Sunday, July 12, 2009

Uthayakumar - correct person to represent Tamils?

When Hindraf started he was basically sincere, earnest … well maybe a bit dramatic but non offensively dedicated.

Today when he deals with people, from whom he supposedly requires help, he certainly has ‘a way with words’.

Last week he gave Lim Guan Eng, CM of Penang, a week to resolve the Kampung Buah Pala’s land crisis, .…. or else, it would seem.

A whole week? Mighty big of him!

Well, that week has passed, as acknowledged by him. Malaysiakini’s
High Chaparral: Hindraf to 'turn the screws' reported:

Expressing disappointment that the state government failed to fulfil any of his three demands outlined last week, Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar said the movement would now turn the screws to compel the Penang government to protect the villagers' interests.

Wakakaka – 1 week, then 1 more week, then another, and then 1 extra week?

Dei Puratchi Thalaivar, don’t make threats unless you can back it up.

Incidentally, the article was written by Malaysiakini's Athi Shankar (Veeranggan) wakakaka! And why do I wakakaka? Please see also my post
Malaysiakini journalist anti-Lim Guan Eng? ;-)

But as I mentioned above, Uthayakumar has 'a way with words' in dealing with people like Lim Guan Eng, a man he wants help from.

So what words has he used since last week? [see Malaysiakini’s High Chaparral: Hindraf to 'turn the screws']:

Uthayakumar spelled out three actions that the state government must take within a week … [...]

His demands were: [...]

Nice going, threatening Lim that way. I am sure those words would make him sound like a hero, but whether it helps the villagers' cause or convinces Lim to listen to him would be another question.

In my earlier post
Deliberate racial tones in Kg Buah Pala polemics? I asked: Who is Uthayakumar to use such threatening language? And with such crude aggression, acrimony and arrogance, do you believe this man really wants the best deal for the villagers, or one who wants to stir up a conflict?

Then Uthayakumar said in Malaysiakini’s High Chaparral: Hindraf to 'turn the screws' that Hindraf was not racist.

I agree that Hindraf is not racist, but guess who in Hindraf has made Hindraf appear as a seemingly racist organisation? ….. making outrageous comments like Lim valued ‘pigs over Indians’!

Also The Malaysian Insider's article Najib washes federal hands of Buah Pala case wrote [extracts]:

But a number of Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) activists have seized on the residents’ predicament, and turned the dispute into a racial issue. […]

No quick resolution to the controversy is now in sight, with certain Hindraf leaders ratcheting up the rhetoric against the Penang government with plans to use the issue as a cause célèbre to revive the group’s own flagging fortunes. […]

But since the involvement of Hindraf, the controversy has taken on emotional and racial overtones.

Yes, who wants to be a Tamil hero of MGR-ish dimension?


  1. "Dei, Puratchi Thalaivar...." good manners "Then moli"

  2. Aiya , WTF is this clown Utatakoma ?

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  4. At the risk of being labelled a racist, it's been observed that many Indians do have "a way with words" in that words come readily and easily to them and thus come pouring out of their mouths in great gushing torrents, like the water in a monsoon drain after a heavy downpour!

  5. Anon of 9:25 AM, July 13, 2009 - that's quite a libellous comment, and unless you can back it up with some or even one news online links, I'll have to delete your comment shortly.

  6. it seems quite a lot of people in malaysia have become an expert on the indian race.remember, when you point a finger at someone, 3 are point back.these 'expert' can't look at themselves first.perhaps, they can't face there own ugliness.

  7. Notice how the Malaysiakini writer interchange his name from Athi Sankhar to another cameleon like

  8. Hi, Anon 8:46, July 13, I sense you are feeling rather aggrieved. Please don't be. As people say, "Don't get mad, get even!"

    Therefore, if anyone should annoy you, you have every right to tell them off. Say this: Listen here, you stupid, butt-fucked, cunt-licking, motherfucking asshole - don't make sweeping generalizations unless you have the facts to back up your claim, you jerk!

    Stick your head out the window and scream these words out loud with all the might in your lungs.

    See? Doesn't that make you feel better already?

    I myself do that all the time and have become the most relaxed, laid-back person in the whole world!

    Hi, KT, hope you don't accuse me of "having a way with words". Wakakakaka!

    Sweet Virgin

  9. Hidraf came in with guns blazing. Now it looks like they have become UMNO's poodle!

    Watch and see them implode if they do not take a step back and go back to principles and the true cause.

    Arrogance and gangster like talk and behavious are not what Ghandhi stood for!

  10. MGR was entertaining.
    Uthayakumar irritates us.
    Samy Vellu humours us.

  11. Mamaktir screwed us.

    Dollah sodded us.

    And now...

    Jib tries to emasculate us.

  12. Who appointed or elected Uthayakumar as leader of the Indian community, if I may ask?

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