Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Ignominy of MACC

The Malaysian Insider – Umno papers slam MACC critics in Teoh’s death

Yawnnnnnnnn - why am I not surprised by the headlines?

The news article reported: Umno-controlled newspapers, Berita Harian and Mingguan Malaysia, today slammed critics for demonising the country’s graft-busters over Teoh Beng Hock’s death, with one suggesting there is an agenda to weaken Malay-controlled institutions. […]

… Berita Harian suggested the agenda was to weaken Malay-controlled institutions in the article, “Kematian Teoh timbulkan pelbagai spekulasi politik”, written by the New Straits Times group managing editor Zainul Ariffin Isa.

Not the unexpected bangsa, agama dan negara clarion call to defend the MACC, which in reality is merely an UMNO asset.

He wrote: “It is not just the Chinese or supporters of the Pakatan Rakyat who know anger and seek justice.”

“Suspicions have been raised especially among the non-Malays that MACC, which like other departments have many Malay officers, selectively chose non-Malays to be investigated.”

Well, my dear sir, haven’t they, that is, 'selectively chose non-Malays to be investigated'?

Why are only seven Chinese (yes, only Chinese) ADUNs of Selangor (from DAP and PKR) targeted for investigation by the MACC on the alleged abuses of their allocation of state funds?

What about:

(1) The notorious Disney World foray and Bali palace?

(2) Former Selangor BN exco going into frenzied spending of RM500,000 in a mere two months?

(3) Reports of alleged corruption against the assemblypersons of Jelapang, Behrang and Chagat Jering in Perak?

(4) Etc etc.

In fact, why not investigate the Malay (say, PAS) or Indian Pakatan ADUNs in Selangor?

No? In suppose that would affect ‘Malay unity’ if MACC were to harass PAS; I suppose the 67% swing back by Indians to the BN would also be jeopardised.

If these questions sound racial, guess who has been the one providing ample aggravated @r$*hole grounds for it?

Additionally, from Malaysiakini’s reports in
Last man to see Teoh: MACC threatened me and The Malaysian Insider’s Another victim of MACC’s ‘racism’?, a Chinese and a Malay who were dragged in by MACC as ‘witnesses’ claimed racial insults were part of the MACC repertoire of interrogation techniques; torture was another, when a witness was made to stand still continuously for 4 hours. Is the MACC a modern day Kempetai?

However, the Malay witness related that he was spared further abuses when the MACC officer finally accepted him as a Malay.

The Malaysian Insider reported Dariff Din stating:

“They asked me if I was Chinese or Malay and I told them that I was Malaysian but they kept insisting on my race,” Dariff told reporters at the DAP Paramount service centre when relating details of his interrogation on July 15 by MACC officials.

He said they were mainly interested in his ethnicity rather than the case itself, adding the officer was curious because he looked Chinese but had a Malay name. He told them his father was Malay and mother was Chinese.

“Everything went smoothly after they learned that I was a Malay Muslim,” Dariff said, adding he was questioned about his background for another hour before they asked him how Lau’s office spent the state allocations.

Shades of BTN!

But we are left in no doubt that the MACC has failed abysmally in its official role as an anti-graft agency. It has by itself proven it is nothing more than an UMNO weapon to support the party’s political agenda.

Supposedly an anti corruption agency, the MACC has now gained through its disgraceful and unprofessional conduct, action and abuses the perverted notoriety of being (politically) corrupt itself.

It does not deserve standing as a public body anymore. Why should taxpayers fund an UMNO apparatus?

As for the Police, it has a record far more notorious than that of the MACC, thus we have no faith in the Police being able to conduct a professional, impartial and transparent investigation into the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

But having said that, will the Police examine the fact that MACC interrogated Teoh, a mere 'witness', for at least 12 hours into the wee hours, when even hardened criminals were not so persecuted?

Will it consider that Teoh was denied the presence of his lawyer when criminals would be, and he was alone in an interrogation where we now have, through at least 3 witness accounts, descriptions of the MACC’s racist, threatening and brutal techniques?

Will it consider that the doors of the Selangor MACC office operate on electronic access cards, which Teoh did not have? Will it thus consider what we have been wondering, how Teoh could have exited the confines of the building (at whichever floor) to jump or fall (or was pushed, either accidentally or deliberately)?

(but which, according to the logic of some UMNO blogs, DAP thugs must have possess those access cards - see paragraph after next on this)?

But the above questions are all academic because as I have said, we have no faith in the Police being able to conduct a professional, impartial and transparent investigation into the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

We might as well save public expenses in the investigation by adopting in full the views of some UMNO blogs which have aired the preposterous theory that Teoh was murdered by DAP 'underworld' thugs to silence him from exposing DAP ADUNs' crimes.

(yes, come to think of it, there were hundreds of DAP gangsters 'loitering' around the MACC building, armed with electronic access cards; why, they even 'nap' there!)

There are now only two functions left for MACC, namely:

(1) to account for its negligence and culpability in the unwarranted death of Teoh Beng Hock who was dragooned into its charge, and

(2) to be disbanded in ignominy as a shameful case of Lil’ Napoleons in a public body becoming Brown Shirt sturmtroopers for a political party.

For those responsible for Teoh's death, the following is for you:

But God doth call to the Home of Peace: He doth guide whom He pleaseth to a way that is straight.

To those who do right is a goodly (reward)- Yea, more (than in measure)! No darkness nor shame shall cover their faces! they are companions of the garden; they will abide therein (for aye)!

But those who have earned evil will have a reward of like evil: ignominy will cover their (faces): No defender will they have from (the wrath of) God: Their faces will be covered, as it were, with pieces from the depth of the darkness of night: they are companions of the Fire: they will abide therein (for aye)!
- Surah 10 – Yunus Jonah: 25 - 27



  1. You must be joking. The last paragraphs is useless to those who lost their humanity, and yet, think what they are doing are right.

  2. rubbish from a dap chinese party supporters whom thinks his party is holy.

  3. I think a lot's been said over the last couple of days in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

    Adrenalin and feelings have been running high on all sides

    Let's all take a breather and give MACC and the Police a day or two to make public their investigations and reports.

    Time will tell if MACC and the Police are neutral on this issue or not!


  5. I have been impressed by Dariff Din. I hope the DAP has higher plans for him, and stand him as an electoral candidate in future.

  6. i am so shy lah... i am packing my bag and going balik Indon....

  7. Its an accidental death, so far.
    Let the police finish the probe.
    Why are you giving so much prominence to this??
    And as usual it creates racial overtone.

  8. Who says it's an 'accidental' death? You sound like the Police who initially said there was no foul play even before they had started the investigation, but now, under public outrage and probably quiet instructions from 'above', is bersandiwara-ing by stating they haven't ruled out foul play. A classic case of F* brazen volte-face.

    Why am I giving so much proiminence to this?

    A witness (yes, the MACC said Teoh Beng Hock was only a witness) went into the MACC building to theoretically answer questions, but was subjected to long hours of interrogation and other frightening modes of 'questioning', that even hardened criminals were not subjected to, emerged as a corpse. And the MACC has failed abjectly to provide a plausible explanation.

    If a citizen of this country is not safe with the MACC or Police, then it behoves us, all of us, to raise the matter to prominence. It has nothing to do with race or politics - it's about governance, citizen security and justice.

    The only people imbuing the affair with racial overtones have been MACC (by its selective persecution of Chinese ADUNs in Selangor while ignoring the manifold corruption of UMNO leaders), the NSTG by its articles stating nons are challenging institutions controlled by Malays, which in those very articles have admitted that MACC is Malay-controlled, instead of the professional neutral non-racial agency it ought to be, and unfortunately, my dear sir, you for implying our justified concerns as race-based.

  9. i agree it's 'accidental' death - it's obvious those MACC officers didn't want him to die, particularly die in their office, however sometimes accident does happen during the torture, you know what i mean .....

  10. if the death is accidental, would it be still classified as murder, or "manslaughter". probably TBH was resilient and refused to cooperate, and provoked the officers dared him to throw him out of the window. one of the officer unable to tolerate the provocation, grabbed TBH and shoved him at the window ledge and suddenly his pant torn and ....

    it seems to me like manslaughter case (it can be argued that TBH refused to cooperate and do what was asked else none of this would happen) and according to law it's only 5 year jail. maybe utusan will write "ini semua pasal TBH yang enggan beri kerjasama memaksa pegawai untuk campak dia" ..... semuanya ok.

  11. Even if his death is proven to be the work of DAP underworld links within MACC , they DAP will still say the MACC is the one responsible . The Public perception of this issue played up by the DAP is already formed even if the MACC is cleared of any wrong doing , they will still be guilty as spinned by the opposition .
    Trial , prosecuted and judgement by the opposition and media .

  12. umno will next claim that Chin Peng assassinated Teoh BH and that Anwar Ibrahim C4-ed Altantuya

  13. denzook, I am appalled by what you've scenario-rised, namely "it can be argued that TBH refused to cooperate and do what was asked else none of this would happen".

    Regardless of whether TBH refused to cooperate or not, that was not justification for an MACC officer to threaten or use violence to obtain his cooperation. Gangsters do that, not MACC or Police.

    As I said, lil' Napoleons don't know their limits which had been repetitively demonstrated in deaths in police custody - of course no police had wanted to kill anyone but those wonders bashed, whacked, walloped, bantai & sepak without a care, and suddenly you get a very dead tambi. Next, the BS including those by govt pathologists and doctors would be issued to cover up the crime - yes, those have been crimes.

    Most of the MACC officers are police officers of the same ilk so you can make an intelligent projection.

    These lil' Napoleons have been allowed to get away with murders or manslaughters continuously because (1) they were doing the work (harassment, not murder) their bosses want, (2) it's our Malaysian/Asian culture to jaga orang sendiri, regardless of right or wrong and (3) towkay takut they would be held responsible (even though in reality they didn't instruct the Police or MACC to go kill people)

  14. Who says Teo was interrogated?

    TV3 news said he was called in by MACC for interview, YES, INTERVIEW.

    TV3 is right, always right.

    You all are wrong.

    MACC, POLICE, TV3, UTUSAN, B HARIAN are all ONE and the SAME...always RIGHT.

    Only in MALAYSIA, thats right, only in MALAYSIA you can die from an interview.

  15. my point is that surely these MACC officers would not want to have TBH died, and in the eyes of these officers, if only TBH cooperate and obedient none of all the tortures and throw-off-from the building would happen. they don't have motive, they just want to torture you to coerce compliance and obedience, not your corpse, hence if the truth revealed, at most it's "accidental" death and these officers would be charged as manslaughter......

  16. " if only TBH cooperate and obedient none of all the tortures and throw-off-from the building would happen"

    Malaysia are one of those country REFUSE to sign international treaty that prevent custody torturing.

    But it doesn't mean the authority can take it for granted and abuse the power,subvert to devilish act.

    Unfortunately, education, cultural and teaching fail to preserved humanity within. I see slavery blood flow inside the blood for people like denzook.

    Zhuangzi in 2000 years ago say, you can't describe ice to a bug that only live in summer. It is above their brain can take.

  17. denzook,

    next time your son dont cooperate, we will shove him into a 6 feet tong filled with shit. if he drowns in shit, too bad. its no manslaighter coz its your son's fault for not having the capability in floating in shit. You are in the same class as Nazri. well done. pls join the MACC and pls only throw them out of the window if they are recalcitrant. Oops, God bless you.

  18. Oh they are screaming for blood and burning down the churches and condemning the religion just because a few priests sodomise some young boys !! hahaha that's taliban reasoning , philosophy , ideology and mentality .
    While the parents of the boy are more rational in thinking , please do not politicise the issue , but rather they want a royal commission of inquiry to get to the truth .
    Looks like they have more sense than those crackpots .
    I think donplaypuks said something very sensible today and I have to agree with him , as many of you know I don't agree with him most of the time .
    Quote : I think a lot's been said over the last couple of days in an emotionally charged atmosphere.
    Adrenalin and feelings have been running high on all sides
    Let's all take a breather and give MACC and the Police a day or two to make public their investigations and reports.

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