Monday, July 06, 2009

Deliberate racial tones in Kg Buah Pala polemics?

The Malaysian Insider - Najib washes federal hands of Buah Pala case

Some 'worrying' extracts from the article (note bold underlined parts):

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today the Kampung Buah Pala land tussle must be settled by the Penang state government, passing the buck back to the DAP-led Pakatan Rakyat (PR) administration in what is turning into a racial powder keg. […]

But a number of Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) activists have seized on the residents’ predicament, and turned the dispute into a racial issue. […]

No quick resolution to the controversy is now in sight, with certain Hindraf leaders ratcheting up the rhetoric against the Penang government with plans to use the issue as a cause célèbre to revive the group’s own flagging fortunes. […]

But since the involvement of Hindraf, the controversy has taken on emotional and racial overtones.


But who is Hindraf?

In Malaysiakini's 'Talk to Guan Eng for a solution' V Ganabatirao, one of the Hindraf 5 detained under ISA, gave us the answer:

"… individual Hindraf leaders should not be making statements on their own by claiming to represent the movement."

"No single person should represent the views of Hindraf. The five leaders who were detained under the ISA should give joint-statements."

"Even I cannot give statements on behalf of Hindraf on my personal capacity. Without the consensus of all five, no one should claim that it is a Hindraf statement.

He also said that Waythamoorthy was not the real leader of the movement as he was not elected to the position of chairperson.

"And Uthayakumar's opinion doesn't represent Hindraf."

"Don't be a hero in the media," he said, addressing the remark to the public face of Hindraf.

In his lambasting of Uthayakumar, Gana stated: "The issue is being politicised. Everybody is lashing out at Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his deputy P Ramasamy."

"Calling Lim a racist is bad. I strongly believe that he is doing a good job. The state government has urged the developer to pay proper compensation to each of the affected households. We should be talking to Lim instead of using street politics. We can have dialogues with him directly."

Read Malaysiakini to learn how Uthayakumar threatened CM Lim Guan Eng in Lim given one-week ultimatum to save village

Who is Uthayakumar to use such threatening language? And with such crude aggression, acrimony and arrogance, do you believe this man really wants the best deal for the villagers, or one who wants to stir up a conflict?

Incidentally Uthayakumar was supported by batu api, PKR state youth leader Yusmadi.


  1. Er.. WTF is Utamakuma ?

  2. hmmm... Ganabatirao has DAP blood i think... either he or his brother is DAP member if i'm not wrong...

    But then what he said is of course way more sensible than uthayakumar...

    Anyway, HINDRAF is banned... Uthayakumar is making promotion for his upcoming party... nice try though... :)

  3. malaysian chinese are very good at covering each others back(just like that sammy issue,we malaysian indians know very well what the chinese really think of us.)make me sick !just read the amount of insults hurled at the indians .enough is enough! ,i would gladly sacrifice my life to make sure malaysia is never rule by the greedy chinese.ketuanan melayu seems better than ketuanan cina ,if there is a choice.and using the hindraf name to mask those racist comments towards the indians.for some reasons, the chinese think too highly of themselves.angkuh dan sombong!
    the malaysian chinese have no moral high ground at all,so spare me your worthless rubbish!

  4. Hindraf of today is no longer the Hindraf of yesterday.
    Seems like they all went separate ways and are at odds at each another.
    No longer interested to serve Malaysians ( or even their own kind ) but are doing things on personal reasons and for own gains.

    PR is not a single entity but PR was united against their ISA imprisonment.
    We dont expect gratitude from Hindraf.
    We just need Hindraf to be sensible , reasonable and barks at the right tree.
    At the moment they are peeing all over the place .
    Without a real leader , without any sense of direction.
    A group which went "nuts".

  5. Who are you anon 4.09am? Can't sleep?

    All malaysians are brothers, no need to sacrifice your life, life is too short to go for broke.

    Anyway, what makes you think you are so important? This is real life you know, not a tamil movie.

    Take a sleeping pill, it helps and when you have your 8 hours, I am sure you will see things in a different light, life is worth living and Malaysians are all brothers.

  6. WTF is Utamakuma ?

    He's the rascal hoping to be the new unelected CM of Penang, just as KJ is hoping to be the new PM of malaysia

  7. Agree with you anon 4.09am

    The chinese think very high of themselves. It's called kiasu..

    See the difference went it comes to other races issue? If it's chinese issue they will aggressively pursue the matter. When it comes to other races they ask others to solve it. What a bull..Talk about non-racial politics but they are the one propagating racist acts.

    Boot DAP out come the next election..

    Sodium Nitroprusside

  8. Their cracking up!

    Its kinda funny seeing some people getting a taste of their own medicine

    You see people, this is what you get for playing the racial card for too long, it bites back!