Friday, July 24, 2009

The attempted metamorphosis of MACC

Some points in the mysterious death of Teoh Beng Hock while in MACC’s custody need to be reviewed at this stage.

(1) Teoh was probably not a mere witness called in for evidence but rather detained to provide ‘evidence’ on the DAP’s alleged misuse of RM2,400. His unnecessary and illegal detention overnight, and MACC having possession of his phone, etc point to this probability.

(2) Teoh had probably been badly treated like Tan Boon Hwa, another so-called ‘witness’ who made police reports (was threatened by police into making a second one) about, and provided information on MACC’s interrogation techniques involving torture (standing still for 4 hours with water or food) and racist abuses (Cina bodoh) and psychological intimidation (threats against Tan's wife and family). Another witness, Dariff Din collaborated Tan’s report.

(3) MACC claimed they released Teoh at 3:45 am but he was seen by Tan Boon Hwa at 6 am still in the building. Commonsense tells us if Teoh had been released he would have scooted off home (his car was parked at the MACC building) or at least phoned home. He did neither, which points to the likelihood he was NOT released as claimed.

(4) Something terrified MACC at around 1:30 pm, when it was claimed that a janitor discovered Teoh’s body. Kim Quek wrote in Malaysiakini’s Teoh's death: Mysteries abound (extracts):

… Why was the outer timber door of the MACC office unprecedentedly closed for some half an hour at the time when some one discovered Teoh's body?

The Chinese section of Malaysiakini reported on July 17 that its reporter Rahmah Ghazali observed an inexplicable happening at the MACC office at the 14th floor, where the outer timber door was mysteriously shut between 1.15pm and 1.35pm, and re-opened shortly before 1.50pm on July 16.

Rahmah explained that she first arrived at the MACC's 14th floor office at 1.15 to attend a press conference to be given by assemblyman Lau Weng San. Seeing that no one was around, she went down to the 4th floor to wait at the reception hall.

When other reporters arrived at 1.30, she followed them to the 14th floor again, but was surprised to find the outer timber door of the MACC office closed; it was then about 1.35.

Thinking that the staff could have closed the door to go for lunch, she and other reporters went down for food. She then called Lau who expressed disbelief that the timber door was closed, as MACC was supposed to operate around the clock.

Knowing that Lau was already on the way, she decided to skip lunch and went back to 14th floor, and found the timber door re-opened this time; the time was about 1.50. Lau arrived at 2pm. After talking to reporters for about 20 minutes outside the MACC office, he went in to make a report. Of course, none of them knew that Teoh was already dead then.

1.30 was the time when some one discovered Teoh's body. Why did MACC take the unprecedented step to shut down the office briefly, closing the door between 1.15 and 1.35, and re-opening the door at shortly before 1.50?

What did the staff do behind that timber door at that crucial moment that they would not want outsiders to see? The mystery seems to deepen.

What had caused that ‘sealing’ of the building at that crucial time? Was it the discovery of Teoh’s body? Or was it an interrogation technique that had gone horribly wrong? At this juncture, around 1:30 pm, it should be noted that Tan Boon Hwa was then released.

Kim Quek also wrote:

What happened between 1.30pm and 5pm?

Though Teoh's body was discovered at 1.30, it was not until after 5pm that MACC disclosed the news to assemblymen Ean Yong and Ronnie Liu who had been waiting for over an hour in the MACC office insisting to meet Teoh. Why should MACC have hidden the news for so long unless there were compelling reasons which in all probability might not be guilt-free?

(5) There was initially an attempt to suggest/insinuate Teoh must have committed suicide, but who would believe a man who was to have married the next day would commit suicide, least of all his friend who was reminded by Teoh (on the day before he was hauled in by MACC) that he was to be the best man at Teoh’s wedding.

(6) The the insinuation shifted to Teoh’s assassination by the underworld, or Teoh’s suicide for fear of this ‘underworld’. The insinuators’ logic would have us believe that this was an ‘underworld’ which dabbled in sums of RM2,400 unlike another above-world which boldly, blatantly and brazenly displayed a trophy of RM24 million.

The police was also heard to announce they were looking into any ‘underworld’ connections with the death of Teoh. Ho-hum!

Questions they had asked of Teoh’s family included whether he was a smoker (went out of MACC building to smoke then jumped or fell over the safety wall? With our police, anything could be possible), and whether he had complained about work before he died, and tried to make a connection with his work and the possibility that he may taken his own life as a result (the old suicide hope again).

From all these, can anyone blame us for believing that Teoh was hard done by the MACC interrogators, and his death was not a result of suicide or any BS underworld involvement – though I wait breathlessly for the police finding on its investigation, which seemed thus far to be slanted towards a suicide (or even underworld assassination), which would then absolve MACC of any culpability.

Apart from alluding nonsensically to Teoh's suicide or/and a sinister 'underworld' connection with DAP, the authority’s aim thus far has been its use of its mainstream mouthpieces and its bloggers, to imbue MACC with the bangsa Teflon coating, and turn any criticisms of MACC into a racist attack on the Malays or Malay leadership.

The MACC is to be projected as a victim of non-Malay vicious assault on the Malays.

As I have stated in Carpe diem Najib I wait to see whether Najib will use the golden opportunity of a RCI into the tragedy of Teoh to completely shear off an evil baggage he has inherited.

Purge the system once and for all of lil Napoleons, Mat Rempits and Bocorites.


  1. Should hire the services of a Ghosts Exterminator ..looks like the place is getting very haunted ...Supernaturally mystified .

  2. please, the more you write like this, the more i don't have faith in malaysia anymore ....

  3. Purge the system once and for all of lil Napoleons, Mat Rempits and Bocorites.

    What about the Mas Selamats and Nordin Tops? The Ong Ti Kets and Koh TKs? The Samy Veloos and Kayves?

  4. Why did Tan Boon Hwa spend the nite at MACC?

    Why has Police not yet arrested Tan Boon Hwa as main suspect in the death of Teoh Beng Hock?

    The public dont realise that Tan Boon Hwa spent the whole night with Teoh Beng Hock at the MACC until 6:00 am of the day Teoh Beng Hock died. Teoh and Tan were both at the MACC the whole night.

    Here is the timing for both Teoh and Tan. Teoh started giving information to MACC at about 6pm. Tan also started giving information about the same time.

    Teoh finished giving all his statement at 3:45 a.m. Tan Boon Hwa finished giving his information to MACC earlier at about 1:00 am. Now here is very strange story. Tan Boon Hwa did not go home after his questioning was finish at 1:00 am. Even the Pegawai MACC who was questioning Tan went home to sleep but Tan Boon Hwa said he wanted to hang around the MACC office. The question is why Tan Boon Hwa refuse to go home when even the Pegawai MACC already has gone home? Can Tan Boon Hwa answer this question? Tan was not under arrest.

    Then after Teoh finished giving information at 3:45 am Teoh went to sleep in MACC office. Tan Boon Hwa was also in the same office, same floor. What did Tan Boon Hwa tell Teoh Beng Hock? Did Tan Boon Hwa threaten Teoh Beng Hock?

    Then Tan Boon Hwa says he saw Teoh Beng Hock at 6:30 am and Teoh also saw him, but Tan say they never speak to each other. This is impossible story. Tan Boon Hwa is lying. Even if one DAP member meet another DAP member in the bus station they sure say hello, how are you etc. How can after 9 hour of questioning for Teoh and 7 hour of questioning for Tan and both of them spending the night at MACC - they dont have anything to say to each other? This is impossible story. Tan Boon Hwa is definitely lying.

    Then Tan has refused to give statement to the Police until Police issue saman which Tan must follow.

    Tan Boon Hwa has also lied to the public. He told the reporter that MACC questioned him until 1 pm the next day. This is lying by Tan.

    First Tan Boon Hwa refused to go home after MACC finished questioning him at 1.00 am. He stayed at the MACC office because he wanted to find out what Teoh Beng Hock is telling MACC about the corruption by Ean Yong, Ronni Liu and other DAP members in Selangor. He also wanted to threaten or scold Teoh Beng Hock if Teoh talk too much.

  5. contd

    Tan Boon Hwa spoke to Teoh after Teoh had finished at 3:45 am. Tan Boon Hwa threaten Teoh that Ronni Liu will send the Chinese gangsters to kill him if Teoh talk too much.

    Tan said he only saw Teoh at 6:00 am the next morning but he lied and said they did not talk. Then Tan said he did not see Teoh after that. But what was Tan Boon Hwa doing after that? Tan Boon Hwa still did not go home. The sun had rise already, it was 7:00 am, then 8 am, 9 am and Tan still did not go home. The Pegawai MACC also did not come back to work until later. Finally the Pegawai MACC who questioned Tan came back to the office about 11:00 am and then asked Tan to sign his statement. This took about 2 hours until 1 pm. So Tan Boon Hwa gave his statement from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm. After that Tan went home just after 1:00 pm.

    Teoh Beng Hock's body was spotted at 1:30 pm. The Police say Teoh Beng Hock died about 8:00 am. Tan Book Hwa last saw Teoh at 6:00 am. He is the last person to see Teoh alive. The Police must make Tan Boon Hwa a murder suspect. Tan has strong motive to kill Teoh. Teoh was giving too much information to MACC about DAP corruption in Selangor. If Ean Yong, Ronni Liu, Tan Boon Hwa are arrested for corruption, it will destroy the DAP. So Tan has big motive to kill Teoh Beng Hock.

    Tan also was in the same office as Teoh the whole night, from 1:00 am until 8:00 am when Teoh was killed. And there was no one else watching them. There was only one security guard sitting at the front counter in front of the office. Tan has the chance to kill Teoh and throw him out the window. Police must arrest Tan as the prime suspect.

    Yesterday Ean Yong, the other DAP member at the centre of the controversy also refused to give a statement to the Police. They demanded a SIASATAN but now nobody from the DAP wants to cooperate with the Police. Ean Yong refused to go to the Police station. So the Police went to his office. But Ean Yong made them wait for three hours until 6pm. At 6pm Ean Yong said he will not see the Police because the Menteri Besar Khalid had said that no one from the State Government should answer any questions to the MACC or the Police after 6pm.

    This means if any Pakatan wakil rakyat or State Government employees commit any crimes, Police must wait until next morning before they can question them about a murder investigation. What about other people and citizens of Malaysia?

  6. The DAP's corruption modus operandi in Selangor
    Teoh Beng Hock is dead. Let not his death be forgotten and for nothing. The reason why Teoh died is because of the massive scale of corruption by the DAP since they took over the running of the Selangor state government in March 2008.

    For the first time we have documents evidence, names, cheque nos, vouchers and projects which the MACC, the Police, the Royal Commission of Inquiry, the Magistrate Court Inquest, the NGOs, the DAP itself and any member of the public can verify themselves.

    The DAP (not the PAS or PKR) has been stealing the rakyat's money in Selangor. They have been doing this without the knowledge of the other Pakatan partners like PKR and PAS. They have cheated not only the rakyat but also their own Pakatan partners from enjoying some of the stolen money.

    This is actually not corruption. Corruption means you get money illegally from someone else. In the UMNO style, someone gets a project. Then they pay through a runner 10% or 20%, usually in cash inside a bag. Very simple and also quite smart.

    But the DAP are quite stupid. They set up their own dummy companies, create fake invoice, fake projects and then take the money out. This is stealing, not corruption. But because they abuse their power it is also involving corruption. In the process they leave behind a very long trail of documents and evidence.

    Rest of article here :

  7. chaptokam - your recollection of events regarding Tan Boon Hwa are all incorrect. Interrogation of Tan did not finish until 1.00 PM, not AM. He had to sleep on the (carpeted) floor of the MACC building when he was not being interrogated. He was given a break around 6 am, which was when he then saw Teoh. He spoke to Teoh who just answered "hmmm".

    Interrogation of Tan continued after that encounter until 1 to 1.30 pm (around the time Teoh's body was 'discovered'), when he was suddenly released.

    The encounter seems to prove that MACC wasn't kosher when they claimed Teoh was released at 3:45 am, so you shouldn't assume that time to be really the time Teoh was released.

    From the way things developed, I would say Teoh was never released, except when he died (then no power in Malaysia, whether MACC, Police, ISA, etc) could hold him back any longer.

  8. i am amazed at you ktemoc. You love to critisize Anwar Ibrahim, but you are so kind to Najib.

  9. Chaptokam, get your facts right lah... even people reading your post get annoyed at your wrong facts as Ktemoc had pointed out. Simply fire in the dark won't get the girl pregnant lah...

  10. I think the relevant timelines are:

    6.00 p.m. to 3.45 a.m. - MACC's Hamdan says TBH was interrogated and released.

    6 a.m. - TBH encounters TBH at MACC pantry.

    6.30 a.m. - MACC officer spots TBH 'sleeping' on the couch at MACC lobby.

    1.15 p.m. - A reporter notes MACC's main door locked till appx. 1.45 p.m.

    1.30 p.m. - TBH's body discovered by Plaza Masalam cleaner

    4.30 p.m. TBH's parents informed of death

    5.00 p.m. Police press conference

  11. UMNO bastards take the opportunity to come clean. What a fucking joke. What need is there to do so when you have assholes like Chaptokam to spread disinformation?

    Hei! asshole Chaptokam,

    If you have the balls come to Johor and I WILL show you how the MCA bastards have been trying to take over the Chinese Associations. Why do you think Chua Jui Meng would give up being the Chairman of the second largest MCA division in the country? He is sick and tired of the MCA incessantly kowtowing to the UMNO bastards not even for self-interest anymore but more out of fear of physical harm. Stop being such a pondan and stop hiding behind the UMNO skirt. You still have my e-mail? Don't tell me you lost it.

    To people like Chaptokam, the War Of The Running Dogs have started and people like you are the first targets. We will not be so dumb as to threaten you physically. Our war will be legal and sustained. The war shall be against the corrupt economic interest of the BN clowns and the war of psychology to win over the people. Thank you God for giving us the Kugans and TBHs as martyrs to forever remind Malaysians of how easily the BN government torture and kill Malaysians for their own gain.

  12. hi asshole vinnan , if you have balls , come to Penang and stop your fcuking nonsense . If you cannot talk sensibly , I suggest you go get yourself screwed .
    You think , you know Chua Jui Meng better than I ?
    To people like Vinnan , you are just a pack of outcast dogs running around begging for food in the streets . You want to start a war ? you are welcome ! Pariah !

  13. chaptokam,

    everybody else is an arsehole or a dog except yourself and sycophants of UMNO.
    vinnan cant talk sensibly? look at the mirror yourself and the venom and lies coming out from your mouth. Darn. I hope the next victim wont be your kid. oops no worries, it wouldnt happen to UMNO sycophants anywhere.

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  15. Que bono? Just curious

  16. TBH commited suicide either because:
    1. Too sissy under pressure.
    2. To conceal the corruption of DAP.
    3. Threatened by Tan B.H.
    4. Ashamed of getting his G.F pregnant.
    4. Getting to the ground floor the fastest way ( except hovering over the 5th floor).