and deception ? And to paint the Penang State government as the ones ?
    They must have a reason for doing so , won't they ?
    Who are the ones that promised them the moon and the sky ? during the last GE ? It couldn't have been the BN , as it was sold by the BN state govt ! So it has to be from the opposition , right ?
    And who in particular from the opposition ? Two names mentioned , one Indian lawyer Rayer and the other mentioned by 84 years old villager was Anwar !
    So how can it be that the BN is trying to deceive them ?
    Like I said before and now , Guan Eng is now the CM , people voted PR in to change the BN govt and to undo what is not right and as promised .
    Not to play tai chi everytime a problem crops up and shift the goal post by putting the blame on the previous govt . You are now the CM and CEO of Penang , stop blaming all the time . If you cannot perform , RESIGN an honourable way out .

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  9. Here see for yourself whether its hill land or flat land ..,100.30524&z=16&t=h&hl=en

    5.381212, 100.296698 goggle maps

    It’s in Bukit Gelugor, behind the Shell Station, just after the southern end of Green Lane. behind Jln Delima 2 and 3

  10. Any reason why Singh is King is surprisingly no sound ? and so is that PKFZ Ah Pek ? the one trying to politically kill off all good Chinese leaders so that he's the last man standing ? Huh !! the Malays are promoting Malay Unity and this Ah Pek who has a wire shorted somewhere in his brain is busily hunting down the innocents while refraining from mentioning even the names of those guilty . Maybe he's scared CKC will send the Wah Kee's from Bentong for his hide . Hahaha

  11. “If Lim can’t do this for the people who voted for his government, he should resign and go back to his home state of Malacca,” quoted representative C. Tharmaraj, and did not want a chief minister who could not meet them to explain his stand but instead sent “agents” to do so.

    nice one!

  12. KT,
    With due respects to the indians, they have a very bad habit that once they squat on a land for ages they deemed it their God dammed rights it belongs to them!So High Chapperal is already indianed land and everybody is expected to take their cause.What do you call these!STEALING LAND thatIS!
    sO now Hindraf is playing protector again!My advise to them is to try it in India , period.
    Law is the law! if not we will have squtters claiming your land and house or what not!
    Sorry ! this is where sometimes the indians get their ideas screwed between two ends!
    Really you just have to go back to the bodies snatching episodes.In real truth they deny being muslims but when they die they do give mostly the indians communities on a wild goose chase when evidense is presented.They somehow forgot to denounce or delete their fomer religion!In truth indians can be made like blinded fools and this is the sad part, when their leaders act like lawyers buruk!

  13. Jom, mari kita semua pi squat on some private land in Pekan, and when kena evicted, demand that the PM resigns! Hidup Hindraf!

  14. If RM10/sq ft is expensive, then sell to me for RM12/sq.ft so I can then sell to PKFZ for RM25/sq.ft lah, Chapkotam.

  15. LOL.
    Let the blame game continue.

    I see somebody go play around with squat theory,etc.

    Very funny, especially from the mouth of Chapkotam. Dear Chapkotam, I DARE YOU GO CHALLENGE those royals. Tell me,where did those royal ancestor get those land "rights".

  16. where did those royal ancestor get those land "rights"?

    By killing off the previous owners, in the same way as the European colonisers secured the whole of the Americas by subjugating the indigenous people as as the Incas, Mayas, Sioux, ect.

  17. 100% correct, correct, correct.

    These guys have been turned over and have become UMNO lackeys.

    The real crooks are those from the previous misadministration!! And'it's clearly an UMNO/MSM plot to villify LGE. They cann't stand an uncorrupt state Govt.!!

  18. If RM10/sq ft is expensive, then sell to me for RM12/sq.ft so I can then sell to PKFZ for RM25/sq.ft lah, Chapkotam.

    Well I didn't say it is cheap neither did I say its expensive , What I am saying is the cost of the land and add all those other costs involve , get it ! What would PKFZ want a piece of hill land for ? For the ships carrying cows ? to unload ? hahahaha

  19. Anon of 10:03 AM, July 02, 2009

    I must chide you for your sweeping comments. Please do not succumb to such inexcusable prejudice, and stereotype Indians as this and that.

    Squatting is a consequence of poverty and the landless, and has nothing to do with ethnicity. Unfortunately in Malaysia, the most economically deprived people who are at the same time landless are the Tamil Indians. There are smaller pockets of urban Malay and Chinese squatters as well. In other countries the ethnicities of squatters may be different but the common denominators are again poverty and landlessness.

    Secondly, the land was given by the original owner, David Brown, to the ancestors of the current residents. They do have a historical claim to ownership of the land of Kg Buah Pala, but alas, the previous federal (Perikatan)/state (BN) governments have through a series of non-consultative legislative process, removed from them the legitimacy of ownership, which they should be enjoying by virtue of David Brown's legacy.

    It's a sad case of their rightful ownership of the land being 'taken away' by unscrupulous authorities.

    My post is more about the inexplicable behaviour of Hindraf leaders rather than the poor villagers. I feel that the legitimate dissatisfaction of the villagers have been exploited by some people, and subordinated to political interests.

  20. You are right Kt. If the Penang state government decides to acquire the Kg Buah Pala land now, the figure would indeed be frightening.
    Critics of LGE have conveniently omitted the fact that if the State government were to acquire the land today it must pay compensation for commercial/residential land for that was what the KTK government gazetted the land to be. Anyone who knows anything about the value of land in Penang will tell you RM20 million would not even get you a small corner of that kampung today.

  21. Sri Lanka sets up Tamil "Cultural Centres". Is this what Hindraf is fighting for?

  22. This HINDRAF fools are starting to become a bunch of dumb f*cks!

  23. Yeah right, all the bad Omen is BN. and All the angels are in Pakatan Rakyat. Go to hell!

  24. More juicy revelations from hindraf…

    Guan Eng claims that the land which is believed to be transfered under dubious manner by the previous BN Government is the fault of the previous Government. But he must remember that the actual transfer of the said land had occured during his tenure as the Chief Minister.

    If the previous Government had made a fraudulent deal then he is part of the fraudulent transaction for having sanctioned the transfer after he became the Chief Minister.

    So the answer is there !!! Guan Eng dared not talk to the villagers neither has he visited Kampong Buah Pala , because he’s an accomplice and he is part of the fraudulent transaction for having sanctioned the transfer after he became the Chief Minister and during his watch .
    When he became CM the first thing that he should have done is to bring up the files on Kampong Buah Pala and immediately put a halt to the transferof the land title . But he did not so who to blame ? Blame him of course and no one else .
    Further he was two busy with the parliamentary stuff which I have commented many , many times that Penang is on autopilot or by remote control , as he Guan Eng is always not around in Penang . He is either in Parliament , in Malacca or in Perak giving moral support to the Nizar fella , but is rightly non of his business , since his Ah Pek fella is there . He should have concentrated on running the Penang govt , but he’s always not around . He has to divide his time with his wife ( Penang )his mistress ( parliament ) and his girlfriends ( Perak and Malacca )
    So its not surprising he is not aware of anything happening in Penang , including the resignation of his Deputy Fairuz until asked by the international press in Singapore , and all he could say was , wa Tak Tau tanya Anwar !!
    So , how can Guan Eng keep going on like this and keep shifting the blame to someone else and using diversionary tactics like land sols at cheap price ..blah..blah ..blah ..his teacher must have taught him very well to recite blah ..blah sheep have you any dough.
    Nevermind lah keep doing this and for the Ah Pek and him together keep harping on issues of non importance and keep whacking innocent Chinese leaders and neglect Penang .
    One other issue not fully blown up is the development around Chee Seng gardens . The time is still not ripe yet . More to come , be patient ..more to be exposed .

  25. The guilty ones are laughing themselves to death and you righteous ones are banging on the door to get entry into the snakes pit.

    The sun for you guys really rises in the west and sets in the east.